XenonDepot XTR C-Series

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Upgrade Without Compromising Lifespan

There’s no denying that when LED bulbs first came on the scene they had a reputation for melting and failing in a fraction of the time that a conventional bulb would last. What’s amazing is that even today a vast array of cheap bulbs on the market today are just as poorly made and they fail just as often. Well, consider the future much brighter because the experts at XD have shown the rest of the field how it should be done. To ensure that its products were far above reproach Xenon Depot built the XTR C-Series out of expensive ceramic. That means that unless your vehicle ends up in a bath of thermite, these bulbs won’t fail or melt at all. If you’ve been looking for a real LED upgrade from original bulbs in your accessory and signal lighting then the XTR C-Series is a perfect gateway into the segment. These bulbs aren’t shockingly bright but that’s not what they’re designed to be. They’re going to create a far more luxurious and even lighting experience than your old bulbs.

Building An Accurate And Well Designed Bulb

One of the reasons you don’t see other companies building bulbs from ceramic is that it’s costly. While resisting heat is great for the LED application it makes it much more difficult to work with. Xenon Depot still goes the extra mile with the XTR C-Series by inserting the LED driver, circuitry, and optic mounts all into the ceramic assembly with laser precision. This creates a seamless transference of heat to the ceramic and away from the heat source. Also, note the fins at the top of the XTR C-Series. These provide more than enough surface area for the heat to be completely shed from the bulb itself so that it can continue functioning at full power. To maximize lighting output the conical shape of the reflector has been tuned to perfectly transmit the light from the source to the assembly. So unlike cheaper bulbs, you’ll find these won’t have the same hot and cold spots that look terrible. Let’s not forget that these are 100 plug-n-play. Simply remove your old bulb, click these into place, and no matter what angle they’ve been installed at, they’ll shine brightly.


Because these are an upgrade in terms of both color and brightness over stock halogen signal lights we suggest matching them as you go so if possible, don’t replace just one at a time. It’ll look truly funky. To ensure you have the color and hue you need for your project the XTR C-Series comes in white, amber, and red so pick the color you need or grab a set of all three and just get the luxurious look of LED all around in one day. Sadly, hyper flash is a thing that those of us that run LEDs have to deal with from time to time. To that end, we have heard of some XTR C-Series customers experiencing this annoying but easily fixable problem. We highly suggest our optional LED load resistors. They will ensure a trouble-free lighting experience. If you’re not sure if you need them we still suggest getting them because it’s no fun to get these epic bulbs and then realize that you’re one of the unlucky few to suffer from hyper flash.