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HD T-Tap Wire Connectors

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Brand: TRS




PART #: 1 x WP321

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Say goodbye to the days of flimsy wire taps. Embrace the future with connectors that are not just efficient but also sturdy. These wire connectors are engineered for convenience and reliability. Simply insert the wire, press, and move forward with your project. While they may be compact, their design is unparalleled, ensuring every connection is solid and secure. To further fortify your installation against moisture and other elements, we recommend accompanying these connectors with dielectric grease. With this combination, your wiring job isn't just good—it's golden.


  • Efficient Design: Quick and easy connection with a simple insert-and-press mechanism.
  • Superior Quality: Ditch conventional blue crimps for these sturdy and reliable connectors.
  • Flexible Options: Available in both double and single designs for 24-18 gauge 12V wiring.
  • Added Protection: Opt for dielectric grease to shield against moisture and ensure a lasting connection.
  • Expert Tested: Tried and tested to guarantee optimal performance for all accent lighting needs.


  • WIRE TAP: 1x HD T-Tap Wire Connector


  • WIRE SIZES: 24-18 Gauge

  • MAX LOAD: 10A @ 300V


  • WIRING: 24-18 Gauge

  • NOTE: Some 18ga wiring has extra-thick insulation and would require stripping off installation first

Just Tap It In: For the longest time, wire taps have been reduced to the last thought and it shows--chintzy blue crimps and cheap blue female spade terminals. We're putting our foot down--no more!

Helpful: These connectors are straight up badass. Insert the wire. Press closed. Get on with your project. We've not seen a better T-Tap design before these. They're that solid.

Sold Individually: These little guys are sold individually, so be sure to stock up. Both the double and single options are for use on 24-18 gauge 12V wiring. No amplifier installs here, but rock solid for all your accent lighting needs.

DE Grease: We strongly recommend opting for the dielectric grease to ensure moisture and liquids can't contact the metal in these taps. With grease, your install is golden.

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