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Published on March 27, 2020
The Truth about LED Headlight Bulbs

Now that you’ve decided to go with an LED headlight bulb for your next lighting upgrade; you’re faced with thousands of different products for sale on the internet. And how do you choose? Some of them have a lot of wiring. A big heatsink. Others have no driver and a fan. In this video, We’re going to talk about the truth in LED headlight bulbs and break it down into three things to look for when choosing your next bulbs.


“Watched the YouTube video. Got the GT3 LED low beams. Just loosened the top screws on the headlights and installed. Then double stickyed the metal plates to the inner fender sides. Made sure I put them correctly via the YouTube video. They are awesome. Seem like they could be a little higher light visual. Love the look though. Match my pro LED fogs. I'm going to order the high beams next. These guys took the hard work of finding the right light for the Tacoma. Thanks guys!”

– Jessrin

“Fast shipping good quality hardness It is truly Plug and Play for my 2016 Tundra”

– Miguel G.