TACOMA (05-15)

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The Best Headlight Bulb You Can Get At Headlight Revolution For Your Tacoma

Don’t forget that really the whole point of any forward lighting is to make you safer on the road and that’s exactly what the Ultra 2.0 LED from GTR Lighting does. Not only is the cutoff line equal to if not sharper than the stock bulb but the overall brightness roughly 3 times more than stock. That’s thanks to NLW753 LED chips, the first automotive-grade LED chip to be used on this sort of application. They truly went further than anyone had before when they created these bulbs. Installation is as easy as it could possibly get. Not only will this bulb fit in the headlight housing exactly how the old stock bulb did, but the wiring is 100% plug-n-play as well. Don’t fall for all those cheapo bulbs out there that require you to cut and hack up your wiring to get them barely functioning. The Ultra 2.0 is resilient too. It’s built with a bearingless mag-lev fan in the base that actively cools the LED assembly to ensure that it never burns out on you. It also has an external driver to further eliminate any chance at overheating. That driver features a super small footprint so you can put it anywhere without it being a chore.

Change Your Tacoma Headlight Assemblies And Attitude Easily

AlphaRex has completely blown us away with its full line of new LED headlight assemblies for the Tacoma. Choose from one of three different tiers, each of which is a huge boost over stock. Their first offering is the Pro Series. This halogen-based assembly surrounds the main light source with LEDs. Those LEDs serve not only as the super bright white DRL but also as an amber switchback turn signal. You can even upgrade your halogen headlight bulb with an LED if you want the full effect with the Pro Series. If your goal is to get that without the additional bulb then perhaps the LUXX Series is right for you. Take that same LED package from the Pro Series and add in LED reflector headlight optics. We love the activation sequence light show that happens every time the truck is unlocked. Finally, the NOVA Series combines all that technology and then upgrades the LED optics to take full advantage of projector technology. In fact, you’ll notice 4 separate projectors on the NOVA that completely shatter the expectations that most people have. These have similar brightness and clarity as the Morimoto XB and that’s high praise for this smaller company that’s just beginning to break through on the automotive LED scene. When it comes to installation all three of these excellent headlight assemblies are 100% plug-n-play. That means that you don’t need the electrician’s license other cheapo products seem to require of you. These will plug right in where you unplug your factory lights. Something else we appreciate is that they take full advantage of the factory mounting points so there’s no need to cut, hack, or trim your truck at all to get these to fit. They’ll slide in easily and completely change the attitude and styling of your truck.

Take Style To The Professional Level With Headlight Revolution

Headlight Revolution has always helped you push the limits of what’s possible when it comes to retrofitting your headlights and we’re proud to continue that tradition with custom HID kits and Profile Prism RGB Halos. Each of these products is custom-fitted to your Tacoma and allows you to not just change the attitude of your truck, but to create a unique one-of-a-kind style all your own. Our HID kits come complete with everything you’ll need to successfully banish your current dim halogens to the bin forever. Choose from Bi-Xenon or Bi-LED projectors. Included in the kit you’ll find Morimoto projectors, a Morimoto ballast, and all the wiring you’ll need too. While these will come with standard projector shrouds there is a myriad that can fit should you be into it. We even offer custom etching of your lens to provide just that added bespoke touch for your Toyota. Complement your new HIDs or get the Profile Prism RGB LED Halos on their own for an even more dramatic change. These robust and bright halos are the best we’ve found in every aspect. They’re rated for 50,000 hours or in other words, more than 6 years of continuous usage. They’re built with a phosphoric coating inside to provide a perfectly even brightness throughout the halo itself. You’ll also love that when it comes to installing these, they don’t require clunky products that barely keep them in place. Behind each Profile Prism Halo, you’ll find 3 micro mounts that securely hold the assembly exactly where you put it.

Go Further Offroad Than Ever Before In Your Tacoma

At the end of the road where the trail begins, there’s something that calls to each of us asking how far we’re willing to go. Unlike the road, the terrain never runs out and sometimes the only thing stopping us is the vehicle we choose to adventure with. Now, with the help of Vision X, KC Hi-Lites, and Headlight Revolution, your Tacoma can go further than ever before. The folks over at Vision X have crafted one of the most advanced grille-mounted LED light bars we’ve ever seen and it’s incredibly powerful in either of two guises. First, there’s the classic XPR9-M Lightbar you see above. With two distinct light beam patterns, this bar is mainly focused on long-distance sight for high-speed maneuvering without the need to slow down. The throw on this light is rated at over 1,300 feet. Then there’s the CG2 LED Light Cannon option which is another of our favorites because while it gives up a little in distance it picks it back up in floodlight capability and frankly it just looks even more badass. Those 4 big bright LEDs stand out and make it clear that you and your Toyota are geared up and ready for anything. They also match the KC Hi-Lites Pro6 Gravity 8-light LED lightbar brilliantly. This classic design never gets old and internally it’s continued to evolve and improve since we first saw this form factor from KC some 40 years ago. The GRD technology baked in is something only KC has managed to accomplish and it shows in how far and how brightly these lights shine. Just take a look at some of the accompanying photos and you’ll see what we mean.