4RUNNER (03-09)

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Rock Up To The Car Meet With Profile Prism Fitted LED RGB Halos

Turning heads in your 4Runner is easy with these incredible LED RGB Halos from Profile Prism. We’ve tested tons of halos, hated the install process on most, and seen even more that are falling apart inside the headlight housing of the vehicles they’re intended to improve. Profile Prism Halos are the bar that all the others need to be measured to. When we say that it’s because some of us at Headlight Revolution rock these exact RGB LED Halos in our own 4Runners. You’ll love how uniform and bright they are. The entire halo is bathed in the color of your choice and won’t have hot and cold spots that you see on so many others. Speaking of control, these are 100% controllable via your phone or tablet. Choose from the Profile Prism Pilot or the Morimoto XBT Bluetooth controller. They both work well but the Morimoto is a better choice if you’re planning to use more RGB elements since it can support that out of the box. Mounting these halos is a breeze too. Behind each of the 4 rings, you’ll find 3 micro mounts. These are super strong and they allow you to secure the halo with even pressure to your headlight housing without the need for messy glues or epoxies.

Don’t Be Stuck With Dim Headlights When LED Bulbs Exist

There’s simply no reason to be driving your 4Runner with old dim halogen bulbs when Headlight Revolution can hook you up with the best LED headlight bulbs in the business and when you can be sure they’ll work well since we’ve tested them in the same type of 4Runner you’re driving. There are two fantastic options we recommend that will instantly transform your 4Runner into a modern-looking vehicle with lighting that performs better than brand new trucks on the market today. First, for those who don’t off-road but simply want the maximum performance possible we really can’t say enough about how much easier driving is with the GTR Lighting Ultra 2.0 LED. This bulb is always capable of contending with the best in the business and that’s still true here. GTR was the first company to use automotive-grade LED chips in headlights and these are rated at some 3,900 lumens. That’s not just brighter than stock, that’s about 3 times brighter than stock. In addition, these bulbs come with a lifetime warranty so in essence, you could buy these bulbs and then never need another set.

Xenon Depot Is Your Friend If Your Toyota Likes To Get Dirty

If you know that you’re going into dusty dirty places though we can’t say enough about the Xenon Depot Xtreme LED Pro. It’s available for both your high and low beam as well as your fog light and it’s the perfect choice for those who want LED brightness but worry about clogging up a fan-cooled unit with dust and debris. First, these LED bulbs are passively cooled. Not only does that mean that they’ll fit more easily but it means that no matter how much dust, debris, or dirt you might get on them that they’ll never fail. Some cheapo bulbs with fans also produce electrical feedback that you can hear in the cabin, with passive cooling that’s not a factor either. Also, take notice of the exacting measurements on the head of the bulb that allow you to perfectly clock these to get the maximum output on your 4Runner. If you’ve never held a set of these let us tell you that the attention to detail and the high-quality materials are noticeable instantly. At the heart of the Xtreme LED Pro, you’ll find a trio of Z ES LED Chips on each side of the board. These are tightly placed together and emulate the original filament position brilliantly. Watch our YouTube video above and notice that once Chris gets these installed in the 4Runner we’re testing that they’re more than 4x times brighter than stock and they still maintain the super-sharp beam pattern they need to so that they can remain compliant and safe for oncoming traffic.

Don’t Forget Your Signals

One side effect of working here at Headlight Revolution is that we notice cars on the road all the time that are rocking some of the best lighting that we carry but still use an old dim halogen turn signal bulb. In fact, many of you are dialed in enough that you probably notice it too! Don’t be that guy or gal! With the Carbide Series from GTR Lighting, nobody needs to run around town with turn signals that are dim. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Carbide Series, aside from its brightness which we’ll get it in a moment, is the fact that they’re Canbus compatible out of the box. That means that unlike a ton of other LED bulbs on the market today, you don’t need anything else at all to keep these from hyper flashing. There’s space in your 4Runner for resistors that other bulbs require but why deal with a cheaper bulb when you can get these, install them and just be finished? They’re so much brighter than stock too. Each bulb is multi-faceted with LEDs around the entire unit and that produces a lot of light. 1,200 lumens of light to be exact. Where the old bulb could barely make enough light to let you know it was working, this one will actually get the attention of other motorists on the road with you.