GTR Armor Series

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Armor Series Looks Good Both On And Off

The black-chrome outer shell is what makes the Armor Series stand out among its peers when you lay them out next to one another. That’s the first thing we noticed here at Headlight Revolution as we were preparing to test them. It really does set the precedent for what these small but mighty bulbs are capable of. Many of our customers have lighting assemblies that allow clear sight of the bulb itself in the housing and they want a bulb that’s attractive. These are perfect for them since these bulbs have that signature Armor Series design that’s instantly recognizable. These bulbs aren’t all about “show” though, when it’s time to light up the night they have a whole lot of “go” too.

One Of The Brightest GTR Lighting Makes

We love GTR Lighting and many of their products stand out in the best way but the Armor Series is amazing because despite its small stature it’s one of the brightest whites produced by any of their bulbs. They produce 750 lumens which are more than bright enough to act as fog lights but just imagine what these look like as brake lights or signal lights. To accomplish that level of brightness GTR Lighting leverages Samsung 2835 SMD LED chips at the heart of the Armor Series. The shape of the housing then uses those light rays to create a clear and crisp 165-degree beam pattern. There’s simply no mistaking them and keep in mind that the gorgeous black-chrome outer shell isn’t all for looks. It serves as a functional heat sink that has proven its ability to keep the Armor Series cool throughout multiple environments and heat cycles. This is a bulb that can light the way for many years to come without failure or malfunction.

The Armor Series Is Available In Multiple Colors

We know that you want perfectly matching brightness and hues all around your vehicle. After all, there’s nothing that looks worse than a super bright tail light on one side and then a dim bulb on the other. Armor Series comes in enough sizes and colors to fulfill the needs of every exterior bulb space on most vehicles aside from the headlights. That means that you can get bright white bulbs for your fog lights or reverse lights. Just imagine how easy it will be to back up with fog light levels of illumination behind your vehicle. Amber Armor Series bulbs can be installed in side marker positions and turn signal indicators. The Red Armor Series is perfect for brake lights and tail lights. It’ll light up the night brightly while and other drivers will be able to see you more clearly. Finally, the Switchback bulbs in the Armor Series provide the perfect DRL solution that can run in bright white until the turn signal is activated. They’ll turn bright amber in color until the signal is canceled when they’ll return to white for properly functioning and much brighter DRLs. Fitting your vehicle with the complete Armor Series will provide super bright and super reliable LED lighting that will perfectly match too.

Flickering Is For The Past

Have you ever seen a person with flickering LED lights? Oftentimes what’s happening is that the vehicle uses a pulsed voltage to feed those lights. LEDs don’t handle pulsed voltage very well and will create that flickering effect when they encounter such power. With the Armor Series GTR Lighting built in a Constant Current Driver. This allows the bulb to actually meter the amount of power getting to the LED itself and ensure that it’s a constant flow as opposed to spikes and valleys. Tl:dr You won’t ever have to worry about flickering LED bulbs with the Armor Series. They’ve been specifically designed to cancel that possibility.

Armor Series Provides Easy Installation

What’s so hard about just unplugging a bulb and then plugging another one in? Well as you may know, in these smaller sized bulbs there are often extra requirements to consider. Does your circuitry require a CK bulb? Perhaps it’s a non-CK stye. What if your vehicle uses a SACK style circuit. With the Armor Series, you don’t need to pick a bulb based on your vehicle’s circuit type. They’re designed to fit and function with all of them. That means that for anyone who wants to install the Armor Series all they need to know is the original bulb size. 3156, 9005, etc.