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Auxiliary Off Road Lights

The HID technology is perfect for off road projectors. If your vehicle’s headlights do not provide enough lighting for off road driving and you do not want to upgrades the bulbs from Halogen, you can install a pair of off road projectors for better visibility. Off road projector lamps are additional headlights that are installed at the front of your vehicle. These lamps are generally installed in front of the grill and mounted over the front bumper. However, you can also place them at the sides or near the hood. These lamps provide much better lighting and are considered essential for off road driving at night. You have a lot of options in terms of where you want to install them or how many you’d like to use. You can install a single lamp, two, three or four headlamps based on your needs. You can set them up on a single grid, or install them in different locations at the front.

Benefits of HID Off Road Lights

The main benefit of the off road projectors is that they offer much better and more powerful lighting at the front. Sometimes it is not possible to upgrade your headlights because you have limited space or do not want to spend a fortune on upgrades for the stock headlights. This is where projector lamps can make a difference. Since you are not constrained for space with off road projectors, you can add multiple projectors with as much power as you want. They come in varios sizes. Spot projectors can be anywhere between 5” to 9” in diameter. The larger projectors are more powerful and some of them can illuminate the road in front for up to a hundred+ yards.

Why Upgrade to Off Road Auxiliary Lights

Similar to lighting solutions for different areas of your vehicle, the front projectors come in three varieties. You can get halogen, HID or LED projectors in the market for off road front lights. However, we recommend only getting the HID technology based projectors for your vehicle. LED projectors won’t do the trick. This is because front projectors for vehicles are made in conjunction with HID kits. Projectors work best when used in a focused and long casting beam style. They are not designed for LED technology. While LED is great for use in regular head lamps and other lights, the technology came some time after the design of the projector. The main benefits of using HID projector headlights for off-road driving include the following. HID is the ideal technology for the projector design and will shoot beams out farther than LED or halogen projectors. HID bulbs can maintain an optimal operating temperature inside the projector. They will give better performance and the life of the bulb will not be effected by being in a small entrapped space inside the projector. HID bulbs can achieve the perfect, forward light beam pattern that you need in a projector. Front projectors are designed to add more distance to an HID bulb’s powerful illumination technology. They are more powerful than LED and more focused than halogen bulbs. Your HID projector will provide additional sight and vision down the road for driving.

Off Road Auxiliary Lights from Headlights Revolution

We stock and supply a variety of HID off road projectors for your vehicles. Vision X is one of the most popular brands in off road projectors. We cary a large range of their front projectors in all style, sizes and output power. The most popular projector lamps include the 35w Euro Lamp, 35w Spot Lamp and 35w HID Flood Lamp. All these lamps come in 5” size and provide enough lighting output that would meet the needs of most off-road drivers. Drivers looking for more power and further projection may want to try out our 6.7”, 50w HID projector lamps. These are ideal for mid-sized off-road trucks and sports utility vehicles. We also stock and sell 35w and 50w projectors in the 8.7” category. These are perfect for large trucks and heavy duty vehicles that require maximum power. Headlights Revolution has built a strong reputation for selling top quality products in every category of vehicle lighting solutions. Our off road projectors are thoroughly tested for quality. They come highly recommended by experts in HID off road projector technology. Here you'll find every curved LED light bar we have available. These are awesome for mounting on the front bumper of a truck to match the body panel curvature, or on the roof using special brackets. Basically anywhere that you want to mount a light bar but have a curve, these are a perfect fit! The beauty of a curved light bar is that it naturally disperses the light in a larger pattern versus a straight light bar and has a more aerodynamic, sleek look. Introducing STAGE SERIES LED lighting! Inspired by the needs of a professional rally driver, these light bars have been designed for maximum functionality, with compact size, custom-engineered TIR optics, and a useful beam pattern, all in a highly durable package. First, we started with a narrow-profile extruded housing, to allow fitment in small and tight areas. At less than 42mm tall, they'll fit in many places a traditional dual-row light bar won't, while drastically cutting the total weight as well. Born out of our desire to create one of the most advanced lines of automotive lighting solutions without sacrificing aesthetics or build quality, the Pro6 family of lights offers you unmatched lighting performance and an original, striking design that will enhance the look of your build without seeming out of place. Featuring the Gravity Pro6 LED light bar and Pro6 auxiliary lights with various beam configurations, the Pro6 series is the premium lighting choice for any customers who want a truly capable off road build. The HR series of LED light bars is a less expensive combo beam projector style product similar to what you'll find offered by Rigid Industries. The HR light bars feature an array of high quality CREE LED chips embedded behind sophisticated flood and spot optics in a pattern to work equally well as a flood light and a long distance driving light. We developed this style of light bar to be the best of both worlds. Available in several different sizes there is a light bar to fit every application and at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Rigid Industries makes some of the world's best LED light bar and off road lighting products you'll find. They have a wide range of light bar styles and functions and there's a light bar for every application in the Rigid category. If you have questions about which light bar application is right for you pleaes contact our sales team. Morimoto is a trusted name brand in the world of automotive lighting and today you can get a genuine LED light bar with equally high quality as you've come to expect from them. No matter the time of day, turn the sun back on with Morimoto's XTorch 50" Light Bar that produces 17,600 raw lumens of mosquito-melting forward intensity. We've tested a lot of light bars from a variety of price points here at Headlight Revolution, and these run with the best of em! JW Speaker is world renowned for producing some of the best LED headlights and signal lights. Did you know they also make off-road and on-road light bars? In fact they made the model 9049-3M street legal before anyone else did - yes even before Rigid Industries came out with their road legal light bar! If you want a light bar to match the JW Speaker headlights and fog lights on your Jeep, please check out the video we made showing off these amazing products. The new Wraith series LED light bars from Heretic Studio follow suit to the radical styling of their headlight and tail light products. Designed and manufactured right here in USA out of billet aluminum for extreme structural rigidity, weight savings, and style. You will not find anything looks or performs like the lineup from Heretic Studio. The off-road LED light bars from GTR Lighting offer a unique look and style compared to anything else you're going to find. They are impressively bright and carry an awesome warranty. GTR Lighting LED light bars come in every size you need from 5" to 52" and everything in between. Did you know Vision X invented the world's first LED light bar way back in 2007? They literally created a worldwide phenomenom that has been copied and expanded by millions of new products. Today Vision X boasts the world's highest quality LED off road products and stands behind them 100% with a lifetime warranty. Vision X is the best of the best and ideal for everything from trophy trucks, pipeline and work rigs, boats, mining applications, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles... or the baddest SEMA show truck! Before you pull the trigger watch this Vision X light bar torture test video below: Mounting options for off-road LED light bars including A-Pillar mounts, hood-mounts, bumper mounts and everything else. If you need help locating a specific mounting product please contact us, we'll be happy to help. If you're building a show vehicle, you need cool lights! If you're racing you need great lights, if you're mall crawling you need a bit of both! We have the largest selection of off-road LED lights you'll find right here. From traditional HID pod lighting, LED light bars, LED driving lights and more. Check out our YouTube videos for more info on what we offer and if you still have questions please contact us! We have many new style and traditional style high output HID offroad lighting products here from the best brands on planet Earth! If you want the solid reliable performance of tried-and-true HID lighting we've got what you're looking for! If you need help picking out what's right for your next project, please contact us. Need a recommendation on HID projectors for off road driving? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!