RAM (09-18)

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Dodge RAM

The Dodge RAM has never been one to follow the pack. Leading the way in 2010 it broke away from the Dodge brand itself to better focus on improving the technology and packaging of its trucks for those who use them. Today we have RAM to thank for innovations like the Rambox and it’s that spirit of innovation that permeates the lighting products we have that are made specifically for RAM. We know that RAM owners are a diverse and ambitious group. Some have slammed their RAMs and want the best aftermarket RGB LED lighting available to help your truck get all the attention it rightly deserves. Still, others have jacked-up pickups that are capable of getting further into the woods than anyone would believe. They need to know that on those dark trails in the blackness of night that their auxiliary off-road lights will not only shine brightly enough to help them see the trail and the scene but that they’ll never fail. Finally, we have the crew of RAM owners who love their truck because it never takes a day off. It’s their trusty steed that gets them to and from the job site and helps them put bread on the table. For them we have the most amazing headlights to see more clearly with less eye strain before the sun comes up and after it goes down. We have brighter signal lights and brake lights to make sure that others see you coming. And when it’s time to back up to the trailer or just back the trailer up itself, we have reverse lights so bright you’ll swear they were meant for the front of your RAM.

Forward Lighting Upgrades For Your Dodge RAM

Whatever trim level or year your RAM is, we have major forward lighting upgrades available. We carry lighting solutions for both projector and reflector based RAM headlights and fog lights. Let’s take a moment to consider the options available to you. Many overlook the improvement in clarity and even safety that brighter more robust turn signals can provide. Take one look at the Armor Series bulbs from GTR Lighting that are the perfect fit for your RAM and you’ll see the difference. Available in Amber or Switchback they’ll make a statement and make it easier for others to see where your RAM is going. Many are just looking to swap bulbs for something much brighter and that’s a great way to get results FAST. Simple bulb upgrades are available in the form of the GTR Lighting Ultra HID, the Ultra 2 LED, CSP Mini, or the S-V.4. If you’ve already got HIDs and want to continue with them then the Ultra HID will be a simple and seamless installation that provides 2,500 hours of use with up to 3,500 lumens per bulb. Choose from 3000K all the way to 8000K color temperatures to get the exact hue you’d prefer. If you’re ready to bump up to instant LED technology then the Ultra 2 LED is a natural progression. It provides one of the most robust designs we’ve ever seen coupled with probably the tightest grouping of LEDs we’ve ever seen. Together they produce a brilliant and highly reliable 3,900 lumens and will work all day every day just like your truck. The CSP Mini is a low beam only bulb that GTR Lighting has crafted to be possibly one of the most reliable LED bulbs on the market today. You’ll note that it has no fan, no moving parts, and thus no obvious failure points. On average, the CSP Mini is between 2 and 3 times brighter than stock headlights and unlike tricky HIDs that can struggle in some conditions or take a while to warm up, the Philips Z ES LEDs at the heart of the CSP mini are instant on and don’t care how hot or cold it is outside. Finally, if going big is what you’re all about, the S-V.4 is about as big as it gets when it comes to performance. The bulb itself isn’t very large at all and that’s even more impressive when you consider how bright, how bulletproof, and how effective this bulb is at lighting up the road ahead. Installation takes no time thanks to the fully clockable collar and the super-tight machine tolerances. There’s no bulb like the S-V.4 to date.

Full Lighting Assemblies For RAM

Every single year automotive LED lighting improves and it’s only getting faster. If you want the newest lighting technology but have an older truck there’s never been a simple solution. Most would have to full-on retrofit their headlight assembly. That included hours of removal, prying, cutting, trimming, wiring, and putting it all back together with the hope that it’s all aligned properly and that nothing was missed. Today though things are changing. With manufacturers like Morimoto and AlphaRex, it’s easier than ever to swap headlight, tail light, or fog light assemblies. The AlphaRex PRO is a serious upgrade in lighting and style for pennies on the dollar of other kits. It uses both halogen and LED lighting elements and modernizes your RAM in minutes. Choose the AlphaRex NOVA Series if you want the best that AlphaRex has to offer though. This Quad-IceCube Projector style headlight is a standout in terms of design and performance. Available in black, jet black, or chrome, the Osram LED chips inside brightly illuminate the projectors and provide a gorgeous factory-style cutoff line. If you like the headlight design cues from the most recent RAM models you can actually get a similar albeit even more advanced look with the Morimoto XB LED headlights. These state-of-the-art assemblies are 100% plug-n-play and feature dual bi-led projectors for maximum illumination. The DRL can even double as a sequential switchback turn signal. It brings your RAM into 2021 in style. You can even match them perfectly with Morimoto XB LED taillights to complete the look. Check out the video above to see us install XB LED headlights into a RAM easily. It’ll brighten your day, we promise.

Off-Road And Auxiliary LED Lighting For RAM Trucks

Let’s face it, many of us just want the most firepower available even if it’s stuff we can’t use on the public roads. That’s where off-road and auxiliary lighting comes into play. For example, if you roll up to a car show and light up a set of RGB halos that are custom-fitted to your RAM then you’re going to have the guy driving the Ferrari in the spot next to you sad when everyone’s focused on your ride and not his. Be that guy. Get a set of Profile Prism LED halos that can change color with the push of a button on your phone. Maybe though you want to get so far into the woods that the only lights are the ones on your RAM. In that case, consider the Vision X Grille LED system that beautifully integrates four of the brightest LEDs you can get. Two floodlights and two CG2 Light Cannons will ensure you see everything in your path and then some. If Baja Designs is more your speed check out the RAM tailored A-Pillar Baja Squadron LED light kit. It will install on your RAM without any cutting or trimming and provide the same intense and reliable lighting that’s been winning off-roading competitions for 40 years. Compliment those with the M-Rack from Baja Designs. This one-piece complete roof-rack-LED lighting piece of artwork is slim but super strong. It’s fully customizable and can be had with floodlights completely integrated into each side of the rack while the front rocks the Baja Designs C-Series 50” LED Light bar or the Pro6 8-light LED bar.