TACOMA (95-04)

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Your Tacoma Headlights Don’t Need To Fade Away

There’s just no way to avoid the degradation that happens to your halogen headlight bulbs over time. Of course many folks just replace them with whatever they can find that will fit at their local parts store but we want to offer you more. We want to advance your headlight performance far beyond what Toyota was even capable of when your truck was new. In 1995 when the Tacoma was formally released automotive LED technology was fledgling to say the very least. Today, things couldn’t be more different. Morimoto is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the 2Stroke 3.0 LED headlight bulb. Custom fitted to your Tacoma, this 1,700+ lumen rated bulb is going to plug right in like it came from Toyota. It’ll fit your headlight assembly easily and the external driver can be mounted anywhere thanks to its small footprint. GTR Lighting has also been working hard and it shows in its Ultra 2.0 LED. With a maximum lumen rating over 3,800 it’s clearly quite bright but it’s what’s inside that’s really impressive. The entire internal circuitry is 100% waterproof so there’s no worrying about your lighting when the weather turns on you. We know you’ll also love the lifetime warranty. It’s probably the only thing that can outlast your truck. Still, some folks like to stick with factory OEM brands and that’s why we carry the Philips X-Treme Ultinon LED. Rated at a bright clean 6000k hue, these bulbs provide a clear advantage over halogen. Philips has developed two systems for cooling these bulbs. Air Flux passively evacuates heat while Air Cool uses a fan to actively support maximum lighting output. Keeping things cool doesn’t just let your LEDs burn brighter, it allows them to be ultra-reliable. Burn bright, don’t burn out.

Long Live Your Tacoma With Long Lasting LED Signal Bulbs

Don’t be stuck in a rut that leaves your Toyota in the past with old halogen bulbs that are dim and pointless. Really, those dim bulbs can be a safety hazard and an opperational issue for your truck as well. In the video above we feature a Tacoma that’s used as a plow truck and it needed much brighter reverse lights. We accomplished that with one simple solution called the Ultra LED Reverse light bulb from GTR Lighting. Unlike the vast majority of bulbs out there for reverse housings that are simply signal lights to let others know that you’re backing up, these bulbs are built to help you see what you’re about to back into. They’re rated at 1,000-lumens. That’s bright enough to put practically every stock halogen HEADLIGHT bulb to shame. Sometimes we forget that our signal lights are vital tools in keeping us safer on the road. If they’re dim then other drivers on the road won’t be able to see you as well. If your turn signal bulbs are dim then they won’t be able to see where you’re goin either. That’s why we’ve collected the ultimate collection of aftermarket LED bulbs that will not only improve your signal light brightness but they’ll last longer than stock too. Morimoto has created the X-VF, a true virtual filament LED bulb that will fit your truck perfectly and provide bright reliable light for years to come. They leverage CREE LEDs, Kuria optics, and provide exceptional brightness that fills the housing completely. When it comes to turn signal bulbs these are a huge upgrade and they can be had with the resistors needed to ensure you don’t have hyperflash issues. Profile Peak Pro LED bulbs are another excellent option and they’re rated to last for 3000 hours. You’d need to run your signal lights without a break for 125 days to reach that limit. Just take one look at these bulbs and that lifespan alone will blow you away and that’s before you see how bright they are. They fit like factory and are rated at 100 lumens each. Bright, clean, and reliable. If you need a bit more juice, then Xenon Depot has you covered with its XTR C-Series LED bulbs. These are crafted from ceramic and it’s a complete gamechanger. Unlike those cheapo LED bulbs you find other places online, these ceramic based bulbs won’t deform and fall apart due to heat. Ceramic simply won’t crumble under the load these bulbs bare. Brighter optics without compromise. Of course you could go extreme with the XD Xtreme-VF turn signal bulbs. These big and bright LEDs are unlike anything else on the market today. Many companies use the VF (Virtual Filament) nomenclature but nobody has ever done it like Xenon Depot. They’ve actually seated the LED light source inside the assembly and then transmit that light to the virtual filament itself. This provides the most accurate emulation of old-school filament location as we’ve ever seen.

Customize Your Toyota With Profile Prism RGB Halos

We all know that rolling up to the stop light next to another truck of your kind is cool but it’s not as fun when they’re so identical that you can’t tell yours from theirs. With Profile Prism RGB LED Halos that will never happen to you. These halos are custom tailored for your 98-00 Tacoma and will completely and dramatically change the attitude of your truck. This isn’t a fly-by-night company that has put together a product that barely functions, no, this is an advanced an innovative piece of LED technology. Before you see one turned on take a look at the craftsmanship and the build quality of the halo itself. The micromounts on the back are miniscule and still easy to use. The housing itself is tough and the wiring is of the highest quality. Once these come on though any doubts you have will fade away faster than those poseur companies online. The design of the Prism uses a phosphorus coating inside to ensure that there aren’t hot and cold spots, the entire halo is evenly lit and the optics are the highlight. They’re crisp, bright, and super vibrant. We’ve never seen another halo kit that could provide such a bright white without losing some of the dynamic energy needed to make the rest of the colors bright.