Alpharex Headlights

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Add An Aggressive Look Easily With AlphaRex Pro Headlight Assemblies

Let’s face it, it’s tough to find a high-quality headlight assembly that will dramatically change the way your truck looks when you’re on a budget. That’s the reason we love the AlphaRex Pro Series. This complete headlight assembly leverages much of the same technology that AlphaRex uses for the LUXX and NOVA series while dramatically lowering the barrier to entry. To accomplish that, they continue to use a halogen bulb as the main light source for your low and high beams. However, don’t think that they won’t be brighter. AlphaRex has spent countless hours crafting a more precise reflector so that more light ends up on your target as opposed to scattered inside the housing. In addition, we love that you still get the ultra-bright LED turn signal. While we can’t really say that it has a true dual-brightness LED DRL, it mimics the general behavior fairly well and we love the sequential nature of the LED turn signal. Notice too that throughout the AlphaRex family of lighting, the style of the Pro Series turns the drama up considerably over the stock headlight design. Nobody will mistake your truck for having stock headlights in it ever again no matter if they’re inside the cabin, or outside of it.

Headlight Revolution Presents The AlphaRex LUXX Series

Giving customers a choice to bump up into a more featureful light is something that really only AlphaRex provides. We’ve seen so many companies come and go but only the LUXX Series has found that sweet spot between power and performance that many of you are looking for. Most of the LUXX Series features a switchback LED DRL and a sequential LED turn signal to boot. You’ll also love the LED light activation feature that illuminates in a choreographed way each and every time you approach and unlock your rig. At the heart of the LUXX you’ll find LED projectors for both the high and low beams. These headlights use Osram Oslon LED chips that are well known for being intensely bright and exceptionally reliable. It’s this kind of commitment to high-quality materials that makes AlphaRex a brand that we’re happy to promote here at Headlight Revolution.

Get The Best AlphaRex Has To Offer With NOVA Series Headlights

There’s nothing on the market like the NOVA Series. Sure, other companies like Morimoto, KC Hi-Lites, and Vision X are outstanding, but the Ice Cube projectors in the NOVA Series really stand out as totally unique. While most every other headlight in the world using a projector requires a shroud to encapsulate the lens, these are specifically designed to work without one. That means that they create a totally one-of-a-kind visual impact that you can’t get anywhere else. In terms of overall performance, we’ve got to say, these crush most everything else on the market. When we tested them in a Ford F-150 we found that the low beam was 210% brighter than stock and where normally the high beam wouldn’t be as big of a bump, it was bigger, at 338% brighter! That’s insane performance that’s backed up by real data. In fact, it actually edged out the Morimoto XB just barely. The beam pattern is crystal clear and exceptionally far-reaching. That might have been the biggest takeaway from our testing too. If you’re concerned with what’s in front of you, the AlphaRex NOVA Series provides the furthest look into the road ahead that we’ve found in an LED headlight assembly.

Customize Your Trucks Look With The Color That Suits You

We all know that at the end of the day getting the color that matches your rig the best is actually really important. In the past, we would even go to the trouble of tearing apart our headlight housings with tools just to get access to the interior so that we could paint them. That meant hours of work and frustrating things like glue to get the job done. Thanks to AlphaRex you don’t have to go that far anymore. Choose from any one of three distinct color choices across the entire lineup of AlphaRex headlight assemblies. If your rig will look best with Chrome, then you’ll be impressed with the quality finish here that won’t flake off and fall apart. For those that want a classy black piano-like finish, the Jet Black provides exactly that. It makes it much easier to see the immense detail that AlphaRex poured into the overall design of the headlight. Still, others will want that all-black Vader type of look and AlphaRex provides that too. No matter what will look best on your truck, you can get it from the factory ready to install. 100% plug-n-play. We love it.