JW Speaker Model 279

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Brand: JW Speaker




PART #: 1 x 347553

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Introducing the Model 279 LED Tail Light – your ultimate lighting solution for a wide range of vehicles, from semi trucks to trailers and everything in between. This cutting-edge tail light not only offers a sleek, modern design but also guarantees optimal functionality. Sold in convenient 2-lamp kits, it provides stop, tail, turn, and backup functions for added safety on the road. Crafted with an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing and lens, this tail light promises rugged durability to withstand the toughest conditions. Its flat-back design allows for easy panel-mounted installation, while the optional 3-point mounting kit offers versatility for various mounting needs. Don't miss out on this essential upgrade for your vehicle – experience the Model 279's superior performance and reliability today!


  • Universal Application: Fits various vehicles, easy panel-mounted design.
  • Durable: Impact-resistant construction for long-lasting use.
  • Essential Functions: Provides stop, tail, turn, and backup lights.
  • Convenient Kits: Sold in 2-lamp kits with optional 3-point mounting kit.


  • Housings: 2x (One Pair) Model 279 LED Tail Lights

  • Resistors: Integrated / In-Line


This product is covered by a 5 year limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Current: 0.37A @ 12V DC

  • Input Voltage: 9-32V DC


  • 347553: JW Speaker 279 (Set / DOT) (Universal Kit)

  • 0347531: JW Speaker 297J (Set / DOT) (Jeep Specific Kit)


Headlight Revolution: Is J.W. Speaker's biggest distributor in the Southeast! From Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Atlanta, GA: We stock and more of their products to our retail and wholesale customer groups and our volume allows us to afford you the best price! If you're interested, but on the edge, give us a call for a quote and we're sure you'll be sold.

The Model 279: offers a universal application LED tail light with a new cutting-edge look. Designed with a flat back to the housing for a simple panel mounted solution fitting a wide range of applications including semi trucks, trailers, tow trucks, dump trucks and box trucks.

Optional: 3-point mounting kit for mounting on a bar or flat surface sold separately.

Features: Sold in convenient 2-lamp kits Stop, tail, turn and backup functions, Impact-resistant polycarbonate housing & lens provide rugged durability, Mounting Bracket needed for mounting on a bar or flat surface sold separately.

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Weak backup light


I own the JWS headlights and those are fantastic, so I expected greatness from these tail lights. They are well made and easy to install with perfect fitment. The red tail lights and blinkers are fine, if not super bright. What dissapointed me is how weak the white backup lights are. I doubt they are as bright as the stock lights. Short story, I returned these for a refund and reinstalled the white LED backup bulbs and stock tail light assemblies that I had prior.

I contacted JWS and support there said they have had customer complaints similar to mine. Engineering says they will not work to make the back up lights brighter since they are already as bright as allowed by DOT. Ha! I lined up the JK with the JWS lights, my GMC Sierra and my wife's Subaru to check two stock vehicles against the JWS. The two stock vehicles were blinding by comparison. I just don't believe JWS Engineering knows of what they speak in this case, or are just covering a bad design. For the money, don't buy these. The backup lighting is so weak and poorly aimed as to be useless. They look tech, but don't perform.

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