XenonDepot Xtreme VF

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Manufacturing An Accurate LED Bulb

We’re starting with one of the most fascinating parts of the XTR VFs design, its rotating collar. Most bulbs in this space have a very unique and specific tab system that allows them to slot into the housing before being twisted and locked into place. Let us explain why that’s so vital. The original incandescent bulb has a filament that’s constantly emitting light in all directions no matter how it’s slotted into the housing. LEDs though need to be specifically installed into the right position if they’re going to mimic the same effects. The problem is that there is no universal agreement on how a bulb needs to slot into the housing, so different vehicles set their bulbs at different angles making it much harder to find an LED upgrade that will actually illuminate the housing properly. Xenon Depot works around this problem by creating a fully rotating collar with set screws that can act as the tabs did on the original bulb. That means that no matter what type of interaction your bulb and housing have, the XTR VF can perfectly match it. So regardless of if your ride is an old classic car or a new school 1-ton pickup truck these signal LEDs will fit and look incredible.

What Is VF?

VF Stands for Virtual Filament and in this case, it’s a totally unique way to tackle the problem of emulating one type of light source for another. In fact, it’s a term and an idea that many companies have attempted to leverage but none have come close to using it in this way. Most have LEDs at the same position as the old filament and that’s not all bad. It’s much better than the companies who don’t even care to thoughtfully place the LED on their bulbs. Still, the XTR VF is in a league of its own. Instead of using an array of LEDs at the location of the previous filament, Xenon Depot has placed a reflector at the top of the bulb. Deep inside the bulb itself is where you’ll find the high-quality CREE XQ-E LEDs that are sending light to that reflector. It allows that reflector to channel light rays through it and to the target better than anything we’ve ever seen before. Even dual filament bulbs can be replaced by the XTR VF without losing the focal point or accuracy.

Colorful And Capable Lighting Output

Upgrading your turn signals, brake lights, or DRLs could have been overlooked in the past but the XTR VF is just too good to ignore. Available in white, red, amber, and switchback these bulbs can be had in whichever color best fits your personal application. White, the brightest of the four provides nearly 1,000 lumens while the red, amber, and switchback have output numbers of 564, 564, and 732 respectively. That’s far more than any stock turn signal and nearly as much as some headlights. Keep in mind too that while you might see claims of far larger lumen ratings, the point of the XTR VF LED is to provide long-lasting and super bright optics in one package. To that end, the assembly has been built from aluminum to provide the best conduit for channeling heat away from the bulb itself. The driver is completely separate from the bulb further aiding in overall performance by allowing the bulb to run hotter without overheating.

True Switchback Functionality

Until now if you had a vehicle that used a single bulb to emit both white DRLs and amber turn signals you were stuck without a good aftermarket LED option. While you could choose amber LEDs that would be brighter, it would be at the cost of losing your factory DRLs completely. Xenon Depot has solved this problem too. The XTR VF switchback bulb can be paired with the optional T-DRL module for that same factory behavior with brighter white and amber than before. It’ll shine a bright white while in DRL mode and then swap to amber for signaling events before returning to white when canceled.

The Bottom Line

Combining features like the rotating and perfectly locking collar with the first truly virtual filament shows the commitment and dedication that Xenon Depot has to push the LED lighting space to another level. It’s rare that we see major advancements like these and to see the two of them together has really impressed us. They both do a great job of making the XTR VF stand apart from the rest of the competition in the field.