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Pushing The Jeep Brand Into New Territory

When the Renegade arrived it was even more divisive than the Cherokee and that’s exactly how Jeep wanted it. These vehicles weren’t bound by old tropes or tradition, they were about finding new trails that hadn’t been conquered. To do that on a real trail though you’ll want brighter and more effective lighting than you get in either the Cherokee or the Renegade. Regardless of which of these SUVs you have, we have the forward lighting upgrades you’ve been dreaming of. It also doesn’t make a difference whether your Jeep came with HID’s or halogen headlamps. We even carry the Renegade only J.W. Speaker 8700 2R. HID upgrades can be had from three of our favorite builders, Morimoto, GTR Lighting, and Xenon Depot. Halogen headlights can be ditched in favor of super bright and long-lasting LEDs from Morimoto, GTR Lighting, Xenon Depot, and S-V.4. Each of those LED and HID options can also be had and used as the fog light so you can go even further and get an extra punch of bright white light that will add contrast and safety to every drive no matter how bad the weather conditions get. The S-V.4 is so strong that it produces 2 or 3 times the brightness of other bulbs with 3,600 lumens of output. The XTR HID can be had in 4300k or 4800k hues so not only can you get brighter light, you can pick the perfect hue for you!

Sometimes The Way Forward Is To Check Your Surroundings

And the best way to accomplish that is with great lighting that compliments your already upgraded LED or HID headlights and fog lights. To that end, we offer signal, side marker, and tail lights from Morimoto, Xenon Depot, and GTR Lighting. The Morimoto X-VF turn signal bulb comes in white or amber to fit your needs and produces some 500 lumens. That’s nearly as much as some halogen headlights. The GTR Lighting Armor Series is another of our favorite LEDs and can be used for turn signals, side markers, or tail lights. In white, they produce around 750 lumens and look amazing even when they’re off. If you really want to make sure others see you at night though, the GTR Lighting Carbide LED Brake Light bulb is just too bright to miss. With an integrated Intelligent Temperature Control System or ITCS, this small bulb produces 1,200 lumens without the need for a fan or a traditional heat sink. In terms of adding safety to your ride, there are few things that make other drivers aware of you slowing down as well as these bulbs do.

Canbus Can’t Slow Us Down

If you’ve ever seen a Jeep rolling down the road with flickering or flashing LED lighting then you can be sure of one thing. Those lights simply can’t handle the Canbus electrical system that Jeep is using. It’s a problem we’ve seen time and time again and until recently the only solution was to run resistors or just avoid LEDs altogether. Now with modern technology every bulb we offer for the Renegade and the Cherokee either comes with built-in Canbus compatibility or with an external module dedicated to relieving Canbus issues. They accomplish this by providing the resistance that the Canbus system needs to see to operate without triggering a “bulb-out” warning or causing your lights to flash. Don’t settle for less, flickering LEDs are so 2010.

Backing Up Doesn’t Have To Be A Guessing Game

Your stock reverse lights are simply signal lights and that’s true of both the Renegade and the Cherokee. What that means in real terms is that they’re not there to help you as the driver at all. They’re simply installed to alert others to your intention of backing up. For us, at Headlight Revolution that’s not nearly good enough. We want to be able to see where we’re going and upgrading your reverse bulbs with LED bulbs is not only simple and fast, it’s a huge improvement in safety too. The GTR Carbide LED is 300% brighter than stock and completely changes the job that your reverse bulbs do. With these, it’s easy to navigate in reverse and assures that you’re avoiding obstacles in your path. The GTR Lighting Ultra Series is on a different level though. Without the need for a sharp cutoff line or the technology that might reduce the amount of light allowable, these bulbs produce 1,000 lumens each. That’s far more than you can probably imagine without seeing it for yourself so do yourself a favor and check out our youtube page where you can see exactly what it’s light to have headlight-like brightness in your reverse bulb position.