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Breaking New Ground With The Gladiator

As Jeep continues to expand and dominate the field of SUVs that are actually capable of getting into and out of an off-road excursion there was no doubt that a pickup had to be made. We Jeep fans have been clamoring for it for decades and finally, the Gladiator is here and it’s almost everything we had hoped it would be. The best part about it though is that like its Wrangler brother, it’s wildly modular and customizable so let’s take a deep dive into how you can customize the look and lighting of your Jeep Gladiator pickup. The first thing we do to our personal Gladiators is making them far more capable of lighting the way forward with brighter headlights and fog lights. The S-V.4 LED bulb is available for both your fog lights and headlights and offers the best combination of incredibly long-life and brighter than the competition lighting. In our testing, we saw it easily achieve the 3600-lumen claims and out-perform LED bulbs claiming much higher lumen counts. There’s simply nothing else like it. If you’re looking to swap headlight or fog light housings altogether then we have you covered as well with the Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 and XB LED fog lights for Jeep Gladiator. The Sealed7 is the same kind of light that they build for the Wrangler and offers all the same features. OEM-like adjustments that don’t require you to remove parts to get access to the adjuster screws, a brighter beam, and an OEM style cutoff line too. The Sealed7 even comes with the exact wiring needed to make installation truly plug-n-play in your Gladiator. XB LED Fog lights provide an ultra-modern look with improved lifespan, brightness, and a lower energy requirement. They’re the perfect addition to any Gladiator. Want to use one of the many headlight designs for the Wrangler JK? We offer the Morimoto adapter kit to allow for just that. These custom made brackets are designed to work perfectly in your Gladiator JT and allow for all the same benefits you would have with factory lighting still installed. They create a clean seal against the grille (more than we can say for the cheap options out there), and they open up the possibilities to totally tailor the look of your Jeep to your personal taste.

The Tale Of The Signal Light

So many drivers today throw some brighter headlights, fog lights, or even tail lights in their car and forget all about turn signals and reverse lights. While they might be underappreciated by them, we certainly won’t overlook how much better they can perform in terms of aesthetics and safety. The Gladiator is a great example of a vehicle that sees massive benefits from brighter turn signals. When you get the GTR Lighting Armor Series to install in your front turn signal positions you get a serious piece of technology. This small 7440/7443 LED bulb looks great even when it’s off but it’s when illuminated that it really impresses. Not only does it double as the DRL and the turn signal without any special wiring, but it’s super bright in both white and amber so other drivers will more easily see you coming and know where you’re going. Inside you’ll find 16 Samsung 2835 LED chips that when combined create a maximum output of 750 lumens. Keep in mind that many headlights claim a number lower than that and these are going to be in your turn signal housing. That’s one surefire way to alert other motorists around you. We haven’t forgotten about the back of your Gladiator though. The GTR Carbide Series 2.0 is our choice here as they offer a whopping 1200 lumen punch and install just as easily as the previous bulbs come out. They’ve been built to be the brightest and stay the brightest, unlike cheapo bulbs that simply burn bright and then burn out in no time. Equipped with the Intelligent Temperature Control System or ITCS, these smart LED bulbs are always monitoring temperatures in real-time to ensure they don’t burn out on you. So what we’re saying is that your tail lights will be brighter than ever, and you won’t be replacing them constantly. We love that reliable performance and we’re sure you will too. Want to see better when you’re backing up? The 1,000-lumen reverse lights from GTR Lighting are so bright that they scare animals and small children. Just take one look at the way the Ultra LED Reverse bulb is crafted and you’ll note that it looks far more like a headlight than a reverse light. We’d argue that it performs much like a headlight too but since it’s only aiming in reverse, it doesn’t have the same strict regulations that require it to restrain its ultimate abilities. If you’ve been looking for a way to see far better when you’re backing up there’s simply nothing available today like the GTR Lighting Ultra LED Reverse bulb. You’d have to actually wire up real headlight bulbs to come close. Or, just do what Vision X did with its off-road only reverse lights. Let’s dig into that segment.

Going Off-Road Has Never Been So Bright

Nobody likes to be stuck on the trail with crappy lighting or no lighting if it fails altogether. No matter how capable the Gladiator is, it can’t go much further into the wilderness when you can’t see where you’re going. To ensure that no night gets too dark, or any trail too dense, the folks from KC Hi-Lites and Vision X have already brought some awesome LED lighting options to market that are too powerful for anywhere but off-road. Like we said above, Vision X went super extreme with its off-road products for the Gladiator. First, they built a set of off-road only reverse lights with its Dura LED Floodlights. They’re a bolt-on upgrade with a massive 4,000-lumen output. They’ve got the front covered too with a killer A-Pillar kit and cowl mount kit that can fit 3.7-inch GC2 LED light cannons for a 4,500-lumen punch of light deep into the night per cannon. KC Hi-Lites offers its classic roof-mounted LED Xross-bar. This ultra modular bar allows for the use of so many amazing LED lighting options from KC. The Apollo Pro, the Apollo Sport, and Slimlite 6, and even Halogen lights can be added with this dapper light bar. Want to get really serious? Go with the KC Hi-Lites Pro6 Gravity LED bar. Equipped with GRD technology, these 6” LED lights are built to the same standard that all KC Hi-LItes off-road racers utilize around the globe today. 18,400 lumens is enough to shock pretty much anyone.