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Headlight Revolution Takes HID Lighting To A New Level In The Canyon/Colorado

We want you to be safer on the roads than ever before and we know that better lighting can play a role in that cause. To that end, we’ve brought together the best HID and LED bulbs for your high beam, low beam, and fog lights. Each one will vastly improve your lighting and relieve your eyes from the stress and strain required when using dim halogen bulbs. Our HID bulbs from GTR Lighting are from their Ultra Series and can be had as a standalone bulb for those simply upgrading or as an entire kit for those adapting from halogen. Both come with everything you’ll need to complete the job and get professional results fast. The bulbs themselves are available in color hues from 3000k to 8000k as well so you can get the high-contrast yellow, pure white, or paradisaic blue hue you’ve been after. They also come complete with the 35W or 55W ballast you’ll need and all associated wiring. Don’t skimp on your style or safety. These bulbs are rated to last 2,500 hours and output 3,500-lumens.

LED Headlight & Fog Light Bulbs Are Here To Enhance Your GMC/Chevrolet

LED headlights and fog lights are more refined and brighter than ever before. Perhaps you’ve stayed away because of the ocean of bad knock-offs out there with subpar performance but listen to this, we only sell products we would use ourselves. If you’ve taken a moment to check out our video above you’ll know that we’ve tested each of these bulbs and demonstrated each of their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s dig into the fine details a little more. Swapping out bulbs is about as easy as it gets in the Colorado/Canyon and all of the bulbs featured here will fit in your stock housing while remaining small enough that the dust cover will still fit as well. The S-V.4 for instance has been a longtime favorite here at Headlight Revolution and for good reason. Its unique design takes advantage of automotive-grade LED chips and an incredibly powerful heat management system to provide incredible brightness and longevity. The SL1 LED bulb from Diode Dynamics is the perfect high beam replacement as its copper core PCB, Philips Luxeon Z ES LED Chips, and intelligent circuitry keep it running brightly no matter the conditions you’re in. They’ve been tested between -40 and 185 degrees to ensure they’ll never fail on you when you need them most. Finally, we were blown away by the performance of the Ultra 2 LED in our comparison testing. With an output of 1030 lux, it was an astonishing 281% brighter than the stock halogen bulb and provided the same if not better cutoff line. That’s roughly the same as having 6 stock headlights on the front of your truck. The technology and durability of the Ultra 2 LED is unquestioned in part thanks to its lifetime warranty.

GTR Lighting Fills Your Canyon or Colorado With Bright LED Illumination

Some people will tell you that adding LED lighting to the inside of your truck or to signal bulbs like your turn signal, brake & tail lights, etc is just to look good and we couldn’t disagree more. Yes, it does enhance the look of your truck but it does so much more than just that. On the outside of your pickup, it adds another layer of safety as other motorists will be able to see you better and on the inside, it completely changes the feel of the vehicle. LED bulbs add a luxurious and full lighting experience that dim dingy halogens can’t compete with. GTR Lighting has built a bulb to suit every need on your Canyon or Colorado. Carbide LED bulbs from GTR Lighting are the perfect way to upgrade your map lights. These 225-lumen bulbs are brighter than stock but not overpowering and offering a silky smooth experience every time you turn them off. Installation requires no special tools as they plug right in where your old bulbs did and they even come with a two-year warranty. GTR Lighting also upgraded the side marker lights in your pickup with the Carbide Series in Amber. These bulbs come with all the same features as the interior bulbs but are designed specifically to serve as marker lights with a crystal-like lens surface to evenly spread light inside the housing. Don’t forget about the back of your truck. Armor Series bulbs bump up performance and safety in your tail light housing with 16 Samsung LED chips per bulb and 750 lumens. These bulbs even look great when they’re off and come with the same 2-year warranty. If you’re still wondering what to do about your reverse lighting we have a treat for you. While you could complete the look of your truck with the Carbide Series LED Reverse Bulbs, GTR Lighting has gone a few steps further for all of us that want to actually see our path better when in reverse. To accomplish that they’ve built the 1,000-lumen Ultra LED Reverse bulb. Unconstrained by the rules that headlight and fog light bulbs have to follow, these reverse bulbs rival forward-facing bulbs in terms of overall output and will make backing up to a boat, trailer, or any parking spot considerably easier to see.

Add Off-Road Lighting To Your GMC/Chevrolet So Even The Sun Can’t Slow You Down

We’ve been there. The sun is fading and you’re forced to find a camp site for the night even though you want to continue on the trail. Headlight Revolution to the rescue. We’ve put together the best off-roading lighting for your Colorado or Canyon that will enable you to see far down the trail on the darkest of nights. KC Hi-Lites is one of our favorite brands and they’ve built the ultimate roof rack, the M-Rack for your GM pickup. It’s the ultimate not just because it’s modular and allows you to securely travel with tons of gear on it, no it’s the ultimate because it can be optioned with all the lighting you could ever need. First, who doesn’t want the Pro6 Gravity Light Bar? It’s a hallmark of the brand and immediately changes the look and attitude of your truck. Better still, it’s made to integrate into the M-Rack seamlessly and hides all the wiring within the rack itself. You can also opt for a pair of powerful C-Series LED light bars on each side of the rack giving you complete 360-degree illumination at the push of a button. Want a way to boost your fog light production way past stock without ever having to swap bulbs again? Take a look at the Baja Designs LED Fog Light kit. It’s powered by 4 CREE LED chips inside of each Squadron LED housing. These are the ultimate in modular pods thanks to Baja Designs uService feature and can be had in white or amber. Best of all, they’ll mount into your fog pockets like they were from the factory.