4RUNNER (10-13)

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Go Forth And See Where You’re Going Easier With LED Headlight Bulbs

Forward lighting is the name of the game here at Headlight Revolution and no matter how cool off-road LEDs or special products like LED rock lights can be we all agree that seeing where you’re going when on the road is the most important aspect of driving. It’s with that in mind that we carefully crafted this selection of the best forward lighting options for your Toyota 4Runner. One of our favorite companies, Morimoto, has created the 2Stroke 3.0 just for the 4Runner housing. This is one of the most innovative and impressive LED bulbs on the market hands down. Rated at 2,600-lumens it’s among the brightest of the bunch but what truly impresses us is that it’s not just bright, it’s robust. This small bulb packs so much technology inside that it’s shocking. Instead of the same old-school fan design that you’ve seen on every high LED-powered bulb, Morimoto went back to the drawing board in its Californian design studio and flipped the fan on its side. What this allows them to do is circulate cool air from outside of the headlight housing to the LED inside the housing and then pull it back out for the next batch of cool air to enter. Not only does this keep the bulb operating at the highest power possible without compromising reliability but it has the added effect of warming the headlight lens itself. In turn, if you drive in an area where ice and snow can sometimes accumulate, the 2Stroke 3.0 helps to de-ice your headlights any time it’s turned on. Pair them with the XB LED tail lights made for the 4Runner and you’ll have an SUV that stands out in any crowd. These tail light assemblies are just as tough as your Toyota and use LED lighting throughout. They mount up to the factory mounting points and the wiring is built to be 100% plug-n-play as well. There’s no reason not to complete your build with these beautiful high-performance tail lights.

With Headlight Revolution, Backing Up Your 4Runner Has Never Been So Easy

Every one of us has had the experience of trying to back out of parking space, parallel parking or trying to maneuver our SUV into the perfect position to hook up to a trailer without really being able to see what the heck we’re doing. Well, we’re about to make you wonder why you waited so long to get the incredible benefits of LED performance reverse lighting. First, if swapping bulbs and calling it a day is what you’re planning to do then we can’t recommend the GTR Lighting Ultra LED Reverse bulb any more highly. Inside you’ll find 9 Seoul CSP LED Chips that are combined to achieve a rating of 1,000-lumens. That’s 2-4 times brighter than many stock halogen headlights folks. It truly is that intense too. If we didn’t have the XRP LED lightbar, then this would be the pinnacle of reverse lighting options for the 4Runner. 54 CREE LED chips come together to make the Xenon Depot XTR LP Reverse lightbar the easiest and most powerful way to ensure you always see what’s behind you. With basic handtools, most people can install this on their 4Runner within an hour or less of unboxing. No cutting, drilling, or complex wiring needed. Simply bolt this bar on just above your license plate with the same screws and then use the wiring relay to tap into the positive and negative wires feeding your existing reverse bulbs. It really is that easy and you can watch our man Chris tackle it in the video above.

Add A Luxury Feel And More Light To Your 4Runner In Minutes

One thing we all love is feeling special and one trick that luxury automakers employ to make their customers feel special is LED interior lighting. There are a few reasons they do this. First, it’s instantly on and requires no time to illuminate giving you the feeling of a light that was just waiting for you to enter the vehicle. In addition, it can be brighter while also providing a more pleasing and softer light that fills the vehicle and actually helps you see better. Finally, it’s available in more hues so you can complement an interior with a more crisp color than old-school bulbs are capable of. Now, you can get that same special lighting in your Toyota. When was the last time you turned on your map lights and wondered why they even put them there if they were going to be so dim? We know it’s happened to many of you and that’s another great reason to look at the options from GTR Lighting. From their low profile bulb that is twice as bright as stock to their 10-chip LED bulb, they offer 3 different performance grades for this one location so that you can get the brightness you want. Want to add a splash of color? GTR Lighting interior bulbs can be had in different colors to suit your needs. There are many bulbs you use each time you get in and out of your car that you might not even think of. GTR Lighting provides super-reliable LED options for your vanity mirror lights, puddle lights, door lights, luggage compartment lights, and more!