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2019+ RAM

Getting lighter and stronger at the same time isn’t something that we normally associate with pickup trucks as they tend to get bigger with each subsequent generation. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what the 5th generation RAM did. The 1500 is more than 200 lbs lighter than the previous generation while also being more powerful and capable of handling a larger payload. We call that innovation at its finest and that’s just one reason that RAM has continued to maintain its strong following while at the same time bringing more customers into the family. Pushing the envelope is just a part of RAM DNA and that’s easy to see when you consider the styling of this truck. Unlike more conventional designs from Ford and Chevrolet, Dodge has always bucked those trends in favor of standing out. Headlight Revolution is proud to offer all RAM owners the opportunity to truly stand out with brighter and bolder LED lighting upgrades. For the off-roading crowd, we have multiple off-road only (Too bright for the road) products that are sure to keep you safer and the trail ahead easily seen even at high-speed.

Bulb Upgrades

The vast majority of upgrades for 2019+ RAM lighting are simply bulb upgrades and that’s not a knock. In just a couple of years, we’ve found some excellent options that will improve your safety by either helping you see the road more clearly and further away, or they’ll shine brightly to alert other motorists to your position on the road. Regardless of how they accomplish it, we can all agree that being safer on the road is the first goal of improving your lighting. Here are the best bulbs we’ve found to accomplish that task. The XD Extreme LED PRO is unique, powerful, and bright. With its passive alloy leaf heat sink, it can fit anywhere without causing the fitment issues and electromagnetic interference that cheapo LED bulbs do. With 6 Z ES LED chips it produces 1,750 lumens of bright crisp light for the road ahead. The GTR Lighting Ultra 2 LED goes a step further and runs at a higher power to provide some 3,900 lumens of forward lighting. To accomplish that safely they’ve built in a bearingless fan into the bottom of the bulb and relocated the driver so that it can easily stay cool and bright while still standing up to the lifetime warranty GTR promises. Finally, the S-V.4 is perhaps the most proven LED bulb out there for the 2019+ RAM. Its lumen count is 3,600 and it manages to put more light on the road in front of you than any other bulb we’ve tested. It uses a double ball bearing mag-lev fan to extract heat actively that’s so resilient that it can even run underwater. The bulb itself is tiny too which makes it easy to fit into tight spaces. Both the Ultra 2.0 LED and the S-V.4 can be used in all three positions, high beam, low beam, and fog light for the RAM. What’s great though is that you can match your turn signals and reverse lights with much brighter LED options as well. Just think of how much easier it will be to effectively navigate in reverse with GTR Lightings 1,000 lumen reverse bulbs. Or consider that with their Carbide LED bulbs in your turn signal position you’ll be sending an even clearer message to those around you about where you’re going.

Assembly Upgrades

Sometimes the only way to go is with all new complete assemblies. These plug-n-play units are built specifically for the RAM so they’ll bolt into the same mounting points without cutting or trimming. In the case of fog lights, they’ll fit just the same as the old ones, only now with much brighter optics. Really, if future-proofing your lighting is important to you then these options from Morimoto and AlphaRex are surefire ways to do just that while looking damn good at the same time. For RAM 1500 owners, AlphaRex offers perhaps the easiest gateway into the LED headlight assembly game with its hybrid LED PRO series. This headlight uses both bi-xenon and LED technology to keep costs down but improve the overall brightness and lifespan of your headlights. We really love the NOVA series though because they come in a quad-ice cube projector-style that’s truly one-of-a-kind. They feature bright and long-lasting LEDs for all light sources and even provide a little light show every time you unlock your RAM. Morimoto is on the scene with the tried and true XB LED Headlight and fog light kit for both the 2019+ RAM 1500 and RAM HD. The RAM 1500 headlights look like they could be from the 6th generation RAM they’re just that cool. Combining the sequential LED DRLs with the quad-pronged DRL and the headlight simply looks amazing. The RAM HD headlight assembly from Morimoto features two DRL strips that perfectly match the grille of your truck and three LED projector-style lenses to create perfect illumination even on the darkest of nights.

Baja Designs And RAM

Baja Designs has been in the aftermarket lighting game for forty years now so they know what they’re doing. They’ve learned about what makes a light bright and reliable through off-road racing that’s truly the definition of torture testing. No matter how dark, dusty, muddy, or hot the trail might get, Baja Designs products have been built to withstand it. Luckily for RAM owners, they’ve crafted some of their most popular products to fit the RAM and RAM HD like they were from the factory. They haven’t forgotten the little things either. Always attentive to the details one of our favorite offerings is the Baja Designs S2 LED Reverse Light kit for both RAM 1500 and RAM HD. These small lights are mighty in terms of performance offering some 1,130 lumens without taking up a large area on the back of your pickup. Going in reverse has never been so safe and simple. Then there are all the epic lighting options offered for the front of the RAM. We especially love the A-Pillar Squadron LEDs that are fully adjustable, securely mounted, and don’t require any cutting or trimming to bolt to your A-pillar. Of course, you could add S2 or Squadron LED lights in place of your original fog lights if you wanted to go for serious illumination at the flip of your fog light switch. Really though there’s nothing like the Bumper Mount LED Bar that can be equipped with the Baja Designs OnX6+ light bar or the S8 light bar. This kit integrates perfectly and again won’t require any cutting, drilling, or modifying to get it securely mounted and lighting up your future.