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New Jeep And New Unique LED Headlights

Just when you might think that there’s no way to reinvent the 7-inch LED headlight, Morimoto releases the Sealed7 2.0 headlight for the Wrangler JL. When it comes to how well we see on the road at night nothing beats a set of headlights that aren’t compromised at all and that’s what Morimoto capitalizes on. They don’t have to skimp on a single facet of their design and it shows through and through as we look at these lights. The Sealed7 2.0 is notorious for being bright but many people miss the incredible little details that make it one of the best lights for your Wrangler JL. Take for example the ABS plastic housing for the headlight and the bracket. While many would think that steel is a better material for the job they forget that with the tough ABS that Morimoto uses they manage to still be tough and strong, but they avoid the likelihood of rust that occurs with steel. So forget needing to check for that constantly every time you come out of poor weather conditions, these headlights are built for the long term. When it comes to actually seeing better at night, there’s no doubt that with some 3,000 lumens of lighting output on low-beam, these are dramatically brighter than stock. There’s no replacement for displacement right? And the Sealed7 2.0 demonstrates that with a dual-burn style high-beam that leverages both the high and low beam LEDs to provide up to 4,000 lumens to you whenever the night gets darkest. Want to stick with your stock headlight housing but still want to see a serious boost in performance? Take a look at the S-V.4. This LED headlight bulb is by far our favorite among the options currently available today. We’ve seen this bulb produce 2 and 3 times the brightness and usable output of stock bulbs while requiring less wattage and extending the lifespan of your headlights.

Adapting JK Aftermarket Headlights To The JK Successfully

As the JL came to market, one thing that owners didn’t like is that it changed the mounting and installation process of the historic round headlights up front. As a result, it’s taken a while for JL owners to have the freedom of choosing their own aftermarket headlights. The first products were these cheap brackets that would allow you to fit JK headlights into the JL but they were plastic and so poorly made that you couldn’t adjust the aim at all. Some companies have made improvements to those early designs but they still require you to remove the grille to make adjustments and oftentimes they don’t fill the headlight space completely. Thankfully that’s all changed today. Morimoto has built the best headlight adapter we’ve ever seen for the Jeep Wrangler JL and not only does it fill the entire headlight space properly, but it’s adjustable without removing a single part. That kind of factory adjustment feature and the exceptionally high build quality is found nowhere else in this space and we still haven’t mentioned the best part. Since you’re using the bracket to retrofit JK headlights into your JL you need a way to get power to those lights, right? Many of the cheap products out there come with sketchy wiring or no wiring at all. Morimoto provides OEM quality wiring that will perfectly adapt your JL wiring to the new headlight.

Foggies, Tail Lights, and Signal Lights For Jeep Wrangler JL

If you want stealthy but intense fog lights then we have you and your Jeep covered with the best products on the market today. Swap out your bulbs with the S-V.4 and get the most impressive LED bulbs we’ve ever seen or use the super-tough, trail-ready CSP Mini from GTR Lighting and get a big boost in performance without any moving parts or a driver to keep dry. Want to bump up performance with a complete assembly? You have some of the best companies in the business competing for your Jeep’s love. The KC Hi-Lites Gravity G4 LED fog light offers the same old-school cool classic good looks you love from KC with the new-school tech and lighting output that only modern LEDs can. Baja Designs brings the Squadron LED to the party with a complete kit to allow for a seamless install that provides a near 5000-lumen output with its legendary uService modularity. Vision X has perhaps the most aggressive-looking LED fog light option and that’s fitting since the CG2 LED Light Cannon produces more than 4,000 lumens from a compact and IP67 waterproof 3inch housing. Finally, Morimoto offers the super-futuristic XB LED fog light for the Wrangler JL. Its combination of aluminum and polycarb allows it to be strong and resilient while the trio of super-bright white Nichia LEDs offers better contrast and easier driving in foggy conditions. If you want to use JK fog lights then get the J.W. Speaker adapters that also install in minutes and open up your options. Completing the look of your Jeep requires fitting new LED signal lights and tail lights. To do that Morimoto offers the XB LED Turn Signal that installs in less than 15 minutes and makes it easier for everyone else on the road to see you clearly. They also build JL specific side markers that will perfectly match the XB Fog and Turn Signal assemblies. GTR Lighting offers its exceptional reverse lights that can be had in two flavors. First, a bump from stock is easy with the Armor Series but we recommend the Ultra Series. It’s so bright that it could put many headlights to shame and even be used as scene lighting in a pinch.

Auxiliary Off-Road LED Lighting

We know that you didn’t go out and spend the cash on the most advanced Wrangler in history only to keep it on the road so we’re proud to provide LED lighting solutions that will get you into and out of the wilderness safely. Diode Dynamics offers a sturdy and fully modular cowl-mount LED bracket that provides space for a full 7-inch driving light, a 6-inch LED light bar, or up to 3 LED pods. Diode Dynamics also has a killer bumper mounted LED light bar kit that comes with everything you need to install a stealthy SS30 light bar. Of course, Baja Designs offers a full S8 or Squadron LED cowl mounting option for the JL as well and they complement it with their own A-Pillar bracket that installs without cutting or trimming. Then there’s KC Hi-Lites, a company with decades of experience building the most robust off-road lighting in the world. A-Pillar lighting is so key on the trail and with KC you can choose from the more classically styled G34 LED but you can option the LZR LED, the Apollo Pro, Apollo Pro Sport, or even the Pro6. Whichever pattern and technology you prefer, your Jeep can have it. It doesn’t end there though. The M-Rack from KC is our favorite roof rack for the Wrangler JL because it covers all the bases without being bulky or difficult to handle. At only 25lbs it installs without the headaches caused by other options and it’s fully integrated with KC lighting. The sides each get their own flood light and the front can be outfitted with the KC Lightbar of your choice.