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Change The Attitude Of Your GM Pickup Truck

At Headlight Revolution we’ve seen tons of lighting companies and products come and go without doing any more than disappointing customers and weakening buyer confidence in the aftermarket LED market. AlphaRex is a refreshing change to that narrative. They’ve recently come on the scene and blown us away at how good their products are. Choose from the Pro Series or the Nova Series. The Pro Series leverages both LED and halogen lighting to keep costs low but style and performance high. Both the Silverado and Sierra models feature a super-bright LED DRL strip and sequential turn signal behavior. Nova Series headlights for both models keep those strong features but add in quad Ice-Cube projectors with complete LED-powered high and low beams. In terms of companies that are tried and tested, Morimoto is still pushing the envelope and showing the rest of the market what’s capable with its XB LED Headlights. These assemblies use a bi-LED projector and a LED DRL light tube to truly stand out as one of the boldest headlight designs for this truck available. The projector itself seamlessly blends in with the grille styling elements and changes the attitude of the truck with just this single modification. Optics are as good as we’ve come to expect from Morimoto as the benchmark for LED lighting. They also match the XB LED fog lights perfectly to get that uniform and uniquely Morimoto performance.

Swap Bulbs, Styles, and Performance Easily

Boosting output from the stock lighting on your GM pickup truck requires little more than the right high-quality LED bulbs from Headlight Revolution. The best part about these bulbs is that regardless of location each of them fit perfectly and without cutting, hacking, or adapters like so many of the cheap options on the market today. Let’s talk about each end of your truck and how to brighten it up. The CSP Mini is possibly the most misunderstood bulb we sell. It’s smaller than others and doesn’t have the fan or seperate LED driver either. Nevertheless these are the features of the CSP Mini that provide the most robust and bulletproof design possible for an LED bulb. What’s more is that unlike every other LED bulb we’ve seen with a similar design, these won’t burn out due to a lack of cooling, or have lackluster performance because they’re underpowered. GTR Lighting found the perfect balance for these go anywhere LED bulbs. They also went to the other extreme with the Ultra 2 LED which takes full advantage of the cooling capacity of its bearingless mag-lev fan to ensure it won’t overheat either despite being pushed to far greater extremes in terms of lighting output. The S-V.4 takes things even one step further by making use of a double-ball bearing fan and the most compact set of LEDs we’ve seen to produce the best LED bulb on the market. The results speak for themselves and often times we see the S-V.4 produce 2 or 3 times the usable light compared to stock bulbs. This was the first bulb on the market to use a truly automotive grade LED light source and it shows. Don’t forget about the back of your truck. LED Reverse lights, licence plate lights and cargo lights can all do a far better job of lighting the way than stock bulbs ever could. With GTR Lighting each of these locations can be addressed easily and without hassle. The Ultra LED Reverse Light bulb is especially impressive with its headlight-like output and exceptional longevity.

Taking Your Silverado or Sierra To New Heights With Off-Road LEDs

Whether your goal is to get deeper into the brush than ever before or simply to stun and impress anyone who sees your truck, the aftermarket LED options for Sierra and Silverado are built to meet and exceed those goals. Vision X, Baja Designs, and Profile Pixel each make offerings that will enhance the look and capabilities of your truck. If you crave attention there’ nothing like Profile Pixel RGB Halos. These custom LED Halos are fitted perfectly to your truck regardless of whether you’re driving a Chevrolet or GMC. These color changing angel eyes send a clear message that your truck is truly one of a kind. With a lifespan of 50,000 hours these LEDs use a phosphorus coating on the inside of the Halo to produce perfectly even and vibrant colors. Every color including white is powerful and rich. If your goal to go far off-road though there’s nothing like the Baja Designs A-pillar spot light system featuring the Squadron Pro or Squadron Sport LED pod. The brackets for the pods are specifically designed for your truck so you won’t need to cut, drill, or otherwise modify your truck to take advantage of these powerful 4,600 lumen rated pods. Vision X has taken things to the next level though with a complete range of off-road only LED offerings. Their stealthy grille mounted LED light bars are of special interest to us since they are uniquely suited to each pickup truck. Where others would create a single product for both trucks, Vision X took the styling of each brand into account and built a custom grille for each. They’ve also created unique fog light kits for each truck and a bumper mounted LED Light bar for the Sierra. Choose from two distinct light bars including the XPR-9M LED light bar that manages to throw light up to 1,365 feet into the distance so you can see further, avoid obstacles more easily and reduce the strain on your eyes and the stress of driving in non-uniform conditions.