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Dodge Durango

No SUV on the market today is like the Dodge Durango. Its bold styling has pushed design and performance further than any other modern SUV on the market today. It’s the ultimate way to carry people and things at speed, in style, and without breaking the bank. Dodge has been offering high-performance engines in the Durango since the very beginning. For years now the powerful HEMI has been a mainstay powerplant and it’s birthed the 445 horsepower Durango SRT. Now, in 2021 the Durango will get its first Hellcat motor and be trolling around the streets looking for V8 Mustangs and Camaros to chew up and spit out, all while carrying 1-6 people around like it’s no big deal. It’s time to get some lighting that lets those slow cars know that there’s something special coming for them.

Forward Lighting Options For Durango

Every time you drive in the dark, your eyes have to work hard to see what’s coming. Your brain is constantly at work too, taking in that optical information and trying to make the best choices possible to keep you, your family, and other motorists safe on the road. When you upgrade from stock headlights to LED bulbs that entire process gets better. With brighter bulbs, you can see further. Your eyes aren’t straining nearly as much to see what’s ahead. Your brain gets to relax a little more and you feel less stressed. And ultimately you have more time to read and react if something is in your path. That’s why we take testing and recommending any headlight or fog light bulb to you or anyone else. At the end of the day, the options for Durango are limited to just one low beam bulb and fog light bulb but if we were allowed to choose our favorite it would be the S-V.4, the very one that is available for Durango. You can look it up throughout our site. When the S-V.4 comes up, we recommend it as our favorite. It’s simply too good to ignore considering all it can do and the fact that no compromises need to be made to use it. Unlike other bulbs that use a series of LED chips and nothing more, the S-V.4 tightly groups the LEDs on its board together so that there are no micro gaps between them. Then they add a piece of crystal over all three to ensure that the light source you get is as close as can be to the original filament that was installed in your headlight. That attention to detail and the craftsmanship it takes to accomplish that put the S-V.4 ahead of the rest of the LED bulbs we sell. While many LED bulbs are overpowered and burn out, or worse, burn up, the S-V.4 uses a very compact but powerful double ball-bearing micro fan to actively extract heat from the passive 6063 aluminum heat sink. That provides adequate cooling so that the LED can be run at the highest possible power without the risk. It also helps to keep the LED driver as a separate part from the bulb itself. If you’ve ever seen LED bulbs without a driver then you can be sure that it’s actually housed inside the bulb itself and that’s fine if the bulb is a low power, low lumen product. The problem is that both the driver and the LED itself generate a lot of heat and when you put them in the same housing you better have a ton of thermal management built-in. With the S-V.4, none of that’s needed since they’re separate components. Put it this way, install the S-V.4 in your headlight and fog light and forget about them. They’re going to do the job every day without fail or fault.

The Forgotten Bulbs Deserve Attention Too

EEveryone likes to focus on the headlight bulbs and we can see why. They’re the ones you notice most, especially if they’re sub-par. We can tell you though that the ones that actually get all the attention are the ones people don’t expect. For example, take the T10 GTR Lighting Carbide LED and its partner the GTR Vanity LED. These two bulbs luxury up the interior of the Durango in a way that nothing else can. LED interior lighting is a clear indication of an expensive automobile and with this complete kit, you can transform the feeling you and your passengers get every time they light up. It’s far less subtle than you might initially think. GTR Lighting also covers your turn signal bulbs and reverse bulbs. The Carbide T10 works as a serious boost in overall brightness for your reverse lights. Still, there’s a step beyond that if you opt for the GTR Lighting Ultra 1000 lumen reverse LED bulb. As our man Chris Westlund says, “If you want rear-mounted headlights this is what you’re looking for.” It’s exactly as bright as that sounds like it is. Finish your Durango off in style with GTR Lighting Carbide signal bulbs. There are Canbus compatible so you won’t get flickering, flashing, or “bulb out” warnings in your dashboard. They’re honestly the brightest turn signal marker lights we’ve ever seen. They offer an ultra-modern, ultra-clean look that will get the attention of anyone on the road with you.