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WK2 Forward LED Lighting Upgrades

The WK2 is undoubtedly the best Grand Cherokee ever. It’s the most luxurious and capable Jeep to ever wear the Cherokee badge. Nevertheless, it has some performance valleys when it comes to forward lighting. The headlight bulbs are dim no matter if you’re talking about the high beam or the low beam and the fog lights don’t get any brighter. The turn signal bulbs are sketchy too with a dim old-school amber that barely seems to function. With GTR Lighting the front of your Grand Cherokee can be better than ever. To remedy the signal issues they offer the Carbide Series that uses Samsung 2835 LED chips to produce 1,200-lumens. That’s more than bright enough to alert drivers to your position but what we really love is how they completely fill the turn signal section of the housing with light. No more hot and cold spots, just a fully illuminated signal light. When it comes to seeing further into the night they also offer their own GTR Lighting HID kit. Both fitted for your fog lights, and headlights, these complete kits won’t leave you needing anything else to get brighter lights. When we say brighter we mean 5,000-lumens brighter. They’ll fit Grand Cherokees already equipped with HIDs or can be used to upgrade from the standard halogen headlights found in many WK2s. These kits also come with a perfectly matched GTR Lighting ballast that helps the HID bulb illuminate fully within just 9 seconds. It also has PWM or pulse width modulation integrated into the ballast so the issues that plague so many of the Canbus equipped world won’t slow you down. No flickering, no flashing, just super bright HID lighting for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you take a gander at our youtube video where we install all of these lights into a WK2 Grand Cherokee we’re sure you’ll be blown away by how much brighter these bulbs truly are. Even the fog lights could be mistaken for headlights, they’re just that bright. Want to go with LEDs instead? The Ultra 2 LED Fog Light bulb from GTR Lighting is one of our favorites and fits the Grand Cherokee fog light perfectly. Equipped with automotive-grade NLW753 chips, these bulbs are built to handle extreme punishment and still have the instant-on reliability associated with LEDs. They’re not dim either, pushing some 3,900-lumens from their light source.

Customizing Your Grand Cherokee With Profile Prism RGB LED Halos

There are millions of Jeeps running around the world today and while we love the Jeep community, it does make it really difficult to stand out as unique. Thankfully, Profile Prism has fixed that with its custom made RGB LED Halos for all Jeep Grand Cherokees. These ultra high-quality halos are tailored to each generation of the Grand Cherokee from the ZJ all the way up to the WK2. We’ve never seen a set of RGB halos that manage to make each and every color in the spectrum super bright and vibrant. White is clear and crisp, red is deep and passionate, blue is rich and inspiring, and all the other colors are just as impressive. Profile uses a phosphorous coating to ensure that you get a uniform color throughout the halo with no hot and cold spots. They also use a trio of micro-mounts on the back to ensure a truly seamless install that doesn’t have the cheap and tacky glue or wire holding halos up inside the housing. What’s more, is that Profile really treated these lights as though they needed to meet or exceed the standards of an OEM light. What that means for you as the end-user is that unlike the vast majority of RGB products out there, these aren’t going to be hard to use, hard to see, hard to install, and then fail within the first year. These SM-LED-based halos are built to last for 50,000 hours. That’s more than 6 years. Finally, control the entire setup from the palm of your hand. First-time RGB users will need a Bluetooth control module for the halos but they’re worth every penny as they allow Android and Apple users to switch colors at the press of a button. Set up custom light shows, brighten and dim the halos, and much much more.