GTR Lighting CSP Mini

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The Light Source Is Key

It’s been said that you can’t win a game at the beginning but you can lose it. If you’ve seen the video linked above you’ll know that the lighting source used can completely ruin a light bulb before we ever consider other factors like reliability and aim. That’s one thing that the CSP Mini absolutely nails. Regardless of whether you’ll be getting a single beam version or one of the dual-beam variants, the CSP Mini creates a perfect 2,500 lumen light source with the use of its high-quality Philips Z ES chips. If you’ve ever seen bulbs with 3,4, or even more sides to them don’t be fooled into thinking they’ll produce more light. Not only do they usually have huge gaps between the light sources, but typically they’re just spraying light all over the inside of the housing. The result is a headlight assembly that looks bright but sometimes provides even less light on the road than when you started. Anyone can throw a bunch of big or chunky LED chips on a bulb and then light them up, it’s getting them out onto the road surface, and keeping them running for years that are the hard parts. Let’s dig into how the CSP Mini accomplishes both of those tasks.

Accurate Aim Is Paramount

Using the right LED chips is a great start but it’s all for nothing if the position of those chips is incorrect. Here at Headlight Revolution, we test bulbs all the time that can’t manage to get this pillar of lighting design right. To ensure the right position of the light source CSP Mini LED headlight bulbs are built to the same precise specifications in terms of sizing as the bulbs they’re replacing. The fully adjustable collar of the CSP Mini means that you can clock the LEDs to get that perfect horizontal aim that will maximize their stunning 6000k color temperature output. While most other LEDs we’ve tested aren’t nearly as bright as the CSP Mini, the few cheapo ones that we’ve found that are brighter are just spraying light all over the target. The CSP Mini provides a clear and crisp beam pattern which reduces strain on your eyes and glare on the eyes of oncoming motorists.

Staying Cool Under Pressure

Heat management is the only way to ensure a long-lasting LED bulb. We’ve seen other bulbs that are similar to the CSP Mini actually burn themselves up in less than 2 hours because they’re quite simply not up to the task of staying cool. The CSP Mini avoids overheating in two main ways. First, they use the finned heatsink you see at the base to shed heat from the LED quickly and efficiently. Second, they’re designed to only transmit as much power to the LED chip itself as needed to achieve that 2,500-lumen rating. Why not just push as much power as is possible? By limiting power the CSP Mini can maintain that high-performance output without the need for a fan or another heat shedding technology. You might ask why they don’t just go ahead and use a fan to keep things cooler and push the power higher. Fans are great for shedding heat that’s true, but they can be problematic in two ways. First, some of them cause interference and noise for the electrical system. Second, if you’re an off-roading enthusiast or drive somewhere that debris could get to your lighting then you risk the fan being clogged or stopped which would, in turn, ruin your LED lights. By designing the CSP Mini without a fan, GTR Lighting avoids both of these issues and adds another feature we love, ease of installation.

Fitment Isn’t An Issue With CSP MINI

Some LED lights we’ve seen have bases that are so big that they can’t fit in any modern headlight assembly. The CSP Mini is perfect for any application though because the base is small and compact. Without the need for a fan or other heat sink technology, the CSP Mini can fit anywhere that your original halogen bulbs did. Watching the video above you can see Chris easily replace the high and low beam bulbs on a couple of different assemblies. One is that of a notoriously tight Toyota 4Runner and it takes him about 2 seconds flat to go from the old-school dim halogen to the super bright 6000K light of the CSP Mini. In addition, because of the way the Mini is designed there’s no need for a driver or additional wiring relays to get them up and running. Some CSP Mini’s will come with one small 6-inch section of wiring for vehicles that use reverse polarity. If your vehicle is one such application then simply using the additional wiring between the CSP Mini and your factory harness will allow it to operate just as it would in any other application.