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The Best Headlight Bulbs Upgrades At Headlight Revolution

Let’s face it, Ford is building a complete package and so they can’t focus all of their resources on any one facet of that design. Thankfully companies like GTR Lighting, Xenon Depot, Morimoto, and others don’t have those constraints. They’re all building stunning LED bulbs that completely surpass anything in your truck currently. Let’s dig into just a few of the possibilities with this technology. When it comes to seeing your path we can all agree that performance is the metric we care most about. Morimoto agrees and that’s why they’ve crafted the 2Stroke 3.0 LED Headlight bulb. This ultra-modern LED bulb is perhaps the most advanced we’ve ever seen. We say that because the light surface itself takes up just 4.46 cubic millimeters. That’s important since emulating the original bulb’s light source is so vital when it comes to using the reflector technology properly. Large light sources might promise tons of lumens when in reality they can’t actually get light out of the housing since they’re not working with the reflector harmoniously. GTR Lighting actually brings two different options of LED headlight/fog light bulb to the Super Duty party. First, if you’re the kind of driver who knows they’re going into the roughest weather, the deepest mud, and the most extreme environments possible, take a gander at the CSP Mini. This LED is only small in name and footprint. It’s much brighter than stock and completely designed with your usage in mind. It’s built like a tank. They also build the Ultra 2 LED. This bulb also carries a lifetime warranty and it’s for the driver who wants the brightest bulb they can get. It leverages NLW753 LED Chips and a bearingless fan to provide the optimal power to cooling ratio. That means bright 3900-lumen optics for you and no worries about failure and faults. The S-V.4 is another excellent choice and easily one of our favorites here at Headlight Revolution. We’ve always been shocked at how bright and crisp this LED bulb is. Most bulbs lose their sharp cutoff line as they increase overall lux, but not the S-V.4. This bulb combines an ultra-compact footprint, a high-performance thermal management system, and a fully powered LED to produce the best all-around performer we’ve seen in the market.

Custom Built LED Assemblies For Your Super Duty

While we eagerly await the XB LED and Hybrid XB headlight assemblies from Morimoto they’ve released the XB LED License Plate lights and the XB LED Cargo Lights for your Ford truck. These are undoubtedly the best license plate lights on the market. Why license plate lights? We know that you work hard and your truck works hard with you. These are super tough and durable lights that enable you to work hard without worry that you’re going to garner the wrong attention when your stock lights fail. Who doesn’t want a brighter cargo light? Finding your stuff is so frustrating when you don’t have the lighting to do it but Morimoto has built a light completely tailored to your Ford truck. It’ll install easily and shine brightly with a 100% plug-n-play assembly. In addition, this light carries a 2-year warranty and a virtually infinite lifespan. We love it.

Upgrade Your Ford Pickup With HID Bulbs

If you’re already driving an HID powered pickup these options will give you better performance and the same if not better overall lifespan while also providing you the freedom to change the hue of your lights. If you have halogen bulbs and want to upgrade we carry complete kits to adapt your truck over to these super-powerful bulbs. Three of our favorite companies all build HID bulbs for the Super Duty series so let’s take a look at all three and the benefits they offer for your truck. Xenon Depot crafts its HID products with the same attention and detail that we’ve all come to love. The Philips Quartz glass is laser aligned into the base of the bulb to ensure a perfectly positioned light source. They also monitor power to the bulb in real-time to ensure no over or under-voltage situations that would shorten the lifespan of the assembly. They go so far as to provide two separate relay harnesses to ensure that should one fail for any reason it won’t cut out both lights. Hylux combined forces with Morimoto to create the Morimoto HID Kit and it shows. From the Praxair Metal Halidae Salts that produce vivid accurate colors to the 14 gauge stranded wire, it’s clear that Morimoto didn’t skimp on any materials here. That checks out too. The entire kit is fully covered under warranty for 5 years. There are very few companies willing to back an HID kit for that long. GTR Lighting uses Philips UV-resistant glass to ensure that its bulbs won’t fade, yellow, or haze like all those cheapo bulbs you find online. The entire kit is 100% plug-n-play and comes with one of the smallest ballast units you’ll ever see. These bulbs are bright too, they reach 100% power in just 9 seconds. The whole point of lighting is to see better for longer right? That’s what these GTR Lighting HID bulbs allow, easier driving at night with less strain and stress on you.