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9005: Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0


PART #: 1 x LED1503

    • 9005: Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 (Pair)


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For more information on street legality in the US, click HERE

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Product Details

Wise Lighting: Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom are three very different things and we've taken the time to wisely come to market with an amazing LED Fog Light bulb. The Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 9005 LED Bulb leverages every technological advancement possible to provide measurable results that outpace everyone else No fancy marketing terms or gimmicks here. Take a look at the work we've done below to ensure that we made wise choices in the design and construction of the 2Stroke 2.0 LED Fog Light.

Advanced Technology: As technology has advanced it's become possible to reduce the overall size and that's why we're using Z ES LED Chips from Philips Lumileds. They provide a brighter and stronger output while taking up less physical space. Thanks to that compact design we can leverage it to save overall space and add two more features.

Pretty Cool: One of the benefits of that smaller size is that cooling can be focused into a smaller space. We've designed the lights to feature 1.5mm copper boards that extract heat from the LEDs and transfer it to the 6061 Aluminum heatsink at the back of the housing. Internally a magnetic levitating fan assists in heat evacuation for optimal lumen output and longevity.

Size Matters: Saving space has also afforded us the opportunity to use the 2Stroke 2.0 in far more applications than the average LED could go. So if you're one of the many with plastic housing caps on the back of your headlights these will still fit without cutting or trimming. There's no other bulb on the market that's actively cooled and packs this much punch in such a small package.

HR Tested: Here at Headlight Revolution, we spend a lot of time installing and testing the products you'll find for sale. We don't favor any particular brand, so our commitment to you is that we'll deliver the best product for your application, period. To see all of the compatible lighting upgrades for your vehicle, use the Buyer's Guide on our homepage! Be sure to check out the HR YouTube channel for hundreds of helpful install and review videos!

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • LED BULBS: 2x 9005 Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0

  • LED DRIVERS: 2x Morimoto 2S2 Regulators

  • WARRANTY: 3 Years

  • Compatibility

  • BASE/FITMENT: 9005/HB3

  • APPLICATION: HID and LED bulbs are street legal in the USA for Fog Light use only. Not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. Legal for off-road use in Snowmobile and ATV headlights and off-road racing use only auxiliary or forward lighting. International street legality varies by country. For detailed clarification on street use, CLICK HERE Note: This usage regulation is not unique to Morimoto bulbs. All LED and HID bulbs from all other brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.



  • Tech Specs

  • LED EMITTERS: 6x Philips Lumileds Z ES per bulb

  • KELVIN: 5700K

  • INTENSITY: 2440lm (raw; per bulb)

  • INPUT POWER: 23w (per bulb)



Product Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars

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5 out of 5 stars

Very Impressive lights

Mark Remington  

I installed these as high beam/drl lights for my 2012 Honda Accord Coupe. They are very bright and easy to install. The product is also very well made with the most quality packaging i've seen.

5 out of 5 stars

I can see at night now

cycle specialties bmw triumph can am  

These were a great addition to my 99 Jeep WJ. Did the high and low beams Easily fitted without having to cut or modify.

1 out of 5 stars

Nicely constructed headlight bulb.

George Ronquillo  

Definitely NOT for use in 2018 + Ford Expedition projectors light scatter is terrible.

4 out of 5 stars

These are definitely the way

george kierst  

These are definitely the way to go

5 out of 5 stars

Impressive Light Pattern & Brightness

Chris Logan  

I was recommended the 9005 bulb for the fog light 9006 housing, which to my understanding produces more light than a 9006 bulb. The installation required some minor modification to one tab on each bulb to make the 9005 fit the 9006 tab pattern, but other than than the installation was a breeze. The light pattern is uniform, without any scatter, and the brightness is significantly improved over OEM.

4 out of 5 stars

Look great in the high beams of my 2018 Accord


I bought these primarily to color-match the high and low beams of my 2018 Accord Sport 2.0. To that end, these work great. They are very very close to the bluish white of the low beam LED's. As far as throw goes, i feel like they come up a bit short. They scatter more light around the sides of the car, but it doesn't reach as far as i was expecting. I am still very happy with them. They are well built and the fans are very quiet. Since they are just high beams, i would anticipate them lasting an extremely long time.

5 out of 5 stars

Morimoto 9005


Very nice easy to install good quality lights

4 out of 5 stars

Great LED's!


These fit perfectly in my gf's impreza 2.0i. The cut off line is pretty clean and they really are brighter than stock. Only been flashed for high beams once so far when on lows so not to bad. The quality of this kit is surprisingly high!

5 out of 5 stars

Quick, Easy, and Bright


Awesome lights. Easy to install and perform awesome.

5 out of 5 stars



As good as I gets