35w HID Ballasts

AMP: Denso Slim


PART #: 2 x BL130

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Product Details

Lead Time: Please note that because these ballasts are hand-built to order, this may take up to an additional 8-10 business days to ship.

A Good Name: Denso has been around for decades building exceptional products and their Slim 35w HID Ballasts are one of the many that has gained them much of their fame. It’s incredibly reliable and it’s stood the test of time and advancing technology without missing a beat.

In House: Converted here in-house at Headlight Revolution with brand new "AMP" outputs - we give you the ability to use these awesome 35W HID ballasts with bulbs that they weren't originally designed for. Now, you can use them with any re-based HID bulb such as 9006, H1, H7, H11, etc.

OEM For A Reason: When you consider the vast array of vehicles that left their factory with Denso Slim HID Ballasts under the hood it’s easy to see why so many continue to go back to the well. We certainly can’t fault anyone who would prefer something so reliable and well known.

Conditions Something to consider about these HID Ballasts is that they were designed to be installed inside of a waterproof headlight housing so they’re not naturally waterproof themselves. With that in mind, if you’re not planning on installing them inside of a similarly stout assembly you’ll want to consider our optional Potting service that will ensure great performance no matter how wet they could get. NOTE: If you waterproof them yourself, the warranty is VOID!

Good Deal: These like-new ballasts are cleaned, tested and re-certified in house to ensure perfection functionality. We offer them for $200/pair including the custom outputs. Compare that to dealer list at around $450 each!

HR Tested: Here at Headlight Revolution, we spend a lot of time installing and testing the products you’ll find for sale. We don’t favor any particular brand, so our commitment to you is that we’ll deliver the best product for your application, period. To see all of the compatible lighting upgrades for your vehicle, use the "buyers guide" on our homepage! Be sure to check out the HR YouTube channel for hundreds of helpful install and review videos!

Product Specs

  • What's Included

  • BALLASTS: 2x AMP-Converted Denso Slim 35W

  • INPUT WIRING: 2x 9006 Male Input Adapters

  • WARRANTY: 1 Year (void if moisture damage)

  • Compatibility

  • TOYOTA / LEXUS PART: DDLT002 85967-50020 031100-0170

  • HID BULBS: Any with 'AMP' style inputs

  • HARNESSES: All with '9006' female outputs

  • VEHICLES: All with 12V Electrical systems

  • Tech Specs

  • OUTPUT WATTAGE: 35W +/- 1%



  • MAX OUTPUT: 25KV on Ignition

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