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Ford F150 (18-20) LED Brake Light Upgrade

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Brand: Headlight Revolution




PART #: 4 x GTR.LED281, 2 x GTR.H111.2

*Guaranteed Fitment
Easy Return


Introducing the ultimate upgrade for your 2018-2020 Ford F150: LED Tail Light Bulbs! Elevate your driving experience with these top-tier LED bulbs, meticulously tested on your truck for impeccable fit, performance, and style. Bid farewell to ordinary lighting as Headlight Revolution takes your F150 to new heights. Note that these bulbs are not compatible with Trucks equipped with BLIS Radar, due to the integrated LED turn signals. Worried about fast flashing? Our solution lies in precision-engineered resistors, seamlessly tricking your vehicle into perfect synchronization, ensuring your lights shine bright and steady. With the added bonus of a universal resistor kit for LED xenon lighting, our product guarantees optimal performance. Remember, our resistors come with a vital caution: mount them securely to metal surfaces to avoid heat-related issues. Join the league of satisfied customers who trust HR Tested products, carefully designed to excel straight out of the box. Discover lighting superiority today - your F150 deserves nothing less.


  • Enhanced Performance: Elevate your driving experience with upgraded LED Tail Light Bulbs.
  • Perfect Fit: Meticulously tested on Ford F150 (18-20) for impeccable compatibility.
  • BLIS Radar Compatibility: Note that these bulbs are not compatible with BLIS Radar-equipped trucks.
  • Anti-Fast Flash Solution: Precision-engineered resistors ensure steady and synchronized lighting.
  • Universal Resistor Kit: Ideal for LED xenon lighting, guaranteeing optimal performance.


  • BULBS: 4x (Two Pairs)

  • RESISTORS: 4x (Two Pairs)


This product includes a 2 Year limited warranty, serviced and supported by our team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, contact us.


  • INTENSITY: Up to 100% over stock

  • RELIABILITY: Better than stock

  • LONGEVITY: 2-10 Years (based on use)


  • Ford F-150: 2018-2020

  • Housings: Designed for, and confirmed to fit, Stock Housings

2018-2020 Ford F-150 LED Tail Light Bulbs: Looking for upgraded LED Tail Light Bulbs from a reputable brand and value the fact that we've actually tested them on your truck? Our HR Tested kits include all the right components to ensure perfect fit, function, and performance from the upgrade. At Headlight Revolution, we do 2018-2020 Ford F-150 LED lighting upgrades better!

Note: These bulbs will NOT fit Trucks equipped with BLIS Radar (Blind Spot Information System) as these tail lights have integrated LED turn signals already.

When installing: LED bulbs to replace your factory blinker bulbs, you will have a "fast flash" or "hyperflash" problem. This means the vehicle will think you have a light bulb burnt out and, as an indicator to you, will flash quicker than normal. Installing these resistors will fool your vehicle into thinking it has a light bulb in good condition installed and will blink normally. Simply wire the resistor between the ground wire and the blinking positive wire.

When installing: LED xenon lighting in some vehicles it will not work properly because the vehicle uses a CANBUS monitoring system. It sees the LED ballast instead of a regular halogen bulb and thinks there is a problem. Some cars or trucks will give a light-out warning indicator light on the dash, others will simply not supply headlight voltage, or flicker the headlight voltage. Installing this universal resistor kit with your LED kit will fool your vehicle into thinking it has a normally functioning halogen headlight in place. Simply wire the resistor between the ground wire and positive wire for the headlight bulb.

WARNING!: The resistors get hot! It is very important to mount them to something metal behind the headlights with screws, not zip ties. The resistors get so hot they can melt some light plastic and short wires. Keep them away from all wiring and heat sensitive materials!

HR Tested: Here at Headlight Revolution, we've spent the time to install and test all HR Tested products, so we know it'll work exactly as shown and right out of the box! Not only that, but we don't favor one particular brand. We just deliver the best product for the application, period. Be sure to reference our install videos for helpful tips on making the installation process quick, painless, and clear. HR Tested: We ensure fitment and function. You do the install. For other compatible upgrades, use the Buyers Guide on our homepage!

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Work great :smiley::smiley:

by -

Work great :smiley::smiley:


F150 led light upgrades

by -

I purchased the S-V.4 v4 upgrades for my 2018 f150 forvthe headlights and fog lights. I also purchased the gtr lighting replacements for my rear and all my signal lights. All the lights installed easily and i only have one arm. They look sweet and make the truck look complete. Now i just have yo change my license plate lights. The S-V.4s are amazing. Nice white crisp light and way brighter than my stock headlights.


pretty nice

by -

pretty nice


Great product, way better than

by -

Great product, way better than stock have no issues in the fog, mud or dust for vehicles to see me regardless of how far they are.


Great conversion kit!!

by -

The kit includes everything needed to install the new bulbs, including resistors. After watching the install video made on YouTube by Headlight Revolution, they were very easy to install.


These bulbs are awesome!


Install was actually easy thanks to the great video! Took 30 min tops... bulbs look amazing! super bright.. and since you can see the bulb through the housing.. they look great off or on! These bulbs just FEEL like quality too. Almost installed some less expensive corncob style... but they felt cheap... returned to the other guys and ordered these! Much higher quality!


2018 F150 LED Taillights

by -

Excellent product with easy install.

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