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Get Powerful Headlights From Headlight Revolution To Match Your Powerful Pickup

It’s amazing that in this day and age that any truck as good as the F-250 and F-350 could still have subpar lighting but that’s just a fact when it comes to the 17-19 trucks. When you compare them to aftermarket LED options you realize just how outgunned they truly are. Thankfully, those same aftermarket options fit great, look even better, and won’t break the bank.

Hybrid Designs Don’t Break The Bank But Do Break The Mould

AlphaRex and Morimoto have built unique designs that incorporate a combination of LED bulbs and halogen to keep costs down and performance up. For AlphaRex that’s what the Pro Series is all about. It’s one of the boldest designs we’ve seen and is available in gloss black, matte black, or chrome so you can get the finish that fits your truck. The dual projectors use your stock halogen bulbs while the rest of the truck is illuminated by integrated LED technology. We especially love the C-Bar wrapping around the assembly that takes it design cues from the original headlight while pushing that design to the limits. Every time you unlock your truck the LED DRL will put on a little light show. Morimoto has gone a step further with the XB LED Hybrid and swapped the halogen into the turn signal bulb while using LED power for both the high and the low beam. It’s paid off too with some of the brighter optics in the segment and an unmistakable style. The LED DRL C-Bar is also here and unlike the AlphaRex it wraps around the entire light without segmenting. We especially appreciate its dual intensity that is brighter in the day time and dims when your headlights come on to better emulate OEM headlights.

Full LED Headlight Assemblies Put Your Ford Super Duty On Top

You bought a Super Duty because you wanted the best and we think you deserve the best LED headlights too. The AlphaRex Nova Series uses a similar design as the Pro series but you won’t find any halogen bulbs inside. Combining Osram Oslon LED Chips with AlphaRexes patented Ice-Cube projector technology, these OCTO-Projector (yes, 8 projectors) headlights are seriously bright and still maintain that perfect OEM cutoff line. You’ll love the welcoming light show that the LED DRLs do when you hit the unlock button and the bright white color of the high and low beams. The Morimoto XB LED though has to be our favorite headlight for the 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty. Where Ford had to compromise at times in their design of the stock units, you can tell that Morimoto went all out on these. From the super-bright DRL/Sequential/Switchback LED light bar to the intense LED chips in the quad projectors, these headlights simply dominate the game. In our testing we found the XB LED to be 6 times, you read that right, SIX times brighter than stock headlights. There’s simply no comparison.

The Best Fog Light Assemblies For Ford F-250 & F-350

When you’re in dense fog or any other weather that limits visibility your fog lights become perhaps the most valuable part of your exterior lighting. Good fog lights provide noticeable contrast, a wide field of vision, and minimal glare. That’s what we’ve found for you in products from Baja Designs and Morimoto. Baja Designs is the company we all know and love. They’ve spent years torture testing their products on the world’s most extreme stage, off-road racing. Through that rigorous trial by fire system, they’ve created the Squadron Pro LED pods. Available with Clear Lenses or Amber Lenses, these 4-chip LED pods are rated at 4,900 lumens each. They come complete with all the brackets and wiring that you’ll need to get a professional-looking result and they don’t require you to cut and hack up your truck. Morimoto has crafted a custom set of XB LED Fog lights just for your Super Duty and we couldn’t be much more impressed. Instead of a custom bracket, these fog lights fit just like the factory ones did but with considerably more power and style. Inside each fog light is powered by 3 Nichia LED chips and focused by a proprietary Morimoto reflector design. With a clear and bright 5500k output they’ll create a wide beam pattern that illuminates the road from one side to the other. If you’d prefer a bit more contrast you can option them with Lamin-X yellow lens film too!

LED Bulbs Are A Quick And Easy Way To Boost Your Super Duty Lighting

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, LED Bulbs are lightyears ahead of where they were just a decade ago and it’s for that reason that we’re so comfortable recommending them today. At Headlight Revolution we understand wanting a super simple and quick way to boost lighting output and that’s why we love these LED Bulbs from S-V.4 and GTR Lighting. At GTR Lighting they do everything but that doesn’t mean that they’ve neglected their headlight technology. The Ultra 2 LED is one of the most powerful LED bulbs on the market and unlike so many of the cheapo ones out there that burn up in weeks or days, these are backed with a lifetime warranty. That doesn’t mean they’re not bright though. They’re rated at 3,900 lumens and we can assure you that in our testing they’ve met or beaten that number. You’ll love the clean cutoff line and unique design of this bulb too. S-V.4 has also built a Bi-LED Bulb for the Super Duty but they’ve also created a fog light bulb for it as well. The main structure of the bulb is aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum which sheds heat better than any other type. By combining it with an active double-ball bearing fan at the back of the assembly the S-V.4 is able to push more power to the LED itself resulting in the brightest output among its competitors. We also love that despite all the technology they’ve packed into this bulb that it remains small enough to fit into almost any headlight housing which says a ton about the meticulous design that went into it.

Equip Your Work Truck With LED Signal Lights That Work As Hard As You Do

No lighting upgrade is worthwhile if it doesn’t fully accomplish the job it was intended to do. That’s one reason that we balk at all the multi-led bulbs on the market that can’t seem to get such a simple thing as filling a signal light housing right. To remedy this problem we’ve rounded up the best signal lights in the business for your Ford Super Duty. Choose from turn signal LED bulbs, Cargo & 3rd brake light LEDs, Tail lights LEDs, LED Reverse lights, and more. Better yet, get them all and ensure that not only will you have a uniform brightness all around your truck but that everyone else on the road can see you. It’s not our fault if they all happen to be jealous of your ultra-modern LED lighting.

Don’t Shy Away From Adding Custom Lighting Options To Your Truck

Your Ford truck is a part of the family. It does everything including help you put food on the table. Isn’t time to treat it to a little custom lighting to set it apart from every other Super Duty? The Vision X grille integrated lightbar kit is one way to do just that. This machined and powder-coated aluminum grille is outfitted with 4 of the brightest CG2 LED Light Cannons that Vision X makes. 2 of them are tuned to be the brightest spotlight you’ll ever need while the other pair is built with flood reflectors inside so that you can see your entire field of vision easily. Want to go with something a bit more extreme? Opt for the XPR-9M light bar. This 19” inch light bar is equipped to turn darkness into daylight and will integrate perfectly with the squared-off design of your truck.