XenonDepot Xtreme LED Pro

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Heat Shedding And Space

One of the first things many people notice about the Xtreme LED Pro is the lack of a fan. While many bulbs today use fans that don’t hamper their performance there’s no getting around the fact that no matter how good a fan might be, they can break, and if they do the light will fail. Xenon Depot gets around this issue by using an aluminum alloy leaf heatsink to provide more than ample cooling to the LED. Unlike old-school ribbon heatsinks, these leaves won’t crack and break as time goes on. In addition, they’re bendable, allowing you to form them into whatever shape you need them to take on with your application. Finally, let’s consider those of us that love off-roading. What happens when dust, debris, or water gets into the fan of most LED lights? They fail completely. Thanks to the design here that’s a problem for the past. In addition, because there’s no fan, most Xtreme LED Pro bulbs easily fit within the factory headlight assembly so well that dust covers and other weatherproofing measures can continue to be used without altercation. In our in-house testing, we saw how the Xtreme LED Pro fit with all of its included wiring and driver in an extremely tight Toyota 4Runner headlight housing, that’s something most other LEDs can’t come close to.

Sniper Caliber Accuracy

Getting light rays from the Light Emitting Diode to the target accurately and efficiently is the key to good lighting. To accomplish this Xenon Depot attacked the problem from several angles. First, they engineered the Xtreme LED Pro to be precisely the same size as the factory halogen bulb. That means that the source is in the same spot. Next, they used 3 super-tightly mounted Lumiled Z ES chips on each side of the head in an undomed configuration for a clean and consistent beam pattern that doesn’t have cold spots. Finally, they’ve made the light head clockable as you can see with the clearly marked degrees on the base. So for those of us with headlights that need to have the source point adjusted we’re completely covered here.

Install Ease And Problem Free

We’ve already talked about how easy it is to install the Xtreme LED Pro into the housing of your vehicle and even to clock the light source to the perfect setting but what we haven’t covered is the connectors. Xtreme LED Pro bulbs come with the wiring you need for your application so that there’s no cutting, splicing, or wiring needed to get them up and running. No electrician’s license needed. Furthermore where we’ve seen so many of our customers frustrated that the vast majority of LED headlights only run at full power. Why wouldn’t you want that some might ask? Today, many manufacturers use something called pulse width management to use their high beams as the DRL by simply sending much less power to the light. So when someone decides that they want to improve the light in the vehicle they own and they install aftermarket LEDs, users get flickering instead of a clear consistent DRL. Quite simply, the LED isn’t designed to be run at anything less than full power so it flickers. To combat that, Xenon Depot has created a custom relay that allows the Xtreme LED Pro to be run at just 30% of its capacity. Now you can have properly functioning DRLs and exceptionally bright high beams without having to sacrifice one or the other.