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Optical Focus

The beam pattern of the S-V.4 is probably the best one out there. Let’s consider why we say that. First of all, take a gander around the web at the beam pattern of cheap LEDs or knock-off S-V.4s. They’re spraying light all over the place including the ditch and the sky. Maybe they’re trying to signal a superhero to come and save them from bad lighting. The simple fact is that to achieve a good beam pattern you can’t use LEDs that simply illuminate brightly if they’re not designed to work with the reflector in the headlight housing. When you see LEDs with bubbles over the top, tri-sided, and quad-sided reflectors you can be sure that they’re wasting massive amounts of light by just making the interior of the headlight housing bright. The S-V.4 beam pattern is OEM quality but much brighter. 3,600 lumens brighter to be exact. It can achieve that by leveraging the most advanced manufacturing processes to position the LED light source in the same point in space that the old-school filament would’ve filled. With that ultra-precise fitment, the S-V.4 sends light waves into the reflector at the perfect angle to end up on the road where you need it and not where you don’t, like the sky or a ditch.

External Driver and Cooling Efficiency

One feature of the S-V.4 you’ll notice right away is the external driver attached to the bulb. All LED bulbs require a driver but many actually incorporate it into the bulb assembly itself. While that works well for bulbs that aren’t intended to be wildly bright like the CSP Mini, it doesn’t work well for the vast majority of LED bulbs on the market that purport to be able to provide bright and safe forward lighting. This is because by combining the driver and LED into a singular assembly manufacturers are increasing the need for active cooling since both create lots of heat on their own and even more when in close proximity. The S-V.4 avoids the problem altogether by placing the driver far enough away from the LED itself that both components are able to be kept cool and running in optimal conditions. Both parts have incorporated the highest quality 6063 aluminum which sheds heat exceptionally well. The LED bulb itself uses a mag-lev high-revolution fan to actively cool the bulb itself regardless of how hot conditions might get. That means that the bulb itself can be run at a high power-rating which in turn creates more light and a brighter hot spot. Put these features together and you get a reliable LED bulb that allows you to drive easier at night with less strain on your eyes and no glare at all.

PWM and Canbus Is Covered

One more cool feature of the S-V.4 external driver is that it comes with PWM and Canbus compatibility built-in from the factory. What that means for you is that regardless of the type of vehicle you’re piloting, you don’t need to worry about these bulbs flickering or flashing like many cheap LED bulbs on the market today. You can even take full advantage by lowering the voltage and dimming the light to whatever brightness you’d like thanks to the inclusion of this technology.

Small Size And Compact Design

You’ve heard us talk about how valuable a small overall size is to creating a successful aftermarket LED bulb but the S-V.4 goes the extra mile. Almost every variant of the bulb has a mounting depth of just 20-25mm. That’s the size of a dime from top to bottom. We’ve seen other bulbs that manage to do that but they can’t produce the light that the S-V.4 does. They can’t stay as cool as the S-V.4 does. And they can’t last as long as the S-V.4 does. Even the size of the cooling fan is as small as it can be to keep things cool. At only 39mm it’s tiny enough to stand out from the rest and still do its job. Take a look at the cooling fins that serve as heat sinks and air channels that assist the fan passively. Everything about the S-V.4 has been maximized to provide the best lighting possible.

True Yellow

The yellow S-V.4 bulbs provide a whole new level of visibility in poor conditions and weather. If you’ve ever wondered why so many people go with yellow fog lights take a look at the way it creates incredible contrast in fog and poor weather. That makes you safer and less stressed in such conditions and the best part is this; you don’t lose any of the brightness. These bad boys still manage to produce 3,600 lumens and cast the same crisp beam pattern while living the same resilient life that the 6,000K bright white bulbs do.