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Morimoto Sets The Bar Higher Than Ever For LED Lighting On The 4Runner

Why do you want brighter headlights? Safety? Cool-factor? Less strain while driving? More reliability? The XB LEDs from Morimoto tackle every one of those facets of design and then some. We’ve touted the high benchmark that Morimoto has set for years when it comes to LED and HID lighting but when people see how these perform we don’t have to say anything else. Clearly, the folks at the Morimoto Headquarters in California must love the 4Runner as much as we do because they’ve built a complete package for the SUV with LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights all custom-tailored to fit like factory. In our video above we break down everything that the XB LED headlights are capable of and just how easy they are to get working properly but if you’re in a place where watching a video is out of the question let us tell you a bit about them. Notice the design features that clearly take inspiration from the original units but with a much more advanced finish. The housing itself is built with the same high-quality OEM+ materials you’d expect including a tough ABS plastic rear half mated to a UV-resistant polycarbonate lens that won’t yellow or haze up. Inside you’ll find a trio of LED projector Kuria optic lenses that produce more than twice the light as the stock assembly. Both the low and high beam provides that kind of boost and each still keeps the same beam pattern as stock, it’s just that now, you can actually see it. The LED DRL is built with sequential turn signal capability and features a super cool light show each time you unlock the vehicle.

Get The Newest Look On The Market With AlphaRex LED Headlights

The latest player in the LED headlight game is AlphaRex and they’re just downright impressive for a company that hadn’t released anything for the 4Runner before this. They’ve actually created 3 completely unique headlight assemblies for the SUV too so you can pick the right features or pricepoint that fits your goals. At the base level, you get the Pro Series which features LEDs throughout that are wrapped around your stock halogen headlight bulb which is used as the primary light source. The benefit here is that not only do you get much brighter LED DRLs and turn signals but the overall price point is much lower than other options. In addition, should you want to upgrade your headlight bulb with an LED option you can still do that. In the middle of the pack, you’ll find the LUXX Series that bumps the headlight optic up to Bi-LED power and uses a similar reflector to the Pro Series but obviously a much brighter overall light source. Another major benefit over the Pro Series is that since the entire assembly is already fitted with the LED optics, the installation is super quick and painless with no need to swap bulbs from one to the other. Finally, the NOVA Series is truly something to behold. AlphaRex uses a proprietary projector that they call the Ice-Cube and with the NOVA you get 4 of them. All four illuminate when using the high beam and the three outer projectors are used for the low-beam. The super sharp LED optics for the DRL and turn signal are among the most aggressive on the market and they match the personality of the 4Runner perfectly.

Headlight Revolution Supplies The Best Off-Road LED Lighting Available

When the road runs out and it’s time to see what your 4Runner can do, don’t be slowed down or stopped by poor visibility. Off-roading can be dangerous and that danger only increases when you can’t clearly see where you’re at and where you’re going. Tools like the Grille mounted KC Hi-Lites LED Lightbar take the guesswork out of what’s on the trail ahead with optics so bright that they’d frighten bigfoot. Built to stealthily fit behind your 4Runner grille, this bespoke kit isn’t some universal rig that you’ll be cutting and hacking your SUV to get installed. This IP67 waterproof light is rated at over 10,000 lumens and across the 20-inch span features two distinct beam patterns. Get a long throw and maximum distance with a 12-degree pattern and see everything from one edge of the trail to the other with a wide 30-degree pattern. Of course, you could go with the Pro6 Gravity setup and get the benefits from one of KC Hi-Lites most classic designs situated in the same spot but this time in front of your grille. In this case, you’ll get 5 of their 6-inch LED lights that feature GRD technology to keep them operating at their full power and brightness. Pair it with the KC Hi-Lites M-Rack for the most extreme look possible. This roof rack is far more than meets the eye. Not only is is tailored to the 4Runner, but it’s built so meticulously that it feels like it had the attention of every single employee at KC. It’s super strong but weighs only 25lbs. It’s super sleek so it doesn’t create a ton of wind noise or kill your fuel mileage. It’s versatile too and able to be modified when you need it to. Finally, it’s available with KCs C-Series Area/Floodlights built into each side of the rack and the Pro6 Gravity LED light bar on the front. With this single modification, you can take your 4Runner from run-of-the-mill, to talk of the trail.