HID System

H1: Ultra Series HID System


PART #: 2 x GTR.BL030, 1 x GTR.B153

    • GTR Lighting: H1 HID 5000K Bulbs (PAIR) (CLOSEOUT)


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For more information on street legality in the US, click HERE

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Product Details

Complete H1 HID Kit: If you’ve been looking for a complete one-stop-shop kinda kit to run HIDs, this one from GTR Lighting has been painstakingly designed to optimize performance and reliability. High-quality materials are everywhere and the output is exceptional from the Ultra Series HID bulbs. Expect it to impress all your friends.

The Pinnacle: One of the HID bulbs that put GTR Lighting on the map was this, the Ultra Series. It provides a seriously powerful upgrade to anyone looking to go from halogen to HID.

Precision: One of the hardest things to do in HID lighting is to get the alignment of the bulb itself in the halogen-based housing. Without that, no amount of tweaking and modification is going to get you proper lighting. Thankfully, GTR went to painstaking lengths to ensure an absolutely perfect alignment with the Ultra Series. Each and every bulb is laser aligned into the housing and checked for fitment before it leaves the factory.

Materials: To ensure that alignment doesn’t go to waste, GTR uses the best Philips UV Resistant Quartz available. It won’t dim and fade fast like lesser alternatives. It comes standard with insulated wiring to make the connections from your AMP style connectors to your ballast as though this harness came from the factory itself. No cutting, no soldering, no splicing. Just plug-n-play performance.

Benchmarking: GTR Lighting didn’t design a ballast with simply their own product in mind, they built it to outperform the best of the best in the business. That’s why you’ll appreciate that the Ultra Series HID Ballast is quieter the competitors while also providing a lighting quick ignition of intense brightness in just .1 seconds with complete power in only 9 seconds. The assembly itself is built to handle the roughest trails, tracks, and weather you can throw at it. This ballast is the complete package.

Installation Ease: Coming in at an incredible compact 2.75x3.5” inches, this ballast is small enough to fit almost anywhere and has complete mounting hardware as well as a grounding strap included.

Flicker Free & No More Bulb Out: Thanks to intelligent Canbus integration technology and an ASIC controller, these ballasts can handling pulsed width voltage or even a complex Canbus circuit. By leveraging those innovations you’ll never get lamp out warnings, bulb out warnings, or flickering lighting. GTR really did think of everything.

Body: The high-quality materials will have you proud of your purchase too. The harness itself is 13 inches long, providing more than ample installation flexibility. The body of the ballast is shockproof to handle all of the roads’ bumps and bruises, and the outer layer of the wiring loom is fitted with abrasion-resistant mesh so you can count on this ballast to have no weak links.

HR Tested: Here at Headlight Revolution, we spend a lot of time installing and testing the products you’ll find for sale. We don’t favor any particular brand, so our commitment to you is that we’ll deliver the best product for your application, period. To see all of the compatible lighting upgrades for your vehicle, use the "buyers guide" on our homepage! Be sure to check out the HR YouTube channel for hundreds of helpful install and review videos!

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BULBS: 2x (One Pair)

  • BALLASTS: 2x (One Pair)

  • OPTIONAL WIRING: 1x Harness

  • WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime

  • Compatibility


  • APPLICATION: HID and LED bulbs are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on street use, CLICK HERE Note: This usage regulation is not unique to GTR Lighting or Morimoto bulbs. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.



  • Tech Specs

  • Power Input Voltage: 9-16V DC

  • Output Wattage: 35W or 55W

  • Input Current: 4.4A @ Startup @ 14V DC

  • Ignition Voltage: 23KV

  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C

  • Lifespan: 2,500 Hours

  • Ballast Dimensions: 3.5in x 2.75in x 0.5in

  • Cord Length: 13in

  • Wiring Input: Universal Female Socket (9006 Bulb Style/ P22D base)

  • Wiring Output: Universal AMP style, 1 male, 1 female

Product Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

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4 out of 5 stars

2019 Malibu headlights installation


They need ends to plug in to the factory wiring harnesses. Just shoving a pen into the factory plug was a little iffy. You have to take the front bumper off and take out both headlights to install these, definitely not a job for a novice!

5 out of 5 stars




5 out of 5 stars

GTR HID 55w Replaced 2017 GMC Acadia All Terrain Halogen Projectors


I assured my wife I could update her halogen bulbs if she purchased the Acadia without HID headlights. I heard about these on your YouTube channel and gave a couple of phone calls to get recommendations of LED replacements. Both assistants admitted they had not tested LED nor HID lighting in the GMC Acadia but recommended HID in my projector lenses from there tests of projector units in several other vehicles that showed LEDs don't produce favorable light patterns. I bought and installed the GTR 55w 5th get units and they are head and shoulders above the stock halogens. Installation for me did not require de-pinning of the harness. I used a 1Äù bit to drill my holes plus the harness connector seems smaller on my 9012 bulb kit than those on several YouTube videos. I 100% recommend the HID units in similar vehicles, especially considering the lifetime replacement warranty.

5 out of 5 stars

New lightning


Worked as advertised

5 out of 5 stars

Almost TOO Bright !


Returned disappointing OPT7 LED light
These are AWESOME
Almost TOO Bright !

5 out of 5 stars

2018 Ford Edge HID Conversion Upgrade


Customer service was excellant . I e-mailed several times with questions and got good advice right thru from everyone . My HID lighting upgrade looks
Great and is working perfectly. Thank you o

5 out of 5 stars

Nice fit and finish. Took


Nice fit and finish. Took half an hour to install. Super bright. Would be nice if it came with some instructions though.

5 out of 5 stars

Can't ask for any better


Can't ask for any better

2 out of 5 stars

Poor qualiry for that money


Poor qualiry for that money .

5 out of 5 stars



Got them for wife's car, made a world of difference, can finally see. Wife is happy!!