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Jeep Wrangler TJ

Imagine a world where off-road accessories and off-road accessibility was basically non-existent. That’s the kind of world we’d live in if not for the Jeep Wrangler TJ. After the YJ or “Yuppie Jeep”, the TJ returned to the beloved round headlight design we’re all so familiar with. Much like those headlights, the TJ cemented the formula for every Wrangler to come in terms of design and focus. The TJ had to be the best driving Jeep Wrangler ever while also being the best off-roading Jeep Wrangler ever when it came out and it achieved both attributes so well that even today these vehicles are holding their value incredibly well. Ultimately though they’re aging and as time goes on it becomes imperative to replace the stock lighting on these off-road warriors. Of course, as capable as they are, many want to add to that capability with more off-road focused lighting as well. Here at Headlight Revolution, we offer every lighting need you could possibly imagine for your Jeep Wrangler TJ. From headlights to tail lights to side markers, off-road LED light bars, scene lighting, floodlights, and more, we have it all.

Lighting The Road Ahead

Regardless of whether you want to change your headlights or fog lights, we all know that the central point of both is to keep you safer on the road. Nobody cares if your bulbs are 100x brighter than the competition if they only work every third Sunday. We’d all rather have a reliable dim bulb compared to a bright unreliable one when we’re driving at high speeds on public roads. Thankfully we don’t have to make that compromise anymore with the excellent options available from brands like Morimoto, GTR Lighting, and others. If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward way to brighten up your fog lamps then you have your choice between the Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 LED, the GTR Lighting CSP Mini, and the S-V.4. Each of these bulbs is a great option and will significantly improve the contrast and brightness in ways you can see clearly at night even in the worst of conditions. The 2Stroke is a foundational bulb for Morimoto and while it took a while to get to market, they clearly used that extra time wisely to build a great bulb. The CSP Mini is a bulletproof little light that is perfect for the Wrangler and its rough-and-tumble lifestyle. With no fan to get clogged by dirt and debris, it provides ultra-reliable LED brightness and longevity. Finally, the S-V.4 is the best of the best. With one of the smallest footprints in the game, it still manages to output some 3,600 lumens. That’s more than bright enough to take the place of your headlights should they ever fail. If you’re into HID we have you covered there too. Morimoto offers its Elite HID kit complete with everything you need to get some wild looking lighting for your rig. These bulbs are available anywhere from a soft 3000K hue all the way to a super crisp and bright 6000k hue. Then there’s the GTR Lighting Ultra HID kit, again, complete with everything you need. These bulbs are laser aligned into the housing base and reach full intensity in just 9 seconds after ignition. Combine that with their lifetime warranty and we’d say you’ve found a winner.

Complete Wrangler TJ Headlight Assemblies

Perhaps though you’re looking to swap the entire headlight assembly on your Jeep Wrangler TJ. That’s not a hard task to accomplish either thanks to the simple mounting nature of the 7-inch headlights and the fact that the aftermarket is rife with options in that size. Vision X makes multiple great full assembly options including a halogen replacement with advanced reflector technology that will provide 30% more light for under $140. Or step up into the LED future with full LED assemblies. These come in three colors, black, chrome, and black chrome. You even get HALO DRLs and two color options, amber or white. Choose wisely, or just do what you want, and don’t worry, they’re HALOs. They’re going to look cool no matter what color you pick. Not to be outdone, KC Hi-Lites offers its legendary Gravity LED Headlight. If there are two brands that go together better than KC and Jeep we don’t know what they are. The Gravity LED headlight perfectly integrates into the face of the Wrangler TJ in a way that makes it look just a touch above factory spec without going over the top. These assemblies resemble the factory design and reflector while leveraging powerful LEDs to provide a huge boost in terms of lighting performance. At more than 3,600 lumens the high beam on these things is seriously bright, and the 1,260-lumen low beam is more than twice as bright as stock. Morimoto brings a bevy of aftermarket LED options to the table for the Wrangler TJ but we’ll just focus on the Super7 modular headlight. This light fits the Jeep so well because it’s so customizable. Painting, etching lenses, and halos are all welcome additions to these bright and beautiful headlights.

Off-Roading Enthusiasts Rejoice

Since World War 2 no vehicle has been more responsible for getting Americans into and out of the deepest off-road trails and destinations than the Jeep. It’s proven that it’s capable and confidence-inspiring even when the ground underneath it isn’t solid or stable. Something that will imbue you with even more confidence is lighting so bright that it turns night into day. There’s no shortage of amazing options in this category so we’ll focus on two major manufacturers building some of the coolest off-road LED lights for the Wrangler TJ that we’ve seen. First, Vision X has been hard at work creating its new A-Pillar brackets featuring Optimus LED pods. These light cannons are aptly named. Each Optimus Square provides more than 2,100 lumens per pod. If you opt for the regular Optimus it’ll shoot out 5,000 lumens. That’s enough to easily illuminate the darkest nights. The other option that we love on the TJ is a couple of products from KC Hi-Lites. Choose between the 6-light or 8-light LED light bar that will sit atop your windshield and finish off the picture-perfect Jeep. Seriously, just take one look at the Pro6 Gravity LEDs on the top of the Jeep in the photo above and tell us that’s not what you want your Wrangler to look like.