RAM (02-08)

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Dodge RAM 2002-2008

There’s no doubt that when Dodge released the RAM with the tagline “Different” it was clear that this truck would stand out. More than a decade later the RAM is still a standout in terms of power, performance, and style. Here at Headlight Revolution, we work long hard hours to make sure that you get the most accurate reviews and the most outstanding service that we can provide and that’s why we appreciate the RAM. It’s proven that it’s a work truck that isn’t afraid of a long day of work and then another early morning. The one thing that we were disappointed with when the RAM arrived was the odd, almost flood-like beam pattern that the stock headlights provided. If you want floodlights we’ve got those, but if you want a bright sharp cutoff line from the stock units you’ll never get them. While there’s no way to fully correct or overcome a bad reflector design, thanks to the incredible technology available today in the form of LEDs it can be vastly improved. If only the best will do we have full aftermarket assemblies that will totally change the headlight game on your Dodge RAM. Still, no truck is complete if it’s still rocking stock tail lights, side markers, fog lights, and reverse lights. Headlight Revolution carries all you’ll need to fully address each one of these key lighting areas. Let’s take a deep dive into each facet of Dodge RAM lighting and what we can do to light up your night.

Dodge RAM And LED Lighting

When LEDs first arrived on the scene hyper flash and flickering was a big problem for most of the community. But when people started figuring out how to fix those problems most Dodge owners were still left out in the cold because of the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) that’s used at the heart of the electrical system. That caused many of us in the RAM community to be gun shy about upgrading to LEDs altogether. Thankfully, here at Headlight Revolution, we’ve had the chance to test many of these bulbs in our own RAMs and found what works and what doesn’t. Take for example the S-V.4 LED, it’s our favorite and our RAM specific kit comes with a PWM module that’ll end any trouble you have with the electrical system in your truck. Even the signal and tail lights that we offer for the RAM can handle it. In fact, anything you find in this RAM specific section has the parts needed to work properly. Let’s take a closer look at headlight options specifically.

2002-2008 Dodge RAM Headlight Upgrades

The S-V.4 LED Headlight works for all years and both the low and the high beam. It’s our favorite because it’s wildly bright and manages to make the most of a bad headlight reflector design. It features 6063 aluminum construction, virtually no space in between the individual LEDs, and a small bulb assembly for an easy install. GTR Lighting has brought its Ultra 2 LED to the RAM party and it’s an awesome option as well. By using automotive-grade NLW753 LED chips and a bearingless fully enclosed fan the Ultra 2 manages to produce a seriously bright 3,900 lumens without burning out. GTR Lighting is so confident in them that they back these bulbs for life. Really, they could be the last headlight bulbs you ever need for your truck. Want a fully customized headlight assembly that no other Dodge RAM, really any other truck on the planet, has? Choose our Dodge RAM Retrofit kit. It’ll allow you to choose every detail and option you could want including LEDs, Bi-Xenons, and even Halos.

AlphaRex Headlight Assemblies For 06-08 Dodge RAM

If you’re driving a 2006-2008 Dodge RAM then we’re pleased to tell you that you’re not stuck with those old poorly designed reflectors. AlphaRex has come on the scene and really impressed us with their new line of complete headlight assemblies. Choose from the budget-friendly PRO lineup, the LED entry-level LUXX series, or the quad-projector NOVA series. All three provide the option for full lighting customization and different colored headlight housings to ensure that they fit your truck and your style.

Auxiliary LED Lighting And Accessories For RAM

At Headlight Revolution we pride ourselves on only offering the best lighting that we would or already do use on our own trucks. To that end, we’re proud to offer multiple lighting products that enhance the Dodge RAM ownership experience. Take for example the Morimoto XB LED fog light kit. Internally they leverage 3 Nichia LEDs to create 1200 lumens per side. That’s far more than the stock low-beam headlight so you can be sure that they’re bright. What’s really special about them though is how they control that light. From one side of the road to the other you get exceptional contrast and brightness even in the worst weather conditions. If you’re looking for something more intense the Vision X LED Fog Light Kit is that. It produces nearly 7,000 lumens per side and basically lights up the night in a way that very few other fog lights can even claim to. The aim of the lamps can even be adjusted to ensure that you’re getting the light precisely where you personally prefer it in your line of sight. Want to scare bigfoot with your Dodge RAM? The Vision X LED Fog Kit can help you do it.

Signal, Tail, and Halo Lights!

What if you want to complete the package and outfit every bulb on your RAM with the latest and brightest LED technology? Install the GTR Lighting Carbide LED bulb in your tail lights for a stunning red and then get the Armor Series in your turn signal location so you can roll away in style with the longest lasting and brightest LED bulbs available. We even carry the GTR Lighting 1,000 lumen reverse light bulbs and the 10-chip LED cargo light so that you can actually see what’s in that bed and around it. If you really want to stand out though there’s nothing like Halos and that’s where Profile Prism comes in. These RGB LED halos are custom fitted to the RAM and will make it look like you’re riding around in a SEMA show truck no matter where you live. Get them stand-alone or pair them with a new set of fog lights. Either way, you’ll be able to change the color of your lights with the press of a button. If you really want your Dodge RAM to be different, this is the way.