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We offer headlight options for all vehicles on the road from Land Rover to Toyota and even Tesla. Take for example the Osram Cool Blue Boost. This halogen headlight allows our customers to get 150% more usable light on the road without having to do anything more than changing the bulb itself. For those looking to upgrade to a brighter and longer-lasting option, we have LED bulbs that accomplish both of those tasks. The Xtreme LED Pro is one such bulb that offers a consistent lumen count of 1,750 even after hours of use. You’ll love their instant-on startup and unbeatable lifespan. Still, for those looking to go super bright, there’s no competition when it comes to HID, and upgrading from halogen to HID is easier than ever with the GTR Lighting Ultra Series HID System. It comes complete with everything you need to go from old-school to ultra-cool.


Safety is the ultimate reason for improving the lighting on your vehicle. While it’s great to be able to see further with brighter headlights it’s also important that others you share the road with can see you. That’s why we love the tail light and reverse light options we offer. The Xenon Depot XTR Ceramic Series offers a big upgrade in overall brightness without being bulky or overpowering on the road. Ceramic is used throughout to keep temperatures down and extend the lifetime of the bulb well over a decade in most cases. The GTR Lighting Carbide Series is a handsome light even when off and produces a serious 750-lumen punch of light when on. It’s available in white, amber, red, and even switchback. That’s right, you can choose white Carbide lighting, install them in your reverse bulb position and get a huge punch of clear white light every time you back up. Still, if maximum functional lighting is your goal, nothing touches the Xenon Depot Xtreme VF LED. While it has lower lumens than the Carbide series it uses an Omni-adjustable design to perfectly position the virtual filament inside your housing. That means you’ll get the maximum lighting out of the housing itself and onto the road.

Fog Lights

Want to refine your fog light experience with more contrast or brightness for more safety on the road? We have you covered with incredible options like the Xtreme LED CMB or Color Match Bulb. It allows you to match the same hue of lighting from your low and high beam while also getting a bright 800-lumen output. Want to boost the lighting even more? Consider the Diode Dynamics SL1/SLF. Every millimeter of this bulb is built to out-perform and it’s easy to see when you take a close look. The Luxeon Z ES chips are tightly packaged to provide a bright and accurate beam pattern. The copper core PCB and integrated heat sink shed heat quickly and the mag-lev fan actively evacuates any heat leftover. Each bulb provides over 1,500 lumens and will do so even after heating up to full temperature. If HID Fog lights are your game XD offers its exceptional XTR HID kit with an output of an insane 3,100 lumens at 4,300K. Quite simply, with Headlight Revolution you can have fog lights so bright that they’re good enough to handle the headlights job should they ever fail. Not sure what’s best for your ride? Call or message us!

Turn Signals & DRL

Many today are still rocking bulbs for their turn signals and DRLs but they want the efficiency and brightness that LEDs offer. To all of you, we have the solution. The GTR Lighting Armor Series is built to look tough and be even tougher. With 600 effective lumens, the Armor Series is bright and bold in comparison with all lesser bulbs. It accomplishes that feat with 16 Samsung LED chips at its disposal. Want even more power? The Carbide Series offers all the same long-life benefits of the Armor Series but packs 1,200 raw lumens into its arsenal. Depending on your application these light bulbs can be used in either the DRL or Turn Signal position. Regardless they’ll provide a bright and visible light that will ensure that other motorists notice you. We can’t help it if they’re jealous a bit.


One of the most subtle indicators of a high-end luxury vehicle is high-quality interior lighting. We’re proud to offer multiple LED options from GTR Lighting, Morimoto, and Profile to enhance and improve the quality and ambiance of your interior lighting. The GTR 6-Chip LED is CANBUS compatible to save you from annoying “bulb out” lights and flickering. It also produces a clean bright white light that will put old halogen bulbs to shame. Profile covers the floor of the vehicle or really anywhere you want with its RGB LED Strip Lights. These stunning auxiliary lights can completely change the feeling inside any vehicle thanks in part to 20 LED chips per foot. Combine them with an RGB controller and have full access to adjust the brightness and hue to your personal taste or even put on a light show when you roll up to the car show. Driving something like a Tesla and simply want to have the most luxurious interior lighting imaginable? Morimoto has you covered with its Tesla-specific LED interior lighting. Powered by Osram LED chips these little beauties are 100% plug-n-play.