25W 25ohm Resistor

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Brand: GTR Lighting




PART #: 1 x GTR.H110

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GTR Lighting offers a solution for the common issue of light flickering and bulb out warnings when upgrading to LED or HID lighting in vehicles. Their GTR Style Resistors effectively address this problem by tricking the vehicle's electrical system into thinking that the traditional halogen bulb is still in use. These resistors are designed to handle the lower power requirements of modern LED or HID bulbs. However, it's important to note that these resistors generate significant heat due to their function. Installation should be carried out using screws rather than zip-ties, and they must be placed away from heat-sensitive components to avoid damage. GTR Lighting offers a 25w 25ohm resistor option, tailored for high-wattage LED bulbs, as an alternative to their 50w 6ohm option. This product ensures a smooth transition to modern lighting technology while addressing potential compatibility issues.


  • Compatibility: Eliminate flickering and bulb warnings with LED and HID upgrades.
  • Power Optimization: Ensures stable performance with lower power requirements.
  • Heat Management: Safely handles heat, preventing damage to materials.
  • Wattage Options: Choose from 25w 25ohm or 50w 6ohm versions for various LED bulbs.
  • Easy Installation: Securely mount with screws, avoiding heat-sensitive areas.


  • Resistors: 2x (1 pair) Resistors


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Current: 25w

  • Impedance: 25ohm

GTR Style Resistors: When you install LED or HID lighting where halogens used to reside many vehicles experience major light flickering or bulb out warnings. This is due to the lower power requirement of the LED or HID bulb. The vehicle's electrical system thinks that the bulb is actually out because it's not requiring as much power. GTR Lighting gives you the power to end this problem for good with their stunning Style Resistors that trick the vehicle into thinking that the old-school bulb is still installed.

Heat: As a result of their intended function, these resistors get very hot. It's vital to install them somewhere that where you can mount them with screws and not zip-ties. It's also important to put them in a space that won't be near anything that's heat sensitive. These get hot enough to melt some plastics and wiring if left in close proximity.

25w: As opposed to the 50w 6ohm resistor option GTR builds, this 25w 25ohm resistor is especially built for high wattage LED bulbs.

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Did not work on my 2017 ram 2500 diesel

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Still has hyper flash

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