F150 (15-17)

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Seeing Further With Upgraded HIDs or LEDs Means More Safety And Security

If we’re talking about the real point of any forward lighting on your truck then it’s important to highlight the value of improved optics. Seeing further into the night means that not only will you see obstacles or dangers sooner but it also translates to more distance and time to make sure you avoid those obstacles. The reflector in the stock headlight housing of the F-150 is actually pretty good so if all you want to do is replace those bulbs and get considerably more performance then we’ve got the LED and HID bulbs for you. For anyone running HIDs and wanting to stick with that same uber-bright technology, we offer the GTR Lighting Ultra HID. This bulb comes in hues from 3800k all the way up to 8000k so you can pick the color profile you prefer and match it to your high beam, low beam, and fog light. At 3,500 lumens this bulb will completely blow away the stock production. In addition, the kit comes with everything you need to light up the night with relays, ballasts, and all other associated parts. Ultimately we believe that LED lighting is the future and that’s why we’ve brought together our favorite LED bulbs for America’s favorite truck. In the past, it was hard to recommend an LED bulb because ultimately they simply couldn’t provide the output that was needed to be safe on the road in the worst conditions. That’s completely changed with options from GTR Lighting, S-V.4, and Morimoto. The folks at GTR Lighting have truly made every bulb you could ask for the F-150 but let’s focus on the offerings they build for the headlights and fog lights themselves. First, the CSP Mini is one of the best bulbs on the market when paired with the F-150. It produces a much brighter output (91% brighter in our testing) and features the same beam pattern and cutoff line. It’s the perfect light for those who require their truck to handle extreme situations because it has no fan, no moving parts, and runs at a lower temperature than other lights so it faces none of the potential issues that others do. GTR Lighting also builds the Ultra 2 LED which is simply one of the brightest bulbs you could ask for on the market today. This thing won our high-beam shootout amongst all other LED options with a lux reading of 2160. That’s nearly 200% brighter than stock and this bulb can more than handle that power without burning out. At the base of the Ultra 2, you’ll find a bearingless fan that easily extracts heat and allows the bulb to run at full power without concern. The S-V.4 is a light that we’ve lavished praise on more than any other and it all comes down to the incredible build quality that’s combined with top-notch performance. Where cheapo LED bulbs claim 6000, 7000, or 8000 lumens, the S-V.4 is rated at a humble 3,900 lumens but it outperforms everything we put it up against. In fact, we’ve seen them produce 6x the lighting output of stock units.

Complete LED Assemblies For Your Ford F-150

If you want to be the envy of every guy or gal with a new F-150 take advantage of the awesome full LED assemblies from AlphaRex and Morimoto. Both are well made and offer distinct design aesthetics to suit your personal taste. AlphaRex has built a pair of excellent headlight assemblies to choose from. First, the Pro Series mimics the design of the original headlight but adds in round projectors that are halogen-based. These assemblies come with a fully sequential LED DRL and can be had in black, jet black, or chrome. The NOVA Series comes in the same colors but adds 5 LED-powered Ice-Cube projectors to the mix to provide stunning optics on the darkest of roads. You’ll especially love the way these headlights provide a light show every time you lock or unlock the truck. Morimoto isn’t about to be outdone though and we can’t get over how good the XB LED Headlights and Taillights are. These bright and powerful assemblies use all the same factory mounting points as your stock lights and require no cutting or drilling to be fitted. These lights completely change the look and attitude of your Ford. Even the newest trucks can’t compete with the 200% brighter optics offered by Morimoto and the stunning design. The XB Hybrid LED provides many of the same features like the DRL LED tube and the blacked-out design while allowing you to save some cash to splash on the XB LED Tail Lights. These taillights are available in smoked or red colors and add a dramatic styling element to the F-150. They’re built to handle the workload that you’re used to with shatter-resistant polycarbonate and an IP67 waterproof rating.

Off-Roading LED Lighting That Lets The F150 Go Anywhere

One of the things we love most about the F-150 and especially the Raptor is that both trucks allow you to do almost anything with them. Work all through the week, take the whole family anywhere they need to go, and then get deep into the wilderness on the weekends. All variants of the F-150 have that capability but one thing they all benefit from is better off-road lighting. For those wanting to boost off-road lighting with a simple and elegant solution, the Baja Designs A-Pillar LED spotlight kit features their Squadron Sport LED pod. The Squadron Sport is a 5000k super-bright LED pod that can be completely customized with Baja Designs uService program. The kit comes with everything you need to get these lights installed and won’t require any cutting or drilling. One thing we can’t recommend enough is the M-Rack from KC Hi-Lites. The company that’s been torture testing its products in the harshest off-road racing around the world for decades has built the perfect roof rack for the F150/Raptor. This thing is exactly what you make of it meaning it’s modular and can be tailored to your personal needs. Want to just keep it simple and have the lightest, strongest, most sleek roof rack in the world? You can get it just like that and it’ll always offer the modularity to expand. Really though most of our customers can’t just leave this rack without at least one of the incredible lighting options it offers. Inside the rack, you can option 4 completely integrated LED floodlights. This 4-pack of C-Series Area LED lights offers you brilliant scene and floodlighting on each side of your truck at the flip of a switch. Go a step further and get the front of your vehicle covered with the classically attractive Pro6 8-LED Light Bar. This unit produces nearly 20,000 lumens and integrates the wiring in a way that perfectly hides it from view. This light combines both driving and flood beam patterns to ensure that you get light anywhere and everywhere that you need it on the trail. Want to just have the LED lightbar without the rack? That’s available as well.