Diode Dynamics

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    The Engineering Difference

    If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself right? That’s the motto that Paul McCain and his company Diode Dynamics took on when they started in house design and manufacturing in 2014. Since then we’ve seen the American-made lineup improve in design, material quality, and overall output. The SL1 continues that tradition and is more than 200% brighter than factory halogen bulbs. Of all the bulbs that we sell here at Headlight Revolution, it’s hard to think of another one that has a better build quality than the SL1. From the outer shell to the wiring, the PCB, and the LEDs themselves, everything you see in the SL1/SLF is up to or above OEM standards. That was the goal of Diode Dynamics from day one, be as good if not better than the OEM products out there and they stand behind these bulbs with a 3-year warranty.

    No Unwanted Police Attention

    Both the SL1 LED fog light bulbs and SLF LED fog light bulbs are street legal in all 50-states. That means that they meet the standards set forth to have a well-focused and accurate hotspot while not producing dangerous glare for other drivers. The only way to do that with the SL1 that creates 1,650 lumens is to use a technology called “Ray Tracing”. This advanced computer simulation provides the team at Diode Dynamics with the exact path of the light rays being emitted from the LED. With that information, they can then aim the light so that it creates that perfect crisp cutoff line and wide beam pattern that eases tension and strain on your eyes and keeps the glare out of the equation.

    Size Matters

    It’s amazing how many LED light bulbs on the market need their own zip code. The SL1/SLF is nothing like those big bulbs, it uses a small Sunon micro mini fan to expel heat from the LED. As heat is generated it flows through the thermal phase-change interface material and towards the rear heatsink fins that the fan is actively cooling. Since the SL1 manages all that cooling without the need for a giant fan, it can easily fit into any application. We’ve yet to find a housing it can’t manage to fit inside of and we’ve never seen one that required any cutting, hacking, or otherwise modifying. The SL1 simply plugs in where the old bulb comes out, truly 100% plug-n-play.

    True Yellow

    If you’ve ever wondered what those with yellow fog lights are on about we’ll tell you. Yellow light is exceptional at creating more contrast in dense fog and other poor weather conditions. Because of that, you’ll find yellow fog lamps as standard equipment on some cars. With that in mind, we really love that the folks over at Diode Dynamics offer the SL1 and SLF in yellow. What’s more impressive though is how they do it. Most yellow illuminating bulbs on the market today use coatings on the outside portion of the bulb or lens to create a yellow light. The problem with that is that the light source is often white or bluish. So when the colors combine you don’t get yellow, you get a dingy green. Diode Dynamics uses true automotive grade high-powered yellow LEDs so they don’t need a covering or tinting, the LED is already producing a bright crisp yellow, to begin with.

    Built To Last

    Many bulbs we test have fans and heatsinks like the SL1 but very few can actually stand up to the rigors of everyday usage. First of all, they have Boost Mode circuitry inside, so where many LEDs can fail prematurely because of the uneven electrical load that many modern vehicles place on the fog lights, SL1s can modulate that power and provide it to the LED safely. By leveraging the same technologies like Boost Mode found in many OEM applications, Diode Dynamics eliminates the need for CANBUS adapters in most cases. In addition, they’ve tested these bulbs in the most extreme conditions you could ever face. Want to go to the arctic with the SL1? No problem, they’ve held their brightness all the way down to 40 below 0. Want to go to death valley and play around in the desert? These bulbs can also handle up to 185 degrees. There’s nowhere they won’t light up the path ahead.