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A Whole New Look For Your Jeep Wrangler With Vision X LED Headlights

Jeep is a bold company that manages to push technology forward in the off-road space, unlike any other company. One part of the design that is often compromised is the lighting though and Vision X is here to fix that. They’ve crafted one of the most advanced 7-inch Wrangler headlights we’ve ever seen. The VX Series headlight for the Jeep Wrangler isn’t just bright, it’s a total package that will impress anyone who sees it perform. As we look at the outer shell you’ll notice the aluminum die-cast housing and the tough polycarb lens that combined, provide an IP68 weatherproof rating. Inside you’ll find the same IRIS technology that VIsion X uses for its world-famous XPR LED Lightbar. These conical reflectors are patented technology that provides a perfect blend of distance and floodlighting when you hit the high beams. Overall these lights come in at over 4,200 lumens per headlight. You’ll also see that the XPR is mimicked in the way Vision X provides an LED halo around the outside of the 7-inch headlight. The VX series comes in both chrome and black finishes and can be had individually or as a set. Our Jeep specific kit comes with the correct wiring harness you’ll need to make the installation process a seamless one. Perhaps one of our favorite features of the VX series is that because it’s so similar in design to the XPR and to other Vision X products, it pairs perfectly with them. Get matching fog lights, scene lights, or the XPR lightbar and transform the way that your Wrangler looks and the way it performs when the sun goes down.

Add Powerful Modern LED Lighting To Your Classic Or Custom Car With Headlight Revolution

No matter if you’re driving a 57’ Chevy, a 32’ Ford, a 69’ Charger, or any other classic car, the one thing none of us want is classically dim lighting. To fix that problem, the experts at Vision X have created a 4x6 LED headlight and a 5.75-inch round LED headlight to fit the largest cross-section of classic cars, trucks, and SUVs as well as custom and kit cars out there. Both feature an outstanding build quality that we’ll dive into shortly but before we get there, let’s talk about the optics. On the 4x6 model, the feature that we love most is the insanely bright high beam that leverages the IRIS style reflectors beneath the low beam light source to send a punch of super bright light far down the road. The low beam optics are outstandingly wide as well so ensure you can see the whole road surface. Moving over the 5.75-inch round LED headlight you’ll note how similar it is in design to the larger 7-inch variant. What makes this the perfect upgrade for your project car is that because of its different finish options you can perfectly tailor it to your taste. Want a classic look? Chrome is the perfect answer. How about something striking that makes it clear to others that your build isn’t purely stock, the black version is a great choice. All Vision X LED lights pair exceptionally well with other VIsion X products like the XPR Lightbar and pod lights and they all come with an LED halo that serves as the DRL.

Commercial Grade Materials Compose Vision X Headlight Assemblies

As a company based here in the USA, you can be completely certain that the build quality of these lights is second to none. Still, at Headlight Revolution, we think it’s important that you know about the details that give Vision X that distinction. For example, where other companies might opt for an inexpensive plastic housing and a thin lens, Vision X doesn’t settle for any less than lightweight but tough aluminum combined with a tough shatter-resistant polycarbonate that’s UV resistant as well. While other companies might use a lower-tiered HighBeam optic, Vision X uses its world-renowned IRIS reflectors combined with another proprietary technology called PrimeDrive to deliver super bright and reliable lighting far down the road. We can’t tell you how many headlights that also use 10watt LEDs and don’t look half as bright. That’s because only the best companies out there, like Vision X are going the extra mile to ensure that they’re getting the light where it belongs, on the road. The way Vision X gives incredible attention to detail shows through down to the wiring that it uses. Combine that craftsmanship with the insanely bright and reliable lighting and it’s easy to see why you’ll find Vision X products in a number of commercial applications. From over-the-road truckers to NASA equipped vehicles, Vision X has it covered.