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Boosting Off-Road Performance Even Further For Jeep Wrangler JK

Introduced in 2007, the Jeep Wrangler JK has helped to define the brand in a way few thought possible. Its unique combination of on and off-road capability puts it at the top of the SUV mountain literally. That’s not just talking either, aside from all models getting stability control, every Jeep JK comes with off-road-tuned ABS and Traction Control that leverages its electronic limited-slip differential. As mentioned above the only thing we really don’t love is how dim the lighting is. Headlight Revolution is all about empowering Jeep owners to get the kind of lighting that will not only match their vehicles’ off-road performance but will ultimately make you safer no matter how dark or difficult the trail is. Everything we sell we test. So when we recommend a particular light for your JK it’s because we know how it performs. We imagine that most of you use your Jeep to the fullest. You take it into the backcountry and want to be able to see the trail far ahead clearly and without eye strain. We know you want to have clear floodlighting too so that the edges of the trail aren’t a mystery. At the same time, when it’s finally time to stop and camp you need the best scene lighting available. All of that and more is what we offer here at Headlight Revolution with testing to back up these excellent lights.

Jeep Wrangler LED Headlight Assembly Upgrades

At the end of the day, we all care about one thing over all the rest and that’s how well our headlights actually perform. We want lighting that will take the stress off of us as we drive to and from the places we live, work, and play. That’s the standard we set when it comes to LED headlight options that we offer. Pick from Morimoto, Vision X, JW Speaker, KC Hi-Lites, and more. Do you know what that sounds like to us? You can’t lose. KC Hi-Lites for instance gives you the chance to run the same kind of lights that so many Dakar Rally champions have used to help them overcome the worst of terrain and the grueling torture test that off-road racing offers. You might not be jumping over sand dunes at 50mph or more but you’ll get the same lighting performance that the guys who do use. That’s invaluable and it’s why KC Hi-Lites has been the standard in off-roading lighting for some 40 years. J.W. Speaker offers a unique take on headlights. Every one of the multiple 7” Jeep-specific headlights that they’ve built not only looks fantastic but it’s American made and the build quality shows it. Installation is a breeze and isn’t that what we all want when we get new headlights? A simple, straightforward install and great optics. They’re always innovating too so you can be sure that the road ahead will be brighter than ever. The J3 EVO can be had with SmartHeat technology that keeps the lens free of snow and ice no matter how cold it gets. It also comes with J-Link, the new proprietary Bluetooth feature for complete control of your lighting with the use of your phone. It’s also the first Jeep headlight with turn signals built-in which opens up your turn signal position for brighter fog lights.

Headlight And Fog Light Bulbs

Want to have brighter headlights without swapping the entire headlight housing? The S-V.4 is built to perfectly fit the Jeep Wrangler wiring relay and it’ll completely change the game in terms of your forward lighting. In our documented tests above you’ll note the insane 385% increase in lighting compared to the stock low beam and the 300% increase compared to the high-beam. Those are certifiable numbers that make every drive at night easier on you and your eyes.

Functional Off-Road Auxiliary LED Lighting Performance

The results are all that matter when it comes to getting further on the trail than ever before. After all, nobody wants to be miles from civilization and have a complete failure of their cheapo LED lighting. Every LED product we offer is one that we would happily install on our own Jeeps or one that we’ve already been running. Baja Designs offers its OnX6+ and S8 LED lightbar built for their A-Pillar spot light system. These lights are simply too powerful for the road. Just imagine what nearly 40,000 lumens look like, it’s brighter than that. It also provides multiple patterns so you have both driving and floodlights covered in one compact and wildly powerful unit that won’t fail no matter how rough the conditions get. Options only grow from there so if you’re looking for something like a roof rack take a look at the full integrated LED packed M-Rack from KC Hi-Lites. If you need a hood-mounted LED we’ve got multiple options as well. If you’re not sure what you want to do with your JK give us a call and we can help you decide what’s best for you and your rig. Vision X has built another amazing A-Pillar option with its CG2 Cannon LED pods. These might look small but they pack some serious firepower. Each Cannon produces 2,500 lumens and will last for some 50,000 hours. If you’re all about subtle but powerful, the Vision X CG2 Cannon is the right light for you.

Reverse And Scene Lighting

Replacing your tail light assemblies has never been as easy as it is with the Morimoto XB LED taillights for Wrangler JK. These dapper units are brighter than stock but they’re also so much cooler looking. When it comes to the actual install we don’t expect they’ll take any more than 15 minutes. Many people forget the lights that they use when they’re backing up. Reverse lights can be the difference between hitting something and avoiding something. That’s one reason we love the GTR Lighting reverse bulbs. If you just want an upgrade that’s brighter and simple, go with the GTR Armor bulb. If you’re looking to light up the night the way that your headlights might go with the 1,000 lumens GTR Lighting Ultra Series reverse bulb. It’s other-worldly when it comes to actual light output. It’s so good in fact that we have seen it used for proper scene lighting as it can make putting up or taking down a campsite so much easier than it would be otherwise.