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Headlight Assemblies For Everyone At Headlight Revolution

No matter what kind of parts or brands you prefer on your Tundra we carry the right headlight assembly upgrade for you. Are you rocking the stock halogen units and just want to bump up to the OEM LED trim? We carry genuine Toyota LED headlights and the relay you need to make the installation 100% plug-n-play. We also feature the best from Morimoto and AlphaRex. When we first saw the AlphaRex line of headlights for the Toyota Tundra we knew that they looked badass but it’s what happens when you turn them on that really blew us away. The Pro Series uses your factory halogen bulb as the main light source but features an improved reflector design that gets more light from that bulb onto the road. It wraps that light in a bright white LED DRL and incredibly cool 3D design features inside the housing. That visual impact continues with the Pro Series LED taillights. When you bump up to the NOVA Series you get a 100% LED powered headlight that swaps out the halogen headlight bulb from the Pro Series with 4, count them, 4 proprietary “Ice-Cube” LED projectors. These headlights don’t just make driving easier with their brighter performance, they completely transform the look of your Tundra. We can’t help but think of SEMA show trucks when we see a Toyota with these ultra-luxury, ultra-powerful LED headlights. They come in three different colors, matte black, jet black, and chrome. They also use the LED DRL bar to create a subtle but beautiful light show every time you unlock the truck.

Morimoto Impresses Us Again With LED Headlights For The Tundra

Want the best of the best? The Morimoto XB LED has been the benchmark for HID and LED lighting for a long while and when they released the XB LED for the Tundra we were pretty excited. That’s because not only are they 100% plug-n-play, but they’re also higher quality in every facet of the design than the stock units. We absolutely love that the triple Kuria optics LED projector setup perfectly matches the angle of the grille to better fit the overall styling of the front of the Tundra. The LED DRL functions just as the stock unit with switchback optics from white to amber but with much brighter optics. Pair these with the XB LED Fog lights for a consistent lighting setup that looks better, installs easily and will last far longer than stock lights could ever hope to.

Get The Best LED Fog Lights From Headlight Revolution

We test everything we sell and that’s what makes us so confident in the products that we offer for you and your Toyota pickup. With companies like Diode Dynamics, KC Hi-Lites, Auer, and Baja Designs it’s hard to go wrong. Each helps you see better from the driver seat of your truck. Let’s see what each has to offer. Baja Designs creates a super stealthy LED Fog light kit for your Tundra that’s available in amber or white. Amber benefits you if you find yourself in fog or limited visibility conditions often. It provides a bit more contrast than white can and frankly it looks pretty cool. Either way, your choice of Squadron or Squadron Sport will fit these fog pocket kits perfectly. Auer is a company we don’t get to feature too often here at Headlight Revolution but as they expand their catalog we are just more and more impressed. These fully adjustable LED fog lights are completely tailored to your truck even down to the trim level you’re driving. TRD, SRS, and more each get their own slight changes to fit just that much better. If you’ve ever watched the Dakar rally or the Baja 1000 you’ve seen KC Hi-Lites all over the vast majority of the competition. The classically styled Gravity 4 LED Fog Light Kit for the Tundra is the perfect way to give yourself an easier drive in poor weather conditions without the need for adding any other auxiliary lighting. Rated at nearly 900 lumens each of these installs very simply and helps your Toyota stand out amongst the crowd. Finally, it’s tough not to fall in love with the Diode Dynamics LED fog light kit. You don’t get a couple of choices, you get 6 with this kit. Pick from two distinct levels of performance, the Sport, with high-intensity LED chips, exceptional performance, and a killer price, or choose the Pro model with twice the brightness and power of the Sport model. Regardless of which one you pick you’ll also have the option of a driving pattern, a white fog pattern, or a yellow fog pattern.

Go Off-Road Further Than Ever In Your Toyota With Headlight Revolution

The best part of the Toyota Tundra is that it’s capable of playing the role of multiple vehicles at once. Need it to go the job site and dominate all day long, it’s going to do it just fine. Need it to transport family and friends across the country in comfort, no big deal. Want to go out and show Jeeps what off-roading really looks like, you’ll want some lighting for that. Here are the best LED lights on the market today, and they’re all tailored to your truck. Take a gander at our YouTube video above and you’ll watch as our man Chris Westlund installs the NSV LED Lightbar on a late model Tundra. Aside from the incredibly stealthy look of the light bar, we’re blown away by all the features this thing has. First of all, let’s mention that when it comes to a bright LED light bar, very few competitors even deserve to be in the conversation with the NSV. Next, we want to highlight that it comes with every single piece you could possibly need to get it installed including a new interior AUX switch panel that replaces the one already in your truck. The three red-trimmed switches inside allow you to illuminate the bar entirely, use the swipe function (think Knightrider), and turn on the DRL function that illuminates the ends of the lightbar for more visibility during the day. This is a serious piece of technology that you can use on and off-road to improve your driving experience. Want to get really intense? Consider pairing the NSV with the pair of Diode Dynamics grille mounted LED light bars. Diode Dynamics is a trusted American company that makes some amazing lights. These are no different and can be had for both the upper and lower grilles. Much like the fog light kit mentioned above, these can be had in three different beam patterns, white driving, white fog, and yellow fog. Each is optimized with a technique called “ray-tracing” that ensures the maximum light possible ends up on the target. Combine these with the NSV and you’ll have the brightest off-road lighting available all stealthily hidden on the front of your truck.