XenonDepot CMB

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Truly Color-Matched

The CMB bulb comes in 5000k and 6000k versions. 5000k will result in a super crisp and bright white while opting for 6000k will give users the shimmering light blue hues associated with many high-end applications today. Regardless of which one you need, they both come in at 800 lumens. They’ll perfectly match HID headlights and LED headlights. In the video posted above, you’ll note how they achieve the right hue while meeting or exceeding the stock lighting. If your goal is to match colors then the CMB is an excellent solution. They work great in fog light or DRL positions so don’t fret if you need one or the other. Note: They are not to be used as low or high-beams. They aren’t tuned to either of those applications.

Precision Lighting

So many knockoff LED lights use the spray and pray method when it comes to output. The Xenon Depot CMB is the exact opposite. The light it emits gets to the path ahead with a gentle hotspot and excellent left to right coverage. To do this, Xenon Depot precision fitted the undomed Philips Lumileds emitters in the IEC-compliant bases. So scattered and wasted light won’t be a problem for those with the CMB. Here at Headlight Revolution, that’s exactly the kind of attention to detail that we love.

Durable and Rugged

Take note of the small size of the CMB. If you’re an offroad enthusiast you’ll appreciate how compact it is. It’s a defining trait and means you can take the bulb into the harshest of conditions without worry. Where many LED bulbs require a fan to actively cool the assembly, the CMB only draws 8 watts so no fan is required. In addition, it uses the factory plug with power and ground and nothing more. These two features combine to provide a serious durable package that can stand up to the worst weather, wetness, and shock without failure. Finally, since the base is the same size as its halogen counterparts it doesn’t need the extra room and space of bigger bulkier bulbs that barely fit.

100% Plug-N-Play

Since CMB bulbs are designed with Fog and DRL lighting in mind it’s easy to fit their smaller LED assembly in the same space where your previous lights were. Installation couldn’t get easier if we tried. Simply unplug your old bulb and insert the CMB LED. No drivers, fans, or relays to add. These are truly plug-n-play.