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31mm: GTR Lighting CANBUS Festoon

19 Reviews

Brand: GTR Lighting




PART #: 1 x GTR.LED343

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Elevate your driving experience with GTR Lighting Festoon LED Bulbs! Unleash brilliant brightness as advanced LED chips merge seamlessly with an integrated heat sink, ensuring unparalleled visibility on the road. Engineered for resilience, these bulbs are built to withstand rigorous demands while offering years of dependable performance. Crafted for precision, the Festoon bulbs feature meticulously aligned LED chips that deliver focused illumination precisely where needed. The innovative heat sink design ensures prolonged bulb life by keeping temperatures in check. Plus, the built-in Canbus integration eradicates those troublesome bulb-out warnings, all without the hassle of extra wiring or resistors. With universal compatibility, these Festoon bulbs fit effortlessly into 31-33mm sockets and interchangeably with part numbers like DE3175, DE3022, 3175, and 3022. GTR Lighting invites you to rediscover the road with brilliance, reliability, and cutting-edge technology!


  • Superior Illumination: Experience unmatched brightness with super bright LED chips.
  • Innovative Heat Sink: The integrated heat sink design keeps bulbs cool for extended lifespan.
  • Focused Lighting: Strategically placed LED chips provide precise and focused illumination.
  • Canbus Integration: Built-in Canbus integration eliminates bulb-out warnings without extra wiring or resistors.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits 31-33mm sockets and interchangeable with popular part numbers.


  • LED Bulb: 1x CANBUS Festoon LED Bulb


This GTR Lighting product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the GTR LIghting team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • Intensity: 180lm

  • Power: 2.05w

  • Current: 0.15A @ 14V DC


  • FESTOON SIZES: 30-32mm

  • Common Applications: Puddle, Mirror, or Map Lights

Bright Lighting: Combining super bright LED chips and an integrated heat sink allows these Festoon bulbs from GTR Lighting to help you see better than ever. They're built tough and are packed with the technology to handle any workload you have for them for years.

Design: To begin with, these Festoon bulbs are created with the LED Chips focused in the same direction so you can get focused lighting where you want it. In addition, the heat sink on the opposite side keeps them cool and running longer than lesser bulbs. Finally, they're built with Canbus integration so if your vehicle tends towards bulb out warnings when you use LEDs, this solves that problem without additional wiring or resistors.

Sizing & Compatibility: This Festoon bulb will fit any 31-33mm socket and interchange with the following part numbers : DE3175, DE3022, 3175, 3022

Ratings & Reviews

19 reviews


Great product

by -

Products are as described and are top of the line and work great definitely will buy from this company again


Amazing LED bulb

by -

I have Installed this bulb for my Hyundai interior light and its amazing.
It's the Brightest Festoon bulb i have tried, more over its covered by GTR Lightning warranty which is amazing!
Recommended .


The best..

by -

These are excellent lights just what my 4runner needed along with my GTR headlights that is.



by -



Bright bulbs

by -

Good product. Really bright


4RNR interior upgrade

by -

I did the interior upgrade package Dramatic improvement from stock lighting , easy installation. Watch the video so you know where to pry off covers .


Let there be light!!!

by -

Wanted the brightest lights I could find for my 4runner Hatch and I am really happy with the results. These lights are very bright! HR revolution's install video's are extremely helpful and made the installation simple and easy with the right tools. Highly recommend investing in interior plastic pry tools. Will follow up with a long term review.


Super Bright

by -

Nice bright white light, easy install, i feel like i need sunglasses when these go on at night

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