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The Best Headlight Options For Your GM Truck At Headlight Revolution

We want you to have the best so we only stock the best. How do we know for sure what you’re getting? Well not only do many of us own GM trucks and use our own products on them, but everything in our catalog for the Sierra and Silverado is a product that we’ve tested to confirm its abilities. For example, of all the companies making headlight assemblies for these trucks, there are only two that meet our standards of improved performance, build quality, style, and ease of installation. Those brands are Morimoto and AlphaRex. Long time fans will know how much we appreciate the good work that California-based Morimoto does. From their 2Stroke 2.0 LED bulbs to their HID and projector products, they never seem to skimp on the details. Their XB LED Headlight assemblies for your GM pickup are no different. They have built clean designs that completely modernize your lighting regardless of which GM truck you’re in. These headlights proved to be 72% brighter than stock while maintaining the perfectly crisp cutoff line and beam pattern of the original headlight. What might be more impressive is that the high beams actually fill in much more overall space than the stockers while still managing to be brighter in every aspect with a 47% bump there. AlphaRex hasn’t been around nearly as long as Morimoto but we love what we’re seeing from them. Creating assemblies that look this bold and fit this well isn’t easy but it’s even harder when you ask them to also produce more light and last longer than stock. These lights do all that and more. They even feature a little light show in the LED DRL tube every time you walk up and unlock your truck. Built specifically for the Silverado HD, these come in two performance levels, Pro and NOVA, each available in matte black, jet black, or chrome. The Pro Series uses a combination of both halogen and LED bulbs to provide clear and bright light that benefits from a better reflector design over the stock housing. The NOVA series takes things up a notch with a full complement of LED light sources throughout the assembly and no halogen at all. Both feature the same LED DRL/turn signal light tube and use factory mounting positions to ensure a quick and professional quality installation.

Upgrade Your Silverado / Sierra Fog Lights Easily

Fog lights that work well are the only reliable weapon in the fight to cut through dense fog, dust, or haze, and here at Headlight Revolution, we carry only the best options. Morimoto builds three different XB LED Fog lights for the Sierra and Silverado to ensure that regardless of the brand you drive that you’ll have them available to cut through the night for you. At the heart of these direct-fit assemblies, you’ll find Kuria optics paired with Nichia 5500k LEDs. Of course, you could also go with the off-road specific Baja Designs LED Fog Light Kit. Powered with your choice of the Squadron Pro or Squadron Sport LED pod, these kits are built specifically to fill the fog light pocket of your Silverado and won’t require you to cut up and hack your bumper. They also come in yellow or white but can be further customized with Baja Design’s unique uService. If your goal is simply to get brighter lights without swapping housings then we’d suggest the S-V.4. We’ve tested dozens of LED bulbs and the S-V.4 is simply the best. With a compact yet meticulous design these bulbs will not only stand the test of time, but they’ll also outshine most headlights even when it fog light reflectors.

Don’t Settle For Dim And Failing Signal Lights On Your Truck

We expect that like most of us, you use your truck for almost everything. It’s your workhorse, it’s the family vehicle, and it’s the tool you use to have fun too! In all that activity your lighting is sure to have lost much of its luster over the years and even if you’ve recently installed a newer set of halogen bulbs they simply can’t compete with the brightness that LEDs have to offer. Ultimately we want our customers to be as safe as they can be on the road and these LED bulbs built to fit each and every socket on your pickup are just one more way to ensure you get where you’re going without incident. With brighter bulbs from GTR Lighting installed you’ll notice how your turn signals, marker lights, brake lights, and tail lights all fill the entire housing with light in a way that old halogens couldn’t hope to.

Back Up To Your Boat Or Trailer Like Never Before

If you’ve never seen what a proper reverse light looks like let us enlighten you. Instead of those dim signal bulbs used on a stock vehicle that is only there to alert others around you that you’re backing up, the GTR Lighting Ultra LED Reverse bulb is rated at 1,000-lumens. So it basically packs more punch than any halogen fog light bulb on the market today. In fact, we’ve shot many videos of it in action on our YouTube page. Take a look and we’re sure you’ll agree, you need these in your life.

Stealthy LED Lighting For Sierra and Silverado Is Here

Vision X is perhaps the most underrated LED company out there and when you see the way they’ve crafted their LED Lightbar grille for these trucks you’ll know what we mean. Featuring 4 of its signature CG2 4.7” LED light cannons, these grilles fit your truck perfectly using factory mounting points and provide over 11,000 lumens of light. It can get even more intense if you choose Baja Designs take on the grille-mounted LED light bar. Unlike Vision X, this kit is designed to retain your factory grille and stealthily fit between the grille slats. While it comes with the OnX6+ LED Lightbar that we’ve come to know and love, the kit can also be optioned with the intensely powerful S8 LED Lightbar. It’s even slimmer than the OnX6+ and creates the perfect flood light pattern to fill a scene or trail with clear white light. Capitalize on the space above your truck with the KC Hi-Lites M-Rack. This roof rack can do it all. Available with side-mounted and seamlessly integrated LED scene light bars and the Pro6 Gravity LED light bar, this piece of technology is far more than just a place to tie down your things. It’s probably the most versatile and functional roof rack ever designed for the Silverado/Sierra.

Completely Customize Your Sierra / Silverado With Profile Pixel

There’s a reason that this pickup truck is so popular and that’s great, but it’s no fun driving up beside one that looks exactly like yours. Profile Pixel and Prism gives you the power to stand out not just from every other Silverado and Sierra but from everything else on the road with its LED DRL boards and RGB Color Changing Custom Halos. LED DRL Boards not only change color at the push of a button but they also provide the bright switchback function for driving every day. These are made to exceed the standards set by GM on the original parts and that means brighter light and a longer lifespan. If you want that and much more style, these are the boards for you. Profile Prism Halos feature the same RGB technology with super-vibrant colors and the best mounting system we’ve ever seen on a set of angel eyes. Custom fitted to each truck, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill one size fits all halos, they’ll match the housing perfectly and make it seem as though you’re driving a show truck GM just happened to let you keep.