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Get The Hardest Working LED Bulbs From Headlight Revolution

Ford didn’t settle for an under-performing truck when they built your Super Duty and you shouldn’t settle for aging and under-performing lighting either. All trucks of this generation can take advantage of the best LED headlight and fog light bulbs on the market. The GTR Lighting Ultra 2 LED bulb comes with a lifetime warranty so you know it’s up to the job. It’s also going to provide the same sharp factory cutoff line and 2-3 times brighter output. The S-V.4 has been our favorite LED bulb here at Headlight Revolution for some time and that comes down to its perfect combination of features. It’s on par or better in terms of brightness as any other bulb we’ve tested but it’s also going to maintain that optimal beam pattern. It’s also compact so it fits more easily than most other bulbs. Finally, it’s incredibly capable when it comes to thermal management. Where other bulbs struggle to handle operating a full power the S-V.4 does just that without compromising. Both of these unique and powerful bulbs are built to handle both your high and low beams so you’re fully covered.

Get Next-Gen Headlight Assembly Style For Your Super Duty

If you love the way the latest Super Duty trucks look with those C-Light LED DRL/Turn signals then we have good news for you. Headlight Revolution carries the two best headlight assemblies on the market and they transform your 2011-2016 truck with designs that take inspiration from the latest F-250 and F-350. In the video above, you’ll see exactly what we mean too as we install a set of the Morimoto XB LEDs into an F-250. These new assemblies are tailor-made for your truck and will mount in just like the factory units they replace. Of course, what really matters is how well they perform and in every category, they’re many steps above stock. The beam pattern is identical to factory but the brightness is comically better. In our test, you’ll see that stock headlights produced about 320 lux whereas the XB LED stacked 1100 lux on top of that with a grand total of 1420 lux. That’s more than a 400% increase and we haven’t even talked about the high beam which was even brighter. The XB Hybrid LED from Morimoto retains much of the same performance but integrates some halogen elements to drop the price and provide a little bit lower barrier to entry. They create over 800 lux in low beam and more than 1800 in high beam. That’s 8 times brighter than stock. It’s simply a no-brainer.

AlphaRex LED Headlights Offer A New Approach

If you want a totally unique look for your Super Duty we suggest considering the AlphaRex Pro and Nova Series headlights. The Pro Series is an LED/Halogen hybrid with dual-LED Projectors and halogen signaling lights. You can upgrade those as well with Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 bulbs for a full LED effect. If you want a product that’s already equipped with nothing but LED power the Nova Series is for you. This assembly is 100% LED-powered out of the box and comes in three distinct colors, matte black, gloss black, or chrome. Both headlight assemblies feature sequential LED DRL C-Bars with a unique slash through them midway down the headlight. They might be new in town but AlphaRex clearly knows how to stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

Keep Your Truck Clearly Visible With GTR Lighting Signal LEDs

When you’re towing a load or just trying to get home after a long day on the job site it’s vital that other motorists can clearly see you and know where you’re going. To ensure your signal lights are as bright as they can be GTR Lighting has built an entire set of bulbs to fit the F-250 and F-350. These bright LED bulbs will install just as easily as your old dim bulbs came out. Best of all they’re available for your interior lights, cargo lights, turn signals, brake lights, and more. Let’s talk a little about how GTR Lighting can help you get home safer. The Armor Series is one of our favorites. It features one of the best looking outer designs we’ve ever seen and its optics are unquestionably excellent. Get them in amber or switchback for your turn signals and they’ll not only outlast your old halogen bulbs but they’ll outperform in terms of overall brightness too. With 16 Samsung LED chips on each bulb they can fully illuminate the turn signal housing properly. It’s easy to skip over something like a cargo light until you need it. With the Carbide Series, replacing your cargo light with an ultra-bright LED bulb isn’t just easy, it’s an awesome value for money. This 1,200-lumen rated white LED is the bulb you’ve always wanted but never knew existed. Trust us, when we first tested this bulb we were simply blown away at how much better we could see everything and we’re sure you’ll love it too. Finally, don’t forget about the 1,000-lumen rated Ultra LED Reverse light from GTR Lighting. It makes backing up a completely different experience. If you have a trailer or boat to back up to then we can’t say enough about these bulbs. Quite simply imagine backing up with headlights guiding your way, that’s a close estimation of their power and brightness.

Go Anywhere in Your Super Duty With Off-Road LED Lighting

Set your Super Duty apart from the rest and drastically improve its off-road lighting power with LED Auxiliary lighting. We offer completely custom HID kits along with other custom options like LED RGB Halos from Profile Prism, Baja Squadron LED Fog Lights, KC Hi-Lites M-Rack, and Vision X grille-integrated LED Light Bar. Let’s dive into the details of just a few of these intensely bright offerings. Vision X is a company that runs out of Auburn Washington where they do all their engineering and product development. They’ve crafted multiple products for your Ford Super Duty including a bumper-mounted LED Lightbar system using either the XPR or XIL light bar. Choose the beam pattern you want for either a super far-reaching spotlight or a wide and all-encompassing area light. That grille-integrated light bar is an awesome piece of technology too. With the standard mounting points, you won’t be hacking or cutting up your truck to get it to fit. And with the power of Vision X’s CG2 LED Light Cannons you’ll have the best of both worlds, a pair of far firing LED Lights and a pair of wide floodlights that can give you a complete and well-rounded field of vision even in the darkest of trails. KC Hi-Lites M-Rack is constructed from lightweight but high-strength aluminum and is completely modular so it conforms to your needs as they change. Option it with KC’s ultra-bright C-Series LED light bars and you’ll get two on each side of the rack that are flush mounted and has no exposed wiring. Take things up a notch with the Pro6 Gravity 8-light LED light bar up front and enjoy the beauty of full 360-degree lighting around your Ford. Perhaps you simply want to stun anyone who sees your custom truck. Then the Profile Prism is the fitted RGB LED Halo you’ve been waiting for. With 3 micro mounts that are nearly invisible to the naked eye and the brightest hues we’ve ever seen from an RGB LED Halo, it’s sure to impress. We love the Bluetooth integration that provides complete control from either the Profile control module or the Morimoto XBT controller.