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It’s A Tight Fit In This Truck

Perhaps you’re like many of the customers that ask us what to choose after buying a set of bulbs and realizing that they don’t fit. If you’ve never had your headlight assembly out of the truck let us be the first to tell you that very few bulbs can squeeze into the extremely tight space available between the housing and the mounting bracket. Nevertheless, the S-V.4 is our favorite LED headlight and fog light bulb and it does in fact fit all 3 in this truck. The best part about the S-V.4 is that you don’t have to compromise on anything. It fits great, it’s got an outstanding lifespan and best of all, it’s wildly bright. When we tested the previous generation of this bulb against the stock halogen bulbs in the Sierra/Silverado we found that it was nearly as bright in the low beam setting as halogens were on high beam. These are even brighter and more refined. Due to that tight fit and the exceptional price and performance of the S-V.4 we wouldn’t recommend anything else.

Signal Lighting

Let’s face it, too many folks forget that it’s the details that really set apart the pros from the poseurs. It’s vital for others on the road to see you clearly and it’s not just about looking good. Having clear bright signal lights means that every time you drive you’re just that much safer since other motorists can see you and understand what you’re trying to do. That’s why we carry the ultimate in LED signal light technology from GTR Lighting. Combining the forces of their Carbide Series with that of their Armor Series allows you to completely change the visual impact and performance of every signal light that’s on when you’re moving forward. The Carbide is called on to boost the performance of the side marker lights on the Sierra/Silverado. It uses a crystal like lens over the LED to fully illuminate the surrounding housing in a way that halogen bulbs could only hope to. At 225 lumens they cut through the darkness of night cleanly and clearly. Armor Series bulbs finish the job off by fitting into the turn signals both front and rear as well as the DRL location. Designed to be twice as bright as the original bulb, the Armor Series is capable of some 750 lumens and comes in white, amber, and red. Take a close look at the bulb when it’s off and you’ll appreciate the attention to detail GTR Lighting paid to the design of this bulb. That aggressive style doubles as a functional heat sink that helps to keep the LED chipset cool and functioning at maximum output. Finish your Silverado/Sierra off with the Ultra LED Reverse light. This 1,000-lumen bulb simply shocks users the first time they light it up. If you’ve never seen an LED reverse light that can go toe to toe with headlights take a look at our YouTube video on the Ultra LED. There’s no going back to dim bulbs after you’ve used it.

Customize Your Silverado or Sierra With RGB Halos or Custom HID Retrofits

If you want to run around town making people think that you’re rolling in a truck that spent some time at SEMA then do we have the gear for you. Profile Pixel RGB LED halos are so far ahead of the competition that it’s not funny. Cheapo halos all need glue or massive amounts of wiring to get them into place properly. Not Profile Prism Halos. These have 3 micro-mounts on the back of the light that are virtually invisible. Cheapo halos have hot and cold spots throughout the halo itself, but not Profile Pixel Halos. They use a phosphorous coating internally and super intense LED optics to create a perfectly uniform and bright effect. What’s even better is that regardless of which color is your favorite, all of them are bold and bright. If total customization is the only option then our complete HID retrofit kit is for you. This bi-xenon kit allows you to completely change the look of your truck in one modification. These lights come with the projectors, bulbs, and ballasts for a complete and seamless installation process that’ll give you professional results.