F150 (18-20)

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Ford F-150/Raptor Headlight Bulb Upgrades

The quickest way to see further at night and ease the strain on your eyes is to swap out the bulbs themselves for ones that weren’t compromised by bean counters trying to save a buck or two. Regardless of whether you prefer HID or LED optics, we carry them both. GTR Lighting builds both and we love their products like the Ultra HID and the Ultra 2 LED. The Ultra HID comes complete with everything you need to go from dim to lit in one day. These bulbs come in any hue you want from 3800k to 8000k and offer a 2,500-hour lifespan and fully potted circuitry. If you’ve got to have instant-on optics though the Ultra 2 LED is a reliable and bright option that will stand up to a long day of work just like your truck. The Ultra 2 LED set a new standard for what an LED bulb could do in a headlight assembly. The CSP Mini did the same for GTR Lighting in a different avenue. This smaller bulb isn’t as bright as the Ultra 2 but it’s not far off, and it’s built to be run in the harshest environments on Earth. With no active cooling element, owners don’t have to worry about dust, dirt, or debris preventing this bulb from cooling properly. Its crisp clear bright beam pattern is mighty despite its small footprint. If only the brightest will do though then the S-V.4 is the clear winner. We’ve tested tons of LED bulbs on the market today and despite the advancements we see being made across the field, nothing can beat the S-V.4 when it comes to brightness and quality for the money. The beam pattern is perfectly accurate, the 3,900-lumen claims made by the S-V.4 are backed up with real-world lux readings that are oftentimes 2 or 3 times brighter than stock, and the build quality is second to none.

Signal Bulbs For F-150 Change The Game On-Road

When you make a move on the road it’s vital that others can clearly see and understand what you’re telling them. LED upgrades for your F-150’s signal lights make that a breeze and add safety at the same time. GTR Lighting has built the Armor Series to be as tough as your truck and improve brightness by filling the entire reflector housing with light. They’re fitted to your brake lights, turn signal lights, and reverse lights so you can be sure that all three match. GTR Lighting also offers bright LED upgrades for your cargo lighting, 3rd brake light, license plate lights, and more. You can even get the notorious GTR Lighting Ultra LED Reverse light with 1,000-lumens of night piercing illumination. If you’ve ever been frustrated by how little you can see when you’re backing up your truck or trying to hook up to a trailer this is the bulb for you. It installs in moments and completely transforms your experience when in reverse.

Give Your F-150 Unique Attitude With Full LED Lighting Assemblies

When you drive America’s favorite truck you see a lot of other F-150 owners everywhere you go. With new options from Morimoto and AlphaRex tailored to the 18-20 F-150 you can drive a truck that is uniquely you. Don’t settle for rolling up to a stoplight next to another truck that could be easily mistaken for yours. Give your community a little envy with these bold and bright LED headlights and taillight assemblies. AlphaRex is a newcomer to the market but unlike others who produce slap-dash products, they’ve clearly put a great deal of thought and research into these lights. The first of their 2 offerings is the Pro Series LED Headlight. Bult to perfectly fit into the same mounting point as the original light, these units leverage both halogens and LED technology to keep costs low while upgrading the look of your truck. The Nova Series from AlphaRex comes in chrome, black, or jet black, and uses a quad-projector configuration to maximize output and style. These projectors are AlphaRexes own proprietary Ice-Cube design and really stand out from anything else on the market today. Morimoto also offers two different LED headlight assembly options for the F-150 and they finish them both off with a stunning set of matching tail lights and fog lights. XB LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights all feature the most advanced Morimoto technology to date and immediately take your F-150/Raptor from basic to SEMA show standout status. Want the XB style while saving a few bucks? Take a look at XB Hybrid LED Headlights. Combining halogen and LED tech, these assemblies still use the same super bright LED DRL and styling that the regular XB lineup does for less money.

Take Your F-150 Further Off-Road With BD And KC

Two of our favorite companies in the off-road auxiliary LED lighting space have built some of the best products we’ve ever seen for the latest F-150. Each and every one of these is built to withstand the rigors of the most extreme terrain on the planet without failure or fault. The KC Hi-Lites M-Rack is a module roof rack designed with the F-150 in mind. It’s sculpted to perfectly match your truck and add minimal overall height while offering maximum versatility. It can be fully optioned with 4 flood/area lights integrated into the rack itself offering full lateral illumination but what’s up front is the highlight. Equip the foremost section of the M-Rack with the Pro6 8-Light LED bar and never feel like you’re in the dark on a trail again thanks to a nearly 20,000-lumen output. Compliment your F-150 or Raptor with Baja Designs Squadron LED pod or Squadron Sport LED pod in your fog light location or with their A-Pillar kit. Squadron Fog lights are available in yellow or white to offer you complete customization. Both kits come with everything you need to complete the installation and get professional results that light up as reliably as your truck.