KC Hilites Sealed Beam

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KC Hi-Lites Gravity LED Headlights

Perhaps the only off-road icon that’s older than KC Hi-Lites is the Jeep Wrangler, and these two heavyweights are united with the Gravity LED 7-inch H4 headlight. These 40W headlights are the perfect way for you to keep that classic look on your Jeep without having to suffice with classic lighting performance. The Gravity LED is 100% DOT compliant, is IP68 rated, and produces a consistent and bright 5000k color temperature to replace your old sealed-beam units. One of the most impressive features of this LED headlight is that it performs on the same level as other options without losing that incredible clean KC style. Raw light output is insane thanks to the CREE LEDs, rated at more than 1,200 lumens from the low beam and 3,600 from the high beam. When it comes to usable light, the Gravity takes advantage of KC Hi-Lites proprietary GRD technology to create a beam distance of over 400 meters on low and 557 on the high beam.

Headlight Revolution The Source For KC Hi-Lites Halogen

Old-school sealed-beam headlights use halogen bulbs and these too doo but that’s where the similarities end. KC Hi-Lites continues to push the envelope when it comes to halogen performance lighting with these. Offered at a much lower price point, these headlights create more than 1,100 lumens in their low beam setting and then pump that up to nearly 1,700 when you flip on the high beams. These DOT approved headlights produce the maximum allowable candlepower by leveraging 55W/60W H4 bulbs in concert with a CAD optimized reflector surface that puts your lighting on the road. Keep in mind too that these are 100% plug-n-play for your H4 equipped Jeep. You’ll love the rubber seals that keep dirt, dust, and debris out of your lighting components no matter how far into the wilderness you take your rig. That’s just a small part of the incredibly high-quality package that makes up this light.

Quality Materials At The Heart Of KC Hi-Lites

Creating the best LED, HID, and Halogen lights for extreme off-road use requires not only that they’re exceptionally bright, but also that they’re exceedingly robust. To achieve both objectives KC has gathered top-quality materials that can stand up to a heavy workload without slacking off. Take a look at the tough aluminum alloy that’s paired with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens. It’s sealed so tightly that it’s IP69 rated to ensure that the only thing inside your light is the light source and reflector. Sealed beam headlights have never been this tough and this bright. The lens is UV resistant, so unlike cheap knock-offs, these won’t fade and yellow in the harsh light of the sun. At the heart of LED options, you’ll find CREE LEDs which are widely accepted to be one of the best available options on the market today because they’re reliable without sacrificing performance. Even when we dig down into the tiny details of the wiring, grommets, and seals, KC Hi-Lites goes above and beyond the competition to ensure that you never lose your lighting on their watch.


Gravity Reflective Diode Technology or GRD is a KC Hi-Lites exclusive feature developed roughly 2 years ago. As LEDs have become more and more prevalent around the automotive space, KC saw the need to optimize their use while other brands have settled for as little as just 15% light efficiency. To hit its mark, KC designed GRD and uses it to perfection in these sealed beam units. To start your lighting off on the right foot, GRD technology uses a special multi-lateral LED that is precision aimed to produce a consistent and powerful beam. Because GRD produces such a reliable light source, KC can fashion its industry-leading reflector to take full advantage of the extra brightness. Many other brands actually produce more wasted, scattered, or completely undirected light than they do usable light that reaches its target. KC wouldn’t settle for that and neither should you.

GPO Lens Technology

As KC Hi-Lites began to integrate GRD Technology into its lighting, it became clear that a new lens would be a major boost to lighting brightness and clarity. Gravity Projector Optic or GPO was born. GPO is all about taking that exceptionally accurate and bright beam produced with GRD and then further enhancing it with a lens that not only sharpens the beam pattern but ensures that brightness is uniform. Like the average projector lens that tends to have a single hot spot near the top of the cutoff line, KC Hi-Lites with GRD and GPO technology create a large, evenly lit beam pattern so that your eyes aren’t having to adjust and readjust to different brightnesses. Instead of having one small spot of bright light, the entire area ahead is more easily visible thanks to intense light that still maintains its super sharp cutoff lines. At Headlight Revolution we’ve seen every combination of parts that one could put together and it’s clear that KC has built something truly unique and innovative with GPO and GRD.