Morimoto 2Stroke

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2Stroke 2.0

Philips Lumileds Z ES Chips are at the heart of this fantastic LED bulb. By using such a compact yet powerful chip Morimoto was able to save space on the overall footprint of the bulb and thus, fit more easily in more applications. Take a good long look around the LED lighting market and you’ll notice that the 2Stroke 2.0 is one of the smallest actively cooled LED bulbs out there. Since the light source is in the exact same spot as the original halogen filament the reflector can direct the light accurately onto the road. The small stature also contributes to keeping the bulb cool and bright regardless of external conditions. To aid in heat extraction the 2.0 radiator housing uses 6061 aluminum instead of cheap plastic or zinc alloys. The 2Stroke 2.0 was the first bulb in the LED segment that we really felt was a safe and reliable fog light option when everything else on the market was too dim to rely on. Quite simply, the 2Stroke 2.0 set the bar until it was raised by the 3.0.

2Stroke 3.0

Remember when cell phones were the size of large bricks? Well LED bulbs weren’t much smaller for a long time but with the 2Stroke 3.0, we’ve officially entered the stage in time when LED lighting can be so small that it changes the rules for the market moving forward. The LED light source at the heart of the 3.0 takes up just 4.46 millimeters of volume, not area, volume. That’s key for many reasons. First, the original filament that was in your headlight is incredibly small and no matter what came before, LED chips that took up more area were in effect wasting light because it wasn’t being emitted from the same point in space as the reflector was designed for. Thanks to the 2Stroke 3.0, the game is officially changed. If your housing has an off-center bulb fitment the 3.0 handles that easily with its 360-degree rotating collar. There are no wasted light rays from this 2Stroke LED, just a wildly efficient and bright 5700k light that’s rated at 1,860 lumens per bulb.

Keeping The LED Cool

Both of these bulbs keep size to a minimum but that’s not easy for any LED. It requires extremely tight tolerances and micro-engineering on a level that most companies can’t compete with. The small fan inside the base of the 2Stroke 3.0 spins at 12,000 RPM but a fast speed isn’t the only important factor. The intake and exhaust portion are tailored in such a way that hot air is easily moved away from the LED and cool air replaces it. By designing the fan as an internal part of the assembly Morimoto was able to keep the unit cooler and at the same time ensure that it’s completely safe from external elements. One interesting fact that many forget about is that by actively cooling the fan this way and moving the warmer air into the housing, the lens itself is warmed up and can resist freezing ice and snow better. That’s what you’re buying when you buy a Morimoto product, something that’s been painstakingly crafted and thoughtfully designed to work for years after it’s installed. It doesn’t end with the light source and the fan though, the installation process is just as well thought out.

It’s The Details That Matter

There’s no industry standard for how halogen bulbs should fit into the housing. When it comes to halogen it doesn’t matter, but with LED bulbs each diode must be pointed very accurately at 9-o-clock and 3-o-clock respectively. To ensure a perfect install all 2Stroke LED bulbs have a fully clockable bulb but there’s more to the story. Many variants of the 3.0 also leverage a tension spring that helps the bulb stay centered inside the housing. We’ve seen too many get the horizontal aspect of the fitment right but the bulb itself is aimed a bit left or right inside the housing. With the integrated tension spring that will never happen.

The Best Beam Quality Ever

We sincerely believe that there may not be another beam pattern on the market today that’s as crisp, clear, and bright as the 2Stroke 3.0. Part of that success is due to the level of attention to detail that the 3.0 has received. Morimoto needed special tools to check for quality assurance as the 3.0 was being developed and no such tools existed. So they created QA tools just for the 2Stroke 3.0. That’s how invested they are in making sure that these bulbs are as perfect as they can be before being shipped off to customers. We saw a similar commitment to quality before the 2.0 arrived and it’s great to see that stepped up to another even more impressive level. We see that detailed design throughout the entire unit. Even the TechFlex mesh is present to ensure that the wiring is protected and frankly, it looks awesome too. There are many LED bulbs on the market today but we struggle to find any that can say they beat the 2Stroke 3.0 in any category.