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SR-Q Series Pro LED Lights

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Brand: Rigid Industries




PART #: 1 x RIG935313


When venturing off-road, adaptability is key. RIGID's Rear Facing High / Low Dual Function LED Lights, available in Amber or Red, present a perfect solution. Through a simple switch flip, adjust the light intensity to your environment, with options for full or 20% intensity. Tailor it as a muted running light or a vivid brake light. Furthermore, it boasts a thermal-optimized heat sink for superior cooling and a remarkable 50,000-hour lifespan. Simply put, with these lights, you're not just traveling - you're Owning The Night.


  • Adaptable Intensity Switch between full and 20% light output with ease.
  • Color Options Offered in bold Amber or Red.
  • Extended Life Superior heat sink ensures a 50,000-hour lifespan.
  • Flexible Utility Suitable as both a subdued running light and vibrant brake light.
  • Experience RIGID Illuminate your journey and truly Own The Night.


  • Light Pod(s): 1x or 2x SR-Q Series LED Light Pod(s)

  • Hardware: Mounting Hardware

  • Wiring: Wire Harness (with Pairs only)


This product is covered by a Lifetime Limited warranty, serviced and supported by the manufacturer directly. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information,Click Here.


  • Intensity: 3,168-4,752lm

  • Current: 2.21-2.93A @ 12V DC


  • RIG904113: SR-Q Series: Flood / Surface / Black Housing / Each

  • RIG904513: SR-Q Series: Flood Diffused / Surface / Black Housing / Each

  • RIG905113: SR-Q Series: Flood / Surface / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG905213: SR-Q Series: Spot / Surface / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG905513: SR-Q Series: Flood Diffused / Surface / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG914313: SR-Q Series: Driving / Surface / Black Housing / Each

  • RIG914513: SR-Q Series: Driving Diffused / Surface / Black Housing / Each

  • RIG915313: SR-Q Series: Driving / Surface / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG925113: SR-Q Series: Flood / Flush / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG925513: SR-Q Series: Flood Diffused / Flush / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG935313: SR-Q Series: Driving / Flush / Black Housing / Pair

  • RIG944113: SR-Q Series: Flood / Surface / White Housing / Each

  • RIG944213: SR-Q Series: Spot/ Surface / Black Housing / Each

  • RIG945513: SR-Q Series: Flood Diffused / Surface / White Housing / Pair

  • RIG965513: SR-Q Series: Flood Diffused / Flush / White Housing / Pair

  • RIG975513: SR-Q Series: Driving Diffused / Flush / White Housing / Each

  • RIG90521EM: SR-Q Series E-Mark Cert: Spot / Surface / Pair

  • RIG905513BLK: SR-Q Series Midnight Ed.: Spot Diffused / Surface / Pair



OVERVIEW - SR-Q REAR FACING: Not all off-road situations require the same light intensity. RIGID Rear Facing High / Low Dual Function LED Lights in Amber or Red provide the flexibility to adjust the lighting to the conditions with the flip of a switch. These lights feature a three-wire harness, and the High, Low, or Off three-position rocker switch gives the user an option to run at full intensity on high power, or 20 percent intensity on low power. Use the low intensity mode for a low powered running light and the high powered as a braking light. RIGID Rear Facing High / Low Dual Function LED Lights feature a thermally engineered oversized heat sink to provide superior cooling power and a 50,000-hour lifespan. Own The Night with RIGID Rear Facing High / Low Function LED Lights.

OVERVIEW - SR-Q PRO: The SR-Q PRO is a sleek low profile lighting option that packs more lighting output than ever before thanks to recent improvements to the advanced LEDs inside. The SR-Q PROfessional Race Output now emits up to 102% more raw lumens, depending on optic. An excellent choice for any application where space is limited, the SR-Q PRO makes auxiliary lighting professional grade. A single row of LEDs and is available in multiple beam patterns, including Spot, Flood, Driving, Hyperspot, and Diffused. Other recent updates to the SR-Q PRO include updated RIGID branding and blacked out circuit boards for a more refined look. Both surface and flush mount options are available and there are multiple mounting capabilities, such as the Suction Cup Mount and Angled Flush Mounts, just to name a few. The SR-Q PRO is also a perfect back-up light and is available as a Back-Up Light Kit with a 25ft harness and a three-position switch for ease of wiring and usage.

Rigid LED Lighting x HR: Here at HR, we represent the best brands in automotive lighting. We know more about high performance lighting than any other distributor on the planet because its all we do, all day every day. Rigid Industries is the originator in the off road lighting market and to this day continues to push the envelope with leading edge design, technology, and most of all, light output. To see what products Rigid makes that are a direct fit for your vehicle, use our convenient Buyer's Guide. Otherwise, hit up our dedicated staff of lighting enthusiasts who can help you make the call on what Rigid Industries product is right for you.

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