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Ford Super Duty (17-22) LED Tail Light Upgrade

47 Reviews

Brand: Headlight Revolution




PART #: 4 x GTR.LED281, 2 x GTR.H111.2

*Guaranteed Fitment
Easy Return


Upgrade your vehicle's tail lights with our cutting-edge 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty LED Tail Light Bulbs. Designed for superior performance, our HR Tested kits ensure a seamless fit, optimal functionality, and enhanced brightness. Illuminate the road with confidence while showcasing your style. Our 4-bulb LED Tail Light Bulbs Upgrade Kit for the 2017+ Ford Super Duty F350 Super Duty trucks offers a bold and captivating look, ensuring you're seen day and night. With easy installation instructions provided in our video tutorial, you'll enjoy instant-on-instant-off LED brake lights that deliver unrivaled brightness. Say goodbye to hyperflash concerns with our included 50w 6-Ohm Gold Resistors. Elevate your driving experience today with Headlight Revolution's trusted quality and expertise!


  • Enhanced Visibility: Upgrade your tail lights with high-performance LED bulbs.
  • Perfect Fit: Our HR Tested kits ensure seamless integration and optimal functionality.
  • Bold Style: Showcase your vehicle's unique look with captivating LED tail lights.
  • Easy Installation: Follow our video tutorial for a hassle-free setup process.
  • No More Hyperflash: Included 50w 6-Ohm Gold Resistors eliminate hyperflash worries.


  • BULBS: 4x (Two Pairs)


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • INTENSITY: Up to 100% over stock

  • RELIABILITY: Better than stock

  • LONGEVITY: 2-10 Years (based on use)


  • Ford Super Duty: 2017-2022

  • Housings: Designed for, and confirmed to fit, Stock Housings

2017-2019 Ford Super Duty LED Tail Light Bulbs: Looking for upgraded LED Tail Light Bulbs from a reputable brand and value the fact that we've actually tested them on your truck? Our HR Tested kits include all the right components to ensure perfect fit, function, and performance from the upgrade. At Headlight Revolution, we do 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty LED lighting upgrades better!

2017+ Ford F250 F350 Super Duty LED Tail Light Bulbs Upgrade Kit (4 Bulbs):

In this video: we show you how to go about replacing your old incandescent style tail light bulbs with new high output LED bulbs. They are brighter, look better, and will help others see you. The LED brake lights give you that instant-on-instant-off effect that you want on your new truck and they are super crazy bright! Follow our instructions in the video on how to do the install yourself!

What's Included: 4x Vehicle Specific LED Bulbs, 4x 50w 6-Ohm Gold Resistors.

When installing: standard LED bulbs to replace your factory blinker bulbs, you will have a "fast flash" or "hyperflash" problem. This means the vehicle will think you have a light bulb burnt out and, as an indicator to you, will flash quicker than normal. However, with the above-mentioned resistors, the load of the factory bulbs is maintained, so there will be no hyperflashing to worry about!

HR Tested: Here at Headlight Revolution, we've spent the time to install and test all HR Tested products, so we know it'll work exactly as shown and right out of the box! Not only that, but we don't favor one particular brand. We just deliver the best product for the application, period. Be sure to reference our install videos for helpful tips on making the installation process quick, painless, and clear. HR Tested: We ensure fitment and function. You do the install. For other compatible upgrades, use the Buyers Guide on our homepage!

Ratings & Reviews

47 reviews


Led red and white tail light upgrade

by -

Easy install and look awesome. The white back up light helps a ton to give more visibility.


F350 Tail lights

by -

Pretty good product and amazing quality


2017 - Current Super Duty LED Tail light bulbs

by -

Install was pretty much cut and dry, the components seemed to be of good quality and everything worked as it should. Over priced but I would say it's ultimately worth the investment.


Very Bright

by -

Swapped out the old incandescent bulbs for these and WOW what a difference.



by -



Extremely simple install, only hard

by -

Extremely simple install, only hard part was my fat fingers while fastening the resistors...



by -

Return process was slow but worked.


2020 Superduty

by -

These lights work well on the 2020. Still waiting for a resolution to the amber blinker inside the Blind Spot system.


Rear Tail Lights/Reverse Lights

by -

Installed on my 2019 F250. Simple installation and they look amazing!



by -

I went through the headaches and regrets from buying aftermarket LED conversion rear tail light housing units and had issues the entire eight months I had them installed... and no customer support !
I went back to my OEM tail light housing units and purchased these four LED tail light bulbs and two LED reverse bulbs... absolute perfection and highly recommend these LED bulbs !

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